Age of Adepts

Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Undead Powerhouse

Even ants could bring down an elephant!

Greem had scorned this old saying in the past, but now it was playing out right before his eyes; he couldn't quite accept it as the truth yet.

If it were humans that were facing off against the Flame Fiend now, they would probably have scattered and fallen apart the moment the golem had appeared. How could they possibly be like these undead, fearlessly using their horrifying numbers to push back against the enemy?

It hadn't even been eight minutes since the Flame Fiend had appeared, yet the number of exterminated undead had already reached the ten thousand. However, the tide of undead showed no signs of reducing in number. In fact, with the surging of undead from the various caves, the dense crowd had almost taken up every inch of space within this massive cavern. They were trying their hardest to strike at the adepts and the Flame Fiend with their ferocious attacks from every angle and every direction.

Of the three adepts, Alice alone had no combat ability to speak of!

She might still wield some sealed Cards of Fate in her hand that she could use to let out some voodoo beasts or servants, but any summoned creature below Second Grade would not be of any use in a situation like this. Even a Second Grade summoned beast with slightly weaker Physique and Strength would be torn apart.

That was why Greem's only reaction to their predicament was to fire off ultra-large fire spells at an increased frequency.


Meteor Shower!

Doomsday Volcano!


These undead creatures had weak Physique and Strength; their only redeeming factor was their fearsome numbers. That was why the fire spells that Greem cast were lower in power, but possessed extreme area-of-effects and duration.

Again and again, he cleared away the massive cavern. Again and again, the fires would eventually die out before being taken up by new undead in a matter of seconds; another explosion, another flame that died out, and another wave of undead that surged forward.

Even with his flame core to sustain him and enable his extraordinary combat endurance, firing large-scale spells at such a frequency still put Greem's body under tremendous stress.

Fortunately, he had the Flame Fiend of Terror as his assistant. The two flame giants alternated their spells and alleviated much of the pressure on Greem.

Meanwhile, Uzzah, who stood at the rear of the formation, continued to watch on with a cold and silent gaze.

As Greem continued to lash out with all his ferocity, a trace of surprise finally appeared on the cloaked face of this Third Grade Dark Witch.

This male adept's power of fire was genuinely pure. Moreover, the limit of Greem's endurance was far beyond her expectations!

Given the size of the undead army in front of them, Uzzah had expected the male adept to beg for her help a long time ago. Yet, despite how dangerous the situation was becoming, this fellow called Greem was still hanging on. Moreover, the RIng of Fire that he had erected was still firmly protecting the two witches behind him, even as it held off tens of thousands of undead.

His relationship with Alice was intimate, so it wasn't surprising that he would keep an eye out for her. However, that crimson Ring of Fire of his also encompassed Third Grade Uzzah perfectly within. He had no intention of leaving her out just because of her strength, nor did he intend to force her to engage in the fighting.

While shocking Uzzah, it also frustrated her as someone who took pride in her identity as a witch!

Could he think that all witches were as frail and helpless as Alice? One should know that the ones supporting the pillars of the sky in the Northern Lands were all immensely powerful Northern Witches. The so-called male adepts were little more than ornaments and tools for pleasure before the presence of true Northern Witches.

Consequently, the tighter Greem's defense over Uzzah was, the deeper the shadows in her eyes grew.

Anyone familiar with the Dark Witches knew that this was a sign that this Third Grade Dark Witch was so furious that she was almost beyond control!

However, there was no one near Uzzah that she could get mad at. As a result, the anger in Witch Uzzah's heart could only accumulate and pile on, blazing furiously in her emaciated frame.

Perhaps because it sensed that the price of burying these adepts under the corpses of low-grade undead was simply too high, an undead knight wholly covered in metal armor emerged from the mists. He wore a full-face helmet and rode out upon a towering skeletal steed, the steed's bone hoofs clicking crisply against the ground.

As a high-grade undead, every single action of this undead knight carried with it an oppressive and menacing feeling of dominance.

All the skeleton warriors and ghouls beside it naturally retreated. No undead dared to approach within five meters of the undead knight.

Judging by the black mists boiling around the Second Grade undead knight, it was clear that this was a dark knight that had mastered the powers of darkness.

The grinding sounds of bone rang out from behind this dark knight. A large group of skeletal beings walked with casual steps and appeared before the adepts.

These skeletons had skeletal armor on, a short bone blade sheathed at their waists, a bone tiara upon their heads, and held short bone staffs in their skeletal hands; Greem's heart sank.

Undead casters!

The aura that they gave us wasn't too powerful. At their very best, they were only First Grade bone mages. However, casters were still casters in the end. He couldn't deal with these bone mages as casually as he had dealt with ordinary undead.

