Apocalypse Hunter

Chapter 53

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As soon as Zin loaded the rifle, he aimed somewhere and fired the rifle rapidly.

—Bang! —


—Clank! —

Zin reloaded the gun again, and he aimed at a different place and fired again.

—Bang! —

“What the heck are you doing Mister?”

Zin didn’t reply to her, and shot one more time. After firing three shots in the air, Zin walked to the locations that he shot at and checked the targets. He’d shot at targets 50, 75, and 100 yards away. He was checking the accuracy of the rifle and the mechanical sight.

Zin walked back to Leona, put a strap on the rifle, and gave it to her.

“This rifle has an accurate range of 75 yards. Beyond that you will have to take a predictive shot…”

“Predictive shot?”

“Just assume that you will not be able to shoot a target that is beyond 75 yards.”

Zin was trying to explain to Leona but gave up. It would be better off to not shoot, because even with good aim, the bullet would not hit the target. In any case, the rifle had a better range and accuracy than the revolver that Leona was carrying around now, and was much more powerful than a revolver.

Zin gauged the distance, and explained how far 76 yards would be to Leona. She listened to Zin with careful attention.

“Okay, got it.”Leona carried the rifle on her shoulder and started to smile.

“If it’s heavy, throw it away.”

“It’s not that heavy.”

Leona showed off her biceps as she wanted to show how much stronger she had gotten after following Zin.

Zin taught the basics to Leona on how to reload using bolt action, and how to aim at targets.

“You can shoot three times consecutively. If you shoot more than that, the barrel might explode.”


In Zin’s perspective, the crude rifle was just a toy. However, Leona was so happy that she finally got her own rifle. Although she had the revolver, it was meant to be used for defensive purposes.

Leona now carried ten 5.56mm shells, and the revolver. It was enough for her to protect herself in the wilderness.

Hmm… a submachine gun would be better for this little kid.

However a submachine gun was scarce and hard to obtain. The bolt action gun types were more common, as it was hard to produce and maintain guns.

The sniper rifle and automatic shotguns that Zin carried were extremely hard to come by. Zin thought about getting Leona a better firearm, as it would be not great carrying a gun that could explode at any given time.

A pistol was light and easy to use, but Zin thought that it was not useful besides protecting herself.

It needs to cover a range of 250 yards at least… I wonder if I could get a bullpup firearm.

A relatively lightweight firearm such as a bullpup-style gun or submachine gun would be better for Leona. But, Zin didn’t think he could acquire one for her very quickly.

There was a Hunter’s Nest where he would be able to get some firearms, but it was in the opposite direction of where Zin needed to go. Zin needed to get to the Heavenly Power castle as soon as possible.

I wonder if I could get some weapons at the Heavenly Power castle.

Lastly, Zin extracted the chips in the junkwagon’s fuel tank. Leona was also looking around the area and packing things.


Zin opened the hood of the junkwagon and checked the reactor in the engine.

This is a reactor designed for the Wargrave.

These Reavers were killing the scavengers around the area, and using the items looted from the scavengers. They replaced their own crappy reactors with the ones that the scavengers found.

The Reavers were crazy people who rode on their junkwagons, but Zin was astonished that they used reactors made for tanks on the junkwagons.

They pretty much used a tank engine on a motorcycle, and Zin was astonished about it. There were four tank reactors in total, and Zin was wondering what he should do about them.

The reactors that the Wargrave used were of the best quality. It would easily sell for 1000 chips per reactor at any town, and its market value was probably higher.

If it was put on auction where people understood the value of the reactor, it would easily sell for over 2000 chips.

In simple words, a reactor was a highly efficient power generator.

The reactor was as big as Leona, and Zin would be able to store only one reactor in his void storage. The reactor was the most valuable item from the hunt, but it was the most difficult item to carry around.

“… What do I do with this thing.”

Zin had four very expensive yet hard to carry items in front of him. And Leona gave a short answer to Zin who was still in a dilemma.

“We can carry them on a junkwagon, what’s the problem?”

“I knew you would say that.”

Zin was thinking about it as well, but he didn’t want to do so. He was wondering if he should give up the 4000 chips in front of him, or take them to the nearby city to sell them.

Zin’s dilemma was solved in a very unexpected way.

“That is the property of Wargrave. Stay back.”


As Zin turned his head, someone from the hill spoke to Zin and Leona. Zin took out his weapon quickly, and Leona also loaded her rifle. But the person started to walk towards Zin and Leona.

Without showing any hostility, the person had their hands up in the air.

“I have no intentions of fighting you. I only need to destroy the reactors. So, why don’t you leave quietly…”

And the soldier paused. “…”

Zin also lowered his weapon as he looked at the Wargrave soldier who was walking down the hill with his hands raised up.

