Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 430

Chapter 430 - A Couple More

“Man, I didn’t want to create too many food-wasting trash. You should’ve just stood there and waited for Zou Ruoguang to come and everything would’ve been fine- why cause trouble for yourself?” Lin Yi looked at the guard with pitiful eyes.

“Oh!! A new idiot has been birthed!” Yushu raised her fist. “Shield Bro, a couple more okay? Two idiots isn’t enough.”

The thief’s face was dripping with sweat along with the other guards- what was wrong with this girl, where was her mercy? Did she love seeing people go retarded that much?

Outside the room sounded a key being inserted- the door was being unlocked. Xie Fenpian pushed it open and charged in as the vanguard, his eyes lighting up upon seeing Mengyao and Yushu! The beauties were so stunning it blinded him! Why did Tiandi have to come today?

“Hehe… Haha… Hohoho… Come here, little thief…” The guard waded towards the newcomer like a maniac, saliva dripping from his mouth.

“What’re you doing?” Fenpian jumped back, startled. “You haven’t seen women before? These two girls are pretty but you don’t have to drool over them like that, what’s the matter with you? Close your mouth, stop being so disgusting! Mister Zou is here!”

Fenpian was furious- the captain wasn’t usually this sort of person, what was the matter with him today? This was when Tiandi was visiting, too! This humiliation was as untimely as it got.

“Mister Zou? Zou Ruoguang’s here?” Lin Yi looked at Fenpian.

Fenpian, evidently, still didn’t understand the situation in the room, unaware that it’d been completely conquered by Lin Yi. “You know Guang Bro? That won’t do anything anymore, it’s Guang Bro’s father who came today! If you’re smart you better shut up and keep quiet, or else… Heh heh…”

Fenpian hadn’t finished when Lin Yi sent a crisp slap at his ear, making it bleed and sending Fenpian’s eyes rolling as he fainted onto the ground.

Lin Yi was getting impatient- did these Zous not know what death was? What was the matter with them, why did they keep coming to him to get beat up?

Ruoming and Tiandi froze upon hearing the slap and the wail that followed from inside the room- they didn’t know how to react, especially after hearing Lin Yi’s voice!

The two stood outside the security room, frozen and unsure if they should go in or not.

But even if they didn’t come in Lin Yi had seen their figures already. He smiled as he called out. “Zou Tiandi, Zou Ruoming, why don’t you come in?”

Tiandi and Ruoming looked at each other before manning up and walking in, full of killing intent towards the security captain. He just had to choose Lin Yi to piss off, out of all people!

But wasn’t Lin Yi supposed to be with Tang Yin? What Ruoming saw was Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, much to his surprise…

“I say, Zou Tiandi, are you and I still not done? Still don’t wanna leave me alone?” Lin Yi was aware that Tiandi wasn’t involved with what happened today- they’d have to be quite retarded to send these security guards at him after he’d wiped the floor with a golden class master.

So it should be a coincidence. Despite that, Lin Yi still found himself rather pissed off… Why were these Zous always bumping into him and causing trouble so often?

“No, Boss Lin Yi… It’s a misunderstanding…” Tiandi’s heart was ripping from the shock, his face paling as he faced Lin Yi. “Boss Lin, it wasn’t me, I didn’t know about this… That’s right, it’s Xie Fenpian, he did this on his own accord, he said he’d caught a couple of thieves to show me, right, Ruoming?”

“Yes! Yes, he did!” Ruoming was panicking as well as he nodded his head. “We’re not here to mess with girls…”

Tiandi almost exploded from what his son was saying- he was just telling Lin Yi what they were planning to do!! He wanted to give his ass a kick. “You idiot, what’re you talking about? We’re here to deal with the thieves, here to maintain justice! That’s why we came over!”

“Yes! Yes, we did!” Ruoming nodded once more, covering their original purpose. “Boss Lin Yi, this really has nothing to do with us…”

“Alright, I don’t wanna talk about this. Get three of those willow tree saplings into my car and you guys can scram! But don’t come annoy me again, or I’ll burn your house down!” Lin Yi asid with an impatient wave of his hand. “We’ll just put this behind us, but if you guys want to go let people know then do whatever you want…”

Ruoming froze- he wouldn’t do that, it’d just embarrass him if he revealed how he had to get bullied like this! 

He realized what Lin Yi was talking about the next moment, after thinking about it- he should be referring to how he’d caught him with Mengyao and Yushu…

But what was Lin Yi’s connection to Mengyao and Yushu? They never showed that in school, did they?

As curious as he was, Ruoming kept his mouth shut- he wasn’t in a position to be asking Lin Yi questions, he had to go prepare for Lin Yi some saplings with his father!

“Give me three willow tree saplings!” Tiandi quickly ran over to a sapling store. “How much?”

The store owner saw that it was the mall’s boss asking for the saplings- he wouldn’t ask him for money! He quickly got him three saplings, smiling all the while. “How much? It’s not much, just take it, sir!”

“I’ll give it to you. One hundred, is that enough?” Tiandi took a hundred kuai out for the boss.

“It’s not that much… Saplings are really cheap, a couple kuai per stalk…” The vendor waved his hand.

Tiandi didn’t have time to waste on stuff like this- he put the money down and started running away with the saplings.

“Should I get some workers to help carry them?” The boss offered kindly after seeing Tiandi doing the deed personally.

“No need!” Tiandi rejected instantly. It’d only look genuine if he were the one carrying them! What if Lin Yi started looking for things that weren’t satisfying enough for him? These saplings weren’t heavy anyway, it wasn’t worth the trouble!

Tiandi carefully stood by the van after getting the saplings into the van, a smile on his face. “Boss Lin Yi, is there anything else you need?”

“Nope. Oh, I turned two guards in that security room retarded, that isn’t a problem, right?” Lin Yi looked at Tiandi. “They wouldn’t ask me for medical fees, right?”

“No, no… Don’t worry…” Tiandi gulped at the notion- turning people retarded?? What sort of technique even was that? So that was why the captain was acting so weird… They’d thought that he was letting the lust get to his head, but it turned out that he’d become retarded! “They tripped and hit their heads, we’ll compensate them with our company’s injury terms…”

Lin Yi nodded and got in the van before driving off, black smoke hitting the Zous in the face from his exhaust pipe- the father and son didn’t wipe at it, but watched respectfully instead as Lin Yi disappeared into the distance...

"You stupid woman." Lin Yi said. How's this?

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