Undead were essentially reanimated creatures formed from shattered souls that had been attached to broken bones.

If such a shattered soul had been a powerful caster in their past lives, then there was a possibility that a portion of it's casting abilities and knowledge could be preserved. When a soul like this fell upon a pile of broken bones, it would be able to become the simplest of skeleton mages. If it fell upon a zombie, it could become a zombie mage.

It was only possible for a skeleton mage to turn into a bone mage after hundreds and thousands of years of settling and evolution, while a zombie mage would turn into a terrifying lich.

Regardless of what the soul's innate talents were in its past life, those skills would all turn into abilities of the death attribute after they were reanimated as undead casters. The most proficient magic of the bone mages was naturally bone magic.

With the arrival of these bone mages, a rain of bone spears shot down at the adepts.

[Bone Spear.

First Grade Bone Magic.

Offensive power: 35—50 points: The tip of the bone spears will explode upon hitting the target and deal splashing damage equal to approximately 3 points of power. Furthermore, these bone spears also possess approximately 5 points of negative energy damage (Note: negative energy creatures are immune to this effect)]

The various attributes as scanned by the Chip were be projected into Greem's mind the moment the bone spear appeared within his field of vision.

In all honesty, the strength of each bone spear was unimpressive. So much so that the spear didn't deserve to be regarded as First Grade. At their very best, these bone spears were only as powerful as the attacks of advanced apprentices in the World of Adepts.

However, there was no dealing with the fact that they were being fired in a barrage!

The simultaneous barrage of bone spears from over a hundred bone mages pierced through the Ring of Fire without stop. The negative energy attached to the bone spears clashed with the fire elementium, igniting microscopic elementium explosions in the air. However, the bone spears, tougher than steel, managed to endure the extreme heat and embed themselves within the magma body of the Flame Fiend.

With the gigantic golem shielding him, Greem managed to block all of the remaining bone spears with his Lava Shields.

This first wave of attacks had not dealt any damage to the three of them!

Yet, as the master of the Flame Fiend of Terror, Greem had a clear grasp of the situation.

The elementium reserves inside the Flame Fiend's magical core had fallen by six percent just enduring this wave of bone spears. If they didn't find a way to exterminate these bone mages, the powerful Flame Fiend would be beaten down by the relentless attacks of the enemy.

Greem's eyes flickered, and a series of orders had already been sent out.

The Flame Fiend of Terror that had initially stood in front of him let out a resounding roar. Its body then abruptly vanished in a massive halo of fire that reached toward the sky.

Fire Teleportation!

Under Greem's instructions, the Flame Fiend had used Fire Teleportation and instantly appeared within the tight formation of the bone mages. It didn't even need to use any spells. Just the Lava Shields protecting its body and the blazing streams of fire that shrouded its form had dealt horrible area damage to these bone mages.

Just as the Flame Fiend raised its arms and prepared to use a large-scale fire spell to cremate all these bone mages, black lightning flew out from nearby. The blast of lightning pierced through the Flame Fiend's Lava Shield and three Inferno Shields, going straight into its chest.

This sudden attack caused Greem's eyebrow to jump. He couldn't help but turn his stern gaze toward that Second Grade dark knight.

Just now, it was this monster that had thrown its four-meter long lance and pierced the magma body of the Flame Fiend.

Moreover, through the scans and senses of the Chip, Greem had very clearly 'seen' the might of that charged attack from the knight.

Five hundred and nineteen points!

That was already a shocking number for a Second Grade dark knight!

The Chip had also managed to estimate the basic attributes of this dark knight through this attack.

[Dark Knight.

Second Grade Undead Creature.

Possesses mastery over dark magical energies.

Bodily attributes: Strength 21-23 | Physique >20 | Agility >15 | Spirit >13 ]

An undead creature like this had attributes far superior to even Greem after his Second Grade advancement.

After all, Greem walked the path of an elementium adept. He had not invested too many resources in his Physique and Strength. It wasn't until he transformed into a Flame Fiend that his Strength and Physique could reach beyond fifteen points and prove somewhat of a match against these Second Grade creatures.

However, as a Second Grade elementium adept with flame specialization, Greem's Spirit was as high as twenty-seven points. That was already a decent start for most Second Grade adepts.

If Greem wanted to defeat this Second Grade dark knight, his best option was to maintain a certain distance with it and rely on his powerful fire spells to drown out the undead.

Just as Greem gritted his teeth and stood forward, Uzzah's cold and stern voice suddenly rang out from behind him.

"You stay here. Leave that dark knight to me!"

A sinister and chilling laugh rang out, and Uzzah had already vanished from the spot.

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