Apocalypse Summoner

Chapter 17

Ch 17- Frost Moon’s side effects

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The healing properties of the spider nucleus’ milk-colored liquid far surpassed those of modern medicine by several tenfold. Only a period of two to three seconds was needed to reduce the size of Lin Zhibin’s wound. It had not only ceased bleeding but there also seemed to be a thin layer of amber-colored liquid covering the wound, preventing it from worsening and also to hasten the speed of recovery.

“If the circumstances are optimal, half a day is all it will take for your wound to form a scab. For a full recovery, it should take at least two days.” Li Jiayu extended his hand and helped Lin Zhibin up from the ground.

“That almost killed me! It felt as if I’d fallen into a pool of lava… Ugh, what did you say?! T-Two days for a full recovery? How is that even possible? I doubt we could achieve that even if we resorted to using America’s most advanced medical technology?” Lin Zhibin grimaced.

"Keep this in mind. We’re now living in the new era. From now on, our reliance will not be limited to merely science and technology... There also exists Demonic Artifacts and spoils of war from Otherworlders."

After saying that, Li Jiayu turned around to pick Hua Xiaolu up. He then spoke softly,

"Let's go."

The three girls exchanged glances. They had not recovered from their state of shock as the events which had occurred in that short span of a minute were simply too chaotic. If other girls were to be placed in their shoes, they would probably be driven insane while bawling.

"Y-You... Are you really Li Jiayu? Wait a minute, you're walking too quickly..."

The three girls followed closely. In fact, they had long since wished to leave this room. This room that was littered with dismembered corpses and organs and also had a floor and walls strewn and splattered with blood - it was, perhaps, the most horrifying experience they had gone through.

Lin Zhibin coughed as he staggered forward. The moment he reached the entrance, he couldn’t help but turn back a silent glance towards the corpses of his fallen brothers. A warm tear slid down inevitably from the corners of his eyes.

“I’m sorry, my brothers… If we're able to make it through this ordeal, I, Lin Zhibin, will return and send you off with a proper burial…”

After speaking, Lin Zhibin glared toward Dark Octopus, who had happened to pass him by, and he muttered with indignation.

“This darned octopus only knows how to protect women. Would looking out for me kill you?! If you had looked after them... Du Wei and the others wouldn't have ended up like that!"

“I-it’s… none of… m-my… business. You ar-are not flowers… N-not worth protecting…”

Dark Octopus returned a glare with its beady eyes. Heaving out a despising harrumph, it decisively waved its tentacle and left. A flower knight would never stoop so low as to waste their time squandering with irrelevant male species.

Lin Zhibin's mouth turned crooked from exasperation!

At this moment, Li Jiayu and the girls had already reached the corridor. Strewn remnants of rubbish, paper and textbooks laid on the ground before them. They seemed to have been left behind during the humans’ pathetic escape as the scene appeared awfully cluttered. The corridors were devoid of even a single shadow; it seemed that they had all left for the thirteenth floor.

“Why are you asking this question? Naturally, I’m Li Jiayu. Who else could I be?" Li Jiayu's enchanting ice-blue gaze swept over Su Weiwei as he asked snappily. Even he felt it was bizarre - why were they barraging him with incessant questions about his identity?

"B-But, isn't your change a little too great? In a blink of an eye, your hair, brows and even your irises have all turned white! Even face-changing performers[1] can’t achieve that speed. I almost failed to recognise you!" Sun Weiwei stared blatantly at Li Jiayu's face, her tone becoming increasingly bizarre.

“Eh? Everything turned white? How did I not notice?”

One of Li Jiayu's hands was supporting Hua Xiaolu's raised buttocks while the other grasped onto Frost Moon. Lifting the clear, water-like blade up as though it was a mirror, Li Jiayu stared blankly, disbelieving the reflection he was staring at.

White hair which shone like the sun; eyes which appeared more dazzling than sapphires and facial outlines akin to a marble sculpture that were masculine yet gentle. His facial features remained unchanged except for the evident changes in his hair and eyes which gave him a bewitching touch. As an entirety, Li Jiayu exuded a demon-like attractiveness akin to that of a diamond.

“F*ck! It looks… Terrifying! How did my hair turn white when I'm this young? How did I turn into something I hate the most - this pretty face of a snowflake! Why must I suffer such a horrible side-effect such as this?!”

Li Jiayu grumbled resentfully. He was extremely dissatisfied with the changes in his appearance! In his opinion, the citizens of the Celestial Empire looked best with black hair. Having white hair was too unconventional. Furthermore, he would attract so much attention… He didn’t want to be labelled as a poseur!

The catalyst of these earth-shaking changes definitely traced back to none other than Frost Moon!

Frost Moon was a Legendary Magic Artifact that contained an extremely potent corrosive nature. When it traversed countless universes and space to arrive here, a small portion of Frost Energy fused itself into Li Jiayu's body. Hence, it not only toughened up his bones but also turned his hair white!

However, it is unknown... whether a certain part of his body turned white like his hair and brows...

"There's nothing to complain about! You look suave, Jiayu. Much more handsome than the third year flower boys!" Hua Xiaolu leaned on Li Jiayu's back and greedily sucked in the wisps of chill between the strands of his hair. As quickly as her poison had come, it left just as quickly. Apart from her weakened body, which felt as though it had experienced a serious ordeal, there were no threats to her life.

