Age of Adepts

Chapter 706

Chapter 706 A Falling Out In The Dragonflight

Garan Continent. The Central Mountains.


As the center of the entirety of Garan, the Dragoncliff was undoubtedly isolated from the rest of the world!

Even when curious elves wanted to find the Dragoncliff, they would first have to traverse countless mountains and hills and pass through the territories and dens of many powerful magical beasts. That was why the existence of the Dragoncliff was only a beautiful legend in the hearts of most elves. Most of them had no chance of laying eyes upon it.

Naturally, the powerful military might of the Dragoncliff meant that they did not require the protection of the elves. As such, when Thunder Dragon Arms flared his broad wings and soared toward the Dragoncliff, he immediately incited commotion and chaos among the dragon flight.

The so-called Dragoncliff was just the massive caves that had been excavated into the towering cliffs.

As gregarious forest dragons, the green dragons liked to place their den in towering cliffs located in the center of vast forests. This way, they could prevent thieves and burglars from setting their sights on their hoard while also providing the flight with plenty of quality food.

The forest dragons comprising the green and emerald dragons could be considered the only dragon tribes in the entirety of the Faen Plane. Apart from that, multi-headed lizards and serpents also lived within some damp and dark swamps. These creatures also possessed some degree of dragon bloodline.

Sadly, serpents like these, with their inferior intelligence and beast-like behavior, would never be acknowledged by the dragons as their kind!

That was why the dragons, so used to seeing green and emerald scales, could not suppress their excitement when they saw a different Third Grade dragon covered in blue scales. The dragons all emerged from their dens.

For a moment, ferocious soaring dragons filled the surroundings of the towering Dragoncliff!

The commotion at the Dragoncliff quickly alerted the emerald dragons staying in the upper half of the cliff.

Several long dragon roars rang out as five mighty and muscular emerald dragons dove down from the cloud layer. They spread out their wings and firmly landed in front of Thunder Dragon Arms.

Two Fourth Grades, a Third Grade, two Second Grades…

Arms looked around and immediately figured out the strength of the opponent.

The few emerald dragons were shocked to see a dragon of a different kind, but they also put on an expression of caution.

"Tell us your name, friend from foreign lands!"

The leading Fourth Grade emerald dragon might have a higher grade than Thunder Dragon Arms, but it rarely saw a dragon of a different kind on this isolated plane. Even it couldn't help but be curious.

"I, Thunder Dragon Arms, am a Third Grade Dragon Lord from the Lance Plane! A while ago I heard that there were companions of ours in this rural place that had been lost beyond the glorious light of our great Dragon God. As such, I have particularly hurried here to guide you back to His embrace."

No one knew whether it was intentional, but Thunder Dragon Arms' voice had been raised to a deafening volume.

Moreover, his reply echoed and lingered in the air under the effect of sound magnification magic.

The faces of the two Fourth Grade emerald dragons tremendously changed when they heard the thunder dragon's words. They betrayed an expression of shock and solemnness in their large amber eyes.

Dragon God.

Every dragon felt a different way toward this mystery-filled word.

From the standpoint of their origins, all planar dragons were the citizens and descendants of the Great Dragon God.

However, the ability to bask in the glory of the Great Dragon God wasn't all that important for some dragon tribes that could live a life of leisure and luxury within isolated planes! In fact, some odd and alternative dragon tribes actively turned their backs on the Great Dragon God for all sorts of reasons. They chose to join the ranks of other powerful evil dragons or otherworldly powerhouses.

For example, the forest dragons of the Faen Plane enjoyed their carefree life in Garan where they had no natural predators. They chose to ally themselves with the forest elves and enjoy their offerings and care. These quiet days brought them much happiness!

In truth, under such circumstances, the emerald dragons were not that interested in the distant and mysterious Dragon God.

The forest dragons had lived in peace all these years.

Now, a messenger of the Dragon God had suddenly appeared. It was clearly beyond the expectations of the emerald and green dragons; they were stunned. They had no idea how to deal with this uncouth and uninvited guest.

Just then, wild winds blew as two dragons also descended upon the cliff, one after the other.

It was Third Grade Emerald Dragon Iritina and Second Grade Green Dragon Ohgu.

In all honesty, the sudden sight of a young dragon of a different kind was a shocking experience, be it for Thunder Dragon Arms or Emerald Dragon Iritina.

Iritina was surprised because she hadn't thought that there were dragons in the world apart from the emerald and green dragons. Meanwhile, Thunder Dragon Arms was purely surprised that such a pretty and seductive female dragon could exist amongst such a 'backwater' dragon tribe.

