Age of Adepts

Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Battle of the Second Grades.

The powerful clashed with each other.

Weaklings had no choice but to stand aside and provide enough space for these terrifying Second Grade powerhouses.

This battle was also the first time Greem was going all out since advancing to Second Grade. It was also the moment to judge the fruits of all his efforts up until now.

The two Flame Fiends strode forward, continually expanding their Ring of Fire to claim even more 'territory.' Even though the 'land' here was an impenetrable alloy deck, it still quickly softened under the steps of the Flame Fiends before melting into semi-liquid magma.

A dense layer of Fire Shields floated around the Flame Fiends, but it was the heavier and tougher Lava Shields that caught the enemy's attention.

The two utterly similar Flame Fiends roared loudly and threw out a chain of Magma Fireballs.

The Magma Fireballs had just flown out and had yet even to cross the halfway point, yet they had already been shot down by the arrows of the elven deadshots. Red-hot lava rained down from the skies, burning the metallic deck and turning it crimson, sizzling as it did so.

All the elves couldn't help but frown.

They couldn't allow these two Flame Fiends to continue spreading their sea of fire as they wished. Otherwise, the elves would have trouble even finding a foothold. They were only forest elves, not flower fairies; most of them couldn't fly. If it weren't for the group enhancement, Winged, that the Goddess of Moonlight cast upon them prior to them setting off on their expedition, many of the elves here would have difficulty even boarding the ship.

That was why the Second Grade elves could no longer sit still upon seeing the two Flame Fiends intentionally molding the battlefield to their advantage.

Of the eleven Second Grade elves, two were Weapons Masters, six were elven Deadshots, two were Druid Masters of the Claw, and one was a Silver Pegasus Knight.

The only ones in such a group that qualified as meat shields were the two Druid Masters of the Claw.

Thus, the two Druids of the Claw in beast hides and a wolf and bear helm respectively immediately roared. They then underwent a bizarre process of distortion and transformation. Even the staff and equipment on them were assimilated into their continuously swelling body.

In the blink of an eye, a Giant Raging Ape and an Earth Mauler appeared before everyone, roaring and howling.

The Giant Raging Ape was a whole four meters tall. Its size wasn't that much smaller compared to the Flame Fiend. Moreover, it had a mouthful of sharp and wicked teeth, along with a muscular body. It was naturally born as a wild magical beast that specialized at melee fights.

The Giant Raging Ape lifted both of its arms bulging with muscles the moment its transformation completed. It instantly formed a heavy rock in its palm that was two meters in diameter and half a ton in weight. The ape then roared furiously as it threw the rock toward one of the Flame Fiends. It slammed its fists against the ground and charged at the enemy.

Behind the Giant Raging Ape, the even larger Earth Mauler opened its wide jaws and stomped forward with its earth-shaking steps.

Greem motioned with his large magma hand, and two Lava Shields automatically floated in front of him to block the giant rock flying toward him.

A muffled yet loud thud accompanied one of the two Lava Shields shattering. The other also had cracks all over and was clearly not going to last for much longer.


The next second, the Giant Raging Ape smashed through this