“Oh, please. Don’t use the title of flower boys to ridicule me… In this apocalypse, it wouldn’t matter if you’re handsome or not. It would, in contrast, attract trouble. A woman who possessed beauty would be treated as prey and suffer miserably… While a man who is too handsome would likewise suffer miserably. Besides, I truly look ordinary, okay…”

"You are so powerful! There's no need to fear! No one would have the courage to treat you as prey. Your strength has become so great! Unlike the past, you are now so relaxed even when piggybacking me and not only that, you can even beat the insects into sorry states!"

"Foolish woman, you overestimate me. My situation is extremely terrible right now..."

Li Jiayu smiled bitterly. No one knew of his pain. Behind the curtains of his glamorous exterior, there hid a deadly chill that no one knew of.

That was indeed true as his strength had increased by a mile but that was all due to the aiding effects from wielding Frost Moon.

As long as Li Jiayu wielded Frost Moon, his strength would increase by a fold!

In other words, Li Jiayu, who possessed strength slightly superior to that of an ordinary human, would attain the strength of a bodybuilder! He would attain limitless energy flowing through his entirety and would be able to lift objects as heavy as 100kg.

Frost Moon, however, was not as formidable as it appeared to be. In contrast, it even inflicted severe harm onto Li Jiayu!

The energy it possessed was far too overbearing compared to what Li Jiayu could handle. The first time Frost Energy fused into his body, it caused injury to his meridians. Particularly, the kidney which harbored Yang Energy - the injury it suffered was no mild injury!

Li Jiayu considered nurturing his kidney in the upcoming two months. Otherwise, he faced the threat of being sterilised!

In other words… During the next two months, Li Jiayu must not perform acts between men and women. Otherwise, his sexual function will suffer a heavy consequence!

This was a consequence that would make any man's scalp become numb! If he happened to lose control, Li Jiayu would definitely feel regret his entire life. Thank god for his exceptional self-control. All he needed to do was keep himself in check and it would be smooth-sailing for him to survive the next two months.

Not only that, Frost Moon had another shortcoming - it did not recognise anyone as its owner.

Due to Frost Moon not recognising Li Jiayu as its owner, Li Jiayu was unable to release its seal and, hence, could only wield it around as an indestructible weapon to chop his enemies into pieces... 

The energy consumption was rather astonishing as well. After a day’s worth of usage, his residual energy would be completely emptied and in the case when he needed to retain the sword in this world, Insect Cores would inevitably be used!

A Higher First Tiered Insect Core could only maintain it for 3 minutes!

That was to say, a day later, Li Jiayu would face an immense financial pressure! If he wished to use the Legendary-ranked Artifact, Frost Moon, it would be all fine and dandy, but he would have to pay the due amount of Insect Cores!

“Oh, right. Li Jiayu, you… How did you learn to summon? Your skills in wielding both the axe and sword were exceptional as well, so you must've learned it before... But for I, who grew up with you, had completely no knowledge of that?"

Han Xiaoqi blinked and stared firmly at Li Jiayu with an extremely perplexed gaze as if trying to see through him.

She was childhood friends with Li Jiayu and attended the same schools since they were young: elementary school; junior high; high school; and even the same university!

It was as though they were best friends of the opposite sex. It was probably because they were too familiar with each other. Otherwise, they would have become a couple...

Among everyone present, Han Xiaoqi was most taken aback by Li Jiayu's drastic change. So much so that she had even begun to suspect that Li Jiayu's body had been possessed by a world traveller.

Li Jiayu shook his head softly, his ice-blue gaze appearing profound and distant.

“Let's just say…”

“I learned it all from a dream. Would you believe me?”

Han Xiaoqi and Li Jiayu exchanged glances, staring into his eyes for no less than three seconds long.

Relying on her woman's sixth sense, she ruled out the possibility of Li Jiayu being possessed because Li Jiayu exuded an extremely familiar sense. No matter how much his gaze had changed, it still belonged to the childhood friend she had grown up with.

“I believe you. Everything that you say, I believe it all… Can you teach me? I also want to become a superman.”

“I can’t. I don’t want to teach a woman as stupid as you…”

“Ugh… True, such a precious technique - how could you pass it onto others so easily…”

Li Jiayu noticed Han Xiaoqi's face flushed red with embarrassment as she walked, gripping the hem of her skirt.

Smiling, he said,

“I’m just joking. Zhou Jiamin, Hua Xiaolu and you are people I see as friends whom I cherish. I'll definitely take care of you guys. Rest assured, I will make you guys stronger and be able to survive in the apocalypse.”

At this moment, a voice tinged with jealousy resounded,

“Damn it! Li Jiayu, you disregarded me again… I say, why is your behaviour the same as the Dark Octopus? You guys are the prime example of someone who values sex over friendship. In any case, I am also part of your group. Should you not look after me even a little? You actually forgot about me again!

 This can’t be it, you must teach me how to kill the insects. I want to repay the insects by a hundredfold. I must kill at least 400 of them to appease the hatred in my heart!”

“That’s natural. I will show you the route to becoming a Berserker.”

---Translator Notes---

[1] Face Changing  - Bian Lian. A type of Chinese opera performance in which the performers change their masks faster than a blink of an eye!


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