The approaching soldier was also surprised. He murmured as he didn’t expect to meet Zin at this place, “You… Devil hunter?”

The Wargrave soldier was Ramphil.


Ramphil and Zin saw each other, but had not talked to one another before. Ramphil did not express any hostility, probably because they fought together against the White Witch. And Zin didn’t attack Ramphil who was not showing any hostility.

And it would be a huge waste of energy to start a fight with a Wargrave soldier who couldn’t be killed off easily.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here. I couldn’t find you when I was actively searching for you, and now I find you when I’m on a side project,” Ramphil said, and Zin shrugged.

“I was a bit surprised to learn that the person who was pursuing me passed me to the north.”

“How did you know that I was looking for you?”

“Well, I got to know it somehow.”

Leona was standing slightly away from Ramphil. She was able to befriend Charlotte, and felt something dangerous about Ramphil. Zin knew that there was some correlation between Ramphil and the destroyed Wargrave equipment.

“Were you the one who was destroying the equipment around the area?”

“The main base did not have troops to do the work, so I’ve been doing the work instead.”

Ramphil was cleaning up the area where the Wargrave troops lost the battle, so it seemed the main base was not in a situation to send out separate troops for the job.

And ironically, Ramphil was able to locate Zin after being diverted by side missions. Ramphil was working on destroying equipment near the battlefields, and found Zin and Leona after hearing the gunshots.

Zin confirmed that Ramphil had no intention of attacking because he didn’t attack them in the first place.

“I am curious why you are looking for me, but I have some matters to take care of first.”

“What is that?”

Zin had something more important to take care of in front of him.

“This reactor. I found it first. So if you are going to destroy it, I’d like you to pay me a small fee for them.”


“Is my request unreasonable?”

Zin was an expert at milking out anything that he could. Ramphil looked at Zin, and answered curtly,“This was originally a Wargrave’s item. You have no right to claim it at all.”

“I assume that you don’t need my assistance,” Zin replied curtly as well, and Ramphil looked back at Zin quietly. Leona couldn’t figure out what the soldier was thinking.

After a long pause, Ramphil asked, “How much do you want?” Zin had the upper hand at the moment.

Five hundred chips per reactor, that was the final price that the Zin and Ramphil negotiated. Zin was not going to be able to take the reactors in the first place, so he was happy to take the two thousand chips with him. He stored the chips into the chipbox, and extended his lifetime by another two thousand hours.

Zin was in good mood as he was able to negotiate a good deal, and Ramphil didn’t care much how the negotiation went.

Ramphil briefly explained the current situation. He talked about the special mission he was given from SMCP, and explained the reason he was looking for Zin as a temporary executor.

Although Ramphil was blunt, he was not aggressive.

And he was pretty mellow. Even though Zin relieved him of two thousand chips, he didn’t look uncomfortable.

After explaining everything, Ramphil continued to speak.

“You know how to hunt the White Witch. I would like to know about it.”

Ramphil was the only person sent out from the SMCP fortress to pursue the White Witch. If Zin didn’t know about Ramphil, Zin would have thought that the Seoul fortress personnel were crazy to send him alone. But Zin knew how powerful Ramphil was.

He was able to overpower the White Witch briefly, and he would have defeated her if he wasn’t stunned by her telekinetic attack.

He was so skilled that he was able to overpower her using only photon disruptor swords! He didn’t use any weapon specialized for devil hunting. Ramphil was capable of killing the White Witch.

A hunter had to wisely assess his opponent. After observing Ramphil’s battle with the witch, Zin knew that Ramphil could not be underestimated.

And Zin knew his own weaknesses.

He was weaker than he used to be. It would be a daunting task to face the White Witch alone. If a powerful person like Ramphil fought against the witch, the devil would be taken down much more quickly.

And more than anything, Ramphil would not be interested in the blood of the devil.

Charlotte was from Headquarters, and she would not be able to assist Zin in this area. But a temporary executor of the Central Asia division would be a great ally who could get the support of the Wargrave.

Zin thought that it would be very convenient.

The Central Asia division was an enemy of Charlotte, but not of Zin. A hunter simply resolved requests, and did not officially become allies or enemies with anyone.

“Why are you hunting the devil? Is it because it’s an order?”

“…” Ramphil remained silent at Zin’s question. Ramphil was a soldier, and soldiers followed orders. Ramphil could have answered Zin easily. But Ramphil realized that the answer was not his true intention, and remained silent for a while.

Chapter Notes:

Dear readers, thanks for your readership.

I have become aware that "Slaughters" is a bit odd way to call the barbaric killers in the novel. At the very least, I should have called them "Slaughterers". But, I've been thinking that a better name for them is "Reavers".  So moving forward, I plan to use the name "Reavers". I will be going back to the earlier chapters and updating the name.  Please note that I will keep the name of the base of "Reavers" as "Slaughterhouse"



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