Both dragons locked eyes upon first sight and never broke eye contact. Their eyes were filled with not only shock and admiration but also a rare trace of wild amazement.

It was apparent that both dragons were extremely impressed with each other.

If there hadn't been so many dragons on the scene, then the two of them would probably have gotten together and started flirting!

For the remaining half of the day, the emerald dragons tried their best to invite Arms up to the upper layer of the cliff to be their guest in hopes of keeping him away from the younger dragons of the tribe.

However, the experienced Thunder Dragon Arms would never fall for such a trick. Instead, he patted his chest and started boasting about his exploits and adventures before Iritina, exaggerating every detail and blowing them up to ten times their original numbers. Arms even began to praise the beautiful and vast plane of Lance in order to conquer this cute female dragon.

A plane ruled entirely by dragons.

A land where every dragon was a lord of the plane, where every dragon ruled over vast lands, and where every dragon could do whatever they wished with anything they wanted in their territories.

Such amazing things could happen to dragons as well?

From now on, they would no longer need to toil and hunt in the Fantasy Forest. From now on, they no longer had to run around and work to collect wealth and gemstones.

All of these tasks would be delegated to the dragonborn servants. All they needed to do was snore and sleep. They would be able to feast as they wished when they woke up later, then take the time to enjoy the 'exotic beauties' offered up by their subjects.

Such a leisurely life might have appeared in the dreams of the Faen dragons countless times, but in reality, they were only ordinary members of the forest dragons. They still needed to sharpen their fangs continually and hone their hunting techniques, then use their hard work to exchange for 'meager' rewards from the forest elves.

Comparison only served to infuriate!

All the young emerald and green dragons couldn't help but start dreaming of life in Lance when they heard Third Grade Thunder Dragon Arms proudly describe each and every scene of his daily life.

The older dragons might have some desires for such a world, but they had experienced all sorts of things throughout their lives. They were somewhat doubtful of the words that came out of the mouth of this fellow that had appeared out of nowhere.

If Lance was truly as amazing as he described, wouldn't it be alright for him to hole up in there and enjoy his life? For what purpose had he traveled tens of thousands of kilometers and passed through a planar barrier just to come here to Faen?

As for the glorious light of the Great Dragon God that Arms kept mentioning? The elder dragons didn't believe a single word of it.

The Dragon God was indeed a great existence!

It was the existence of the Dragon God that had allowed the dragons to become a dominant species that no one dared to trifle with.

Yet, as small dragons of a rural plane, the absence or presence of the Dragon God's light represented no difference to their lives. Why should they trouble themselves under such circumstances to pursue some radiance of the Dragon God?

Still, such narrow and limited thinking was fated never to be openly expressed to the rest of the tribe.

That was why the two Fourth Grade emerald dragons could not publicly expel the Third Grade thunder dragon, despite their overwhelming superiority in strength.

It had been only a brief moment, but the Third Grade thunder dragon had already roused the spirits and ambitions of many of the young green dragons. His proposition also moved several of the young emerald dragons.

In the end, Arms took out his trump card– the Dragon's Pact written full of the cursed vows of the dragons.

Though these green dragons weren't of the same line as the green dragons that had written the Dragon's Pact, the green dragon's aura within the pact was the same. With this pact–that could well be said to be an ace in the hole–revealed, the Third Grade thunder dragon decided to just publicly recruit volunteers and mercenaries that were willing to return to Lance along with him.

The price of recruitment that Arms offered was so generous that several of the emerald dragons were eager to go as well.  

At this point, the Fourth Grade emerald dragons had no choice but to furiously expel the thunder dragon, even at risk of ruining their friendly relations. What the tribe leader of the emerald dragons never expected was the immense falling out that this Third Grade thunder dragon would cause.

With Third Grade Emerald Dragon Iritina in the lead, eleven other dragons requested permission to leave for the wondrous plane of Lance along with the thunder dragon. Included among them was the Second Grade Green Dragon Ohgu.

Eleven dragons. This…this included almost one-third of all of the forest dragons on Faen.

The Fourth Grade emerald dragon tribe leader immediately flew into a rage. He was prepared to use martial prowess to chase away the thunder dragon and suppress the disagreement within the tribe. However, incited dragon hearts were not that easy to soothe.

After a brief clash, Third Grade thunder dragon escaped the dragoncliff, wounded and injured. A sizeable flight of young dragons packed their belongings and took their hoards with them as they left after the thunder dragon.

An unbelievable split had appeared within the forest dragons of Faen!

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