Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 431

Chapter 431 - A Breakthrough in Research

Mengyao was silent as Lin Yi drove- Ruoming and his family had ruined her mood.

But Yushu didn’t seem to be affected at all. “Why willow trees, Shield Bro? Aren’t fruit trees pretty nice? We could even have some fruits after they ripen…”

“Shu!! Didn’t we agree that there wouldn’t be any more stupid questions? We’d need to wait until next year for the fruits to ripen, long after we graduate!” Mengyao reminded.

“Oh… Why a willow tree, though?” Yushu nodded.

“That I don’t know. Why is that, Lin Yi?” Mengyao asked.

“Haven’t you heard the saying? Flowers don’t bloom even when tended to, but willow trees grow even when you don’t even intend them to.” Lin Yi smiled. “Willow trees grow easier; it won’t be as much work.”

“I see!” Yushu nodded.

Miracle Doctor Kang’s villa.

“Grandpa, after an analysis from the lab we found out that dog poop has different categories as well- different dogs have different poop, so I suspect that not all dog poop can be made into the PIll of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing!” Zhaolong said.

“Oh? That’s a huge discovery!” Miracle Doctor Kang put a lot of worth in Zhaolong’s words. “So that’s why nobody discovered the properties dog poop has, different dogs have different poop! You did good, Zhaolong! Did you find out which dog this poop belongs to?”

“We’ve done a couple thousand comparisons and samplings of dog poop, and we’ve consulted many dog experts- we’ve concluded that this dog poop belongs to the German Sheperd breed!” Zhaolong said.

“Oh? I heard that that breed’s worth is second only to the Tibetan Mastiff! It’s a rare breed!” Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. “Alright, hurry and get us one of those dogs- make analyses on some of its poop and see if it matches, and then give me a report.”

“Understood, grandpa. I’ve sent someone to contact a buyer already, we should be hearing from them soon.” Zhaolong said.

“Right, when are you going to make the proposal at the Xiao house at Yanjing?” Miracle Doctor Kang asked.

Zhaolong thought about it. The girl was rather pretty, and it’d be nice to marry her, despite the lack of strength the Xiao house possessed. They could still use them as a stepping stone, and Zhaolong could always change his wife to a girl from a more powerful house when House Kang grew stronger.

But that was his old mindset regarding the marriage- the Kang Zhaolong now was about to create the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, and had had an extreme boost of confidence… He felt that Wang Xinyan didn’t really match up to his standards anymore.

“But grandpa, I think that our most urgent priority is to find out exactly what type of dog the poop came from- this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is the most important thing our family needs to be focusing on right now! I think that we can prolong the marriage a little. If we really do manage to create that pill we’ll be flooded with power! We might not even need this marriage arrangement with the Xiaos at that point!” Zhaolong said.

“You’re right… I haven’t thought it through enough!” Miracle Doctor Kang nodded deeply after Zhaolong’s analysis. “I always thought of our family as a weaker family compared to the bigger houses, but with the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing things are different! Golden Creation’s selling point is that it heals injuries and scars- it’s only more popular with women, a luxury in upper society, but… The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is different! It saves lives!”

“That’s right! If we succeed here we won’t be a small house anymore, those other big houses will be begging us then!” Miracle Doctor Kang continued. “But, if we’re able to produce that pill other people would be able to do the same, wouldn’t they?”

“Don’t worry, grandpa, we’re not idiots like Kang Xiaobo, just throwing dog poop out there- We’ll add some essence to it and scent it up! It’ll be hard to find out what the components are even when someone analyses it!” Zhaolong said.

“But there’s still risks- our main component is dog poop. Even if we cover it up so much the dog poop component will still be discovered if one tried enough!” Miracle Doctor Kang hesitated.

“That’s true…” Zhaolong nodded. “It looks like I’ll have to think about keeping the recipe a secret!”

“Grandpa, I’ve an idea!” Zhaoming spoke up as the opportunity presented itself- he didn’t want to let Zhaolong hog the spotlight for so long. “We can shrink the ratio of dog poop in each pill and make it scarce, and let the other useless ingredients make the majority- we’ll just tell them to consume more pills instead of just one!”

One had to admit- Zhaoming was quite good at shameless tactics, overwhelming the other ideas and enlightening Miracle Doctor Kang and Zhaolong with his idea. “Zhaoming’s idea works! Not bad, you two brothers will be a team- one scholar and one fighter… The Kang house will only grow even more glorious!”

Zhaolong wasn’t very pleased with how Zhaoming took half the credit with that last bit, but even he had to admit that it was a good plan. Making the dog poop act as a minor component would make it seem like a supporting ingredient- it’d escape the eyes of anyone prying into the recipe.

“Heh heh…” Zhaoming smiled. “Grandpa, since big bro doesn’t like that girl why not give her to me?”

Zhaoming wasn’t an ambitious person- the competitive industry wasn’t one for him, and he definitely wouldn’t want to have to manage a company. He’d be fine with just some shares and a free, happy life.

So now that Zhaolong had lost interest in Xinyan he wanted to claim her as his own.

“You little- what’s in that head of yours, that’s your sis-in-law!” Miracle Doctor Kang glared at his grandson helplessly.

“Heh heh, I’m just saying…” Zhaoming shut up, thinking that it was rather inappropriate himself.

After tears and snot, Fatty Lai had finally acquired from Guan Xuemin Lin Yi’s phone number. He’d went to Liu Tianyi for it, but it seemed like the guy would rather die than tell him!! In a rage of panic he told him that he’d end their relationship right there and then, turning him into an enemy… It wasn’t until that that Tianyi helplessly gave him a tip. “Brother Lai, it’s not that I’m trying to make things difficult, it’s just that I can’t make that decision for Miracle Doctor Lin… I’m still in the begging side when it comes to him, so I can’t just give his information away to other people! Here, Professor Guan Xuemin’s pretty close with Miracle Doctor Lin, so something will come up if you go to him. I was begging for his help myself, not too long ago!”

As if he’d received holy advice, Fatty Lai ran over to Xuemin’s house that night, begging and crying as he knelt in front of Xuemin’s doors because he wouldn’t tell him.

Guan Xin had come home to see a fatty kneeling and crying at her doorstep, much to her surprise. “What… Who are you? What do you want?”

“You’re… Are you part of Professor Guan Xuemin’s family?” Fatty Lai quickly raised his head now that someone bothered paying him attention.

“You’re looking for my grandpa? Why are you crying here, do you need him to treat you?” Guan Xin asked, confused. Her grandpa wasn’t the type of person who’d turn away on a dying life- was this fatty crying so sadly because her grandpa didn’t want to treat him or his family?

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