Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 427

 Chapter 427 - Stolen Phone

“That’s right… I wouldn’t be able to tend to it every day…” Yushu stuck her tongue out.

“Maybe calm down with the stupid stuff?” Mengyao was feeling helpless.

“Alright then… Yao Yao, then what tree do you think we should buy?” Yushu shrank back as she softly asked.

“Something prettier and more normal?” Mengyao wasn’t very knowledgeable about stuff like this either. “Maybe a fruit tree… Ah! What’re you doing!”

Mengyao got pushed down as a young man bumped into her, almost tripping her. The man quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose, I have an errand to run…”

“Oh… It’s okay.” Mengyao frowned- she didn’t want to dwell on this after the guy said it wasn’t on purpose.

“Wait!” The man was about to leave when Lin Yi grabbed his arm.

“What… What do you want?” The young man’s eyes flashed with alertness, and Mengyao looked at Lin Yi, confused. She was letting it go, so why was Lin Yi dwelling on that?

“Hand over the phone.” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Phone? What phone…” The young man was evidently panicking- he started yelling all of a sudden. “Robbery! It’s a robbery, someone’s trying to take my phone!! Help!!”

The young man attracted many eyes that instant- people started crowding over.

“What’s going on?” Some security people walked over to the man.

“He wants to rob my phone from me…” The man said innocently to the security.

“Yes, I can prove it! That guy asked for his phone out of nowhere!” Someone from the crowd spoke up.

“Oh? If that’s so then all of you are coming with me to the security room!” The security captain said after one look at Lin Yi. His eyes paused at Mengyao and Yushu behind her, his gaze a little perverted as he looked.

“Lin Yi, what’s going on?” Mengyao was a little irritated- they’d come to shop for saplings, so why was Lin Yi causing trouble all of a sudden, stopping some stranger for his phone?

“Your phone was stolen.” Lin Yi shrugged as he looked at his Miss.

“Ah? My phone?” Mengyao felt her pockets and her expression changed- her phone was gone! “You’re saying that he stole my phone?”

“Yes. What do you think I stopped him for?” Lin Yi nodded.

“Hey, what the fuck are you saying? Who’re you calling a thief?” The young man puffed his chest up, confident. “You say I took your phone? Why don’t you try calling it?”

“You turned it off, right…” Lin Yi eyed him, speaking faintly. His little smart-assery was obvious to him.

“Alright, quiet down- you’re all coming to the security room. We’ll sort this out there.” The security captain evidently didn’t want to let Lin Yi talk so much- he started to push at him to get him to go.

Lin Yi squinted his eyes and realized the problem- was this security captain working with the young man?

“You two go wait for me in the car… Actually, just stay with me.” Lin Yi had wanted to ask the girls to go back to the car, but that perverted look in the captain’s eyes worried him. It’d be safer if they were with him.

Ruoming came back to school right before it ended- he asked some of his lackeys and only calmed down after hearing that Lin Yi wasn’t looking or asking around for him. It seemed like Lin Yi didn’t want to bother with him!

He’d always thought that Lin Yi never weeded him out because he had some reservations about completely breaking with him, but today’s enlightenment changed that perspective- Lin Yi never gave a shit about him at all! He could’ve crushed him if he’d wanted to, anytime, anywhere! What happened to Uncle Yan today was testament to that. So what if he was a golden class master? He got his face stepped on by Lin Yi all the same!

Now that Ruoming understood that he actually stopped worrying as much- as long as he didn’t piss Lin Yi off anymore there shouldn’t be a problem.

“Ming Bro, we have a tree-planting event tomorrow, are we going?” It was Ruoming’s lackey number one, Yun Lingxi.

“We are, of course we are!” Ruoming was very proud whenever tree-planting was mentioned- there were at least three to four trees that were planted by him in that forest behind the school! One tree every year… He’d been here in twelfth and thirteenth grade for three to four years now.

Everyone else only got to plant one, while he had several- who could even match that? No one could compete with him! Every time tree-planting was brought up he felt especially proud because of that!

Ruoming’s phone rang and interrupted him- it was his father Tiandi, who only got more terrified as he thought about Lin Yi after getting back to the company…

He’d talked to Ruoming about consoling themselves by thinking that Lin Yi wouldn’t bother with them, but thinking things through it didn’t feel practical at all!

So he decided to call his son Ruoming and ask what the situation was, to see what Lin Yi wanted! It was a lot easier to get into trouble than out of it, and now that they were involved with Lin Yi things were horridly bad for them.

“Where are you?” Tiandi asked.

“I’m at school, dad. Just ended. What’s wrong?” Ruoming asked.

“Come to the company for a bit, I have something to ask you. I’ll go fetch you right now!” Tiandi said. He’d wanted to nurture Ruoming into a hard-working student by not hiring a driver to get him to school, but things didn’t go as expected- Ruoming actually had more freedom because of that, and no one was able to see the bad things he was always up to. It just made him that much more tyrannical.

“I’m going to our Flower Bird and Fish Mall- we’re planting trees tomorrow again, I need a sapling!” Ruoming said.

“Then wait for me at school- I’ll come get you.” Tiandi said.

Around ten minutes later, Tiandi arrived at school with the BMW, its headlight ruined by Lin Yi. The exterior troubled Tiandi, but he was much more concerned that he’d pissed Lin Yi off.

Ruoming got in the car to Tiandi’s question- he couldn’t wait any longer. “You know Lin Yi?”

“Know him? He slapped me a couple times at school, he’s a huge enemy!” Ruoming nodded. “I wanted to go after his girl earlier, but I had no idea he was that strong!”

Tiandi almost rolled his eyes at that- even his son was Lin Yi’s enemy! He felt like crying.

“We’re screwed. What do we do? How’s that kid so strong, even Uncle Yan can’t handle him!” Tiandi used to live very solidly, doing things the tyrant’s way in Songshan… That was all due to Uncle Yan’s support! He only had one more favor to ask of him, but no one could tell if Tiandi would unleash Uncle Yan again- everyone let Tiandi have his way, as a result, afraid of crossing him.

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