Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 433

Chapter 433 - Jianwen Visiting Again

“Little bodyguard?” Cihua chuckled coldly. “Early phase golden class… Is that so powerful?”

“How’s an early phase golden class not powerful? Us normal people won’t be able to stand on that height our entire lives! We can’t even get to the late stages of physical and spiritual training, let alone the golden class early phase!” Jianwen evidently understood a lot about ancient martial arts, aware that there were two paths of physical and spiritual training to reach the golden class.

“Haha, that’s true, but Lin Yi isn’t part of us normal people.” Cihua said faintly. “I wouldn’t still be keeping him around if he were.”

Now that Jianwen and Cihua formed a partnership both sides were feeling rather pleasant dealing with each other. Cihua had gotten a sudden secondary income- he never expected for organ trafficking to be such a prosperous business! It explained why a normal house like the An family turned into a new house of power with just one huge step. 

As a result, Cihua didn’t want any barriers between him and Jianwen right now- he decided to just tell the truth about Lin Yi.

“Not normal? What do you mean?” Jianwen paused. “Isn’t he just Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard?”

“You think anybody could just become a bodyguard if they wanted to? You think Chu Pengzhan would hire him to directly be with Chu Mengyao if he wasn’t good?” Cihua shook his head. “You and I both know the type of person Chu Pengzhan is- even the shareholders at his company have masters protecting them, and the Uncle Fu with him has to at least be golden class as well. You think he’d just assign some trash to his only daughter that he loves so much?”

Cihua’s words were full of impact now, but even he once looked down on Lin Yi- it was the case with many people. They needed to actually lose something before they could look at the truth honestly.

Jianwen’s face changed. “Lin Yi’s a golden class master too?”

“Hmph. I had two golden class masters, early phase and late- they both died to him!” Cihua’s face was rather ferocious as he growled. “Do I hate him? Do I want him dead? Yes!! Of course I do, but I can’t do anything about it! I don’t have the ability, the means!”

“What? What did you say? Cihua Bro, you’re saying that Lin Yi killed a golden class early and late phase??” Jianwen’s eyes were wide open in fright as he stared at Cihua- he felt his entire body chill that instant.

“I’m not sure if it was him- it looked like a car accident!” Cihua breathed out and regained his composure. “But I don’t think that two golden class masters can just die from a mere car accident so easily… I let the early phase master test Lin Yi out before, too, but to no avail!”

“That’s……” Jianwen was absolutely baffled- he’d assumed that Lin Yi was some small fry who knew some kungfu, but that wasn’t the case at all! He wasn’t just formidable, he was extremely strong!!

“So, if he still isn’t a threat to you yet just leave him be- it’ll benefit the both of us.” Cihua smiled bitterly. “The name Li Cihua’s been letting me run rampant around Songshan these five years- you should know how frustrating for me it is if I can’t even handle a kid. But let me tell you this, it’s something I’m still able to endure.”

Jianwen understood that Cihua wouldn’t lie to him- there wasn’t any need for that, especially with the partnership they had going on. Cihua wouldn’t want anything happening to him, since it’d affect that alliance.

“If we’re talking about if he’s a threat to me, not yet, I guess…” Jianwen shook his head. “He’s just Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard, not her boyfriend. And, according to what I’ve found out, he has a girlfriend called Tang Yin, one of the school beauties in Songshan’s First School, around as pretty as Chu Mengyao. I don’t think he actually has a relationship with Mengyao anymore, but… It’s just that I can’t let it go.”

“So what if you can’t let it go? We’ll just have to endure, that’s what humans do. You’ll get used to it.” Cihua said with a wave of his hand.

“I wanted to go against him using Tang Yin, but that doesn’t seem like a plausible plan anymore.” Jianwen said.

“Don’t! Don’t even think about it. Lay your hands on his woman and he’ll always be fighting you. Even if he’s a late stage golden class don’t think you’ll have peace the rest of your life!” Cihua said quickly. “Unless you have a master on a higher level by your side, don’t do it.”

“Yes, you’re right! I have to change my approach. If we can’t be enemies then I’ll be friends with him! With him beside Chu Mengyao it’ll be like having a spy there, and I’ll be able to know her movements whenever I want.” Jianwen said after thinking it through.

“That’s the right mindset.” Cihua raised the wine cup in his hand. “Here, a toast to our partnership!”

“Cheers!” Jianwen wasn’t troubled anymore, now that he’d come up with a temporary solution. “Cihua Bro, you’re not capturing as much people anymore… The people you’re bringing in now is a lot less than the first two days- the supply isn’t enough for the Firewolves demand!”

“Master An, there’s only so many beggars and hobos in Songshan, you know that- those we brought in are the most of them, and those who’d heard about the kidnappings have started running away too. It isn’t easy on our side!” Cihua said.

“What about the disabled? There should be many of those, right? They’re a minority, people wouldn’t care if we took them, right?” Jianwen was being flooded by money recently- he’d never seen so much before! The funds in his bank account skyrocketed like insane, and that turned him a little crazy as well.

“It’s more complicated with the disabled- some of them are rich as well, and some have powerful relatives. We can’t take them without making sure first. Our men can only wait in the slums and the suburbs for the disabled, capturing them upon sight.” Cihua said. “It’s fine- I know some huge underground bosses in the state and other cities. We can always go to them for a partnership!”

“Alright, then I’ll leave these to you, Cihua Bro!” Jianwen nodded. He was aware that Cihua would be earning more if they started partnerships with underground bosses in other cities, but those were areas Jianwen wasn’t familiar in. The An house was based in Songshan, so he’d risk getting ripped off if he just branched out suddenly like that- might as well leave it to Cihua.

“Yes, don’t worry- it won’t be a problem at all.” Cihua said with a wave of his hand.

Lin Yi was shocked- An Jianwen actually came again! Where was the shame?! He even thought he’d heard Yushu wrong when she called out to him outside his door!

“Shield Bro, An Jianwen’s here again, he wants to eat with you!” Yushu called out from outside Lin Yi’s room.

“Oh? Why’s he here again, was that blow-up doll too fun for him?” Lin Yi got up and walked out the room- Jianwen was there on the sofa, all smiles as if nothing had gone wrong between him and Lin Yi at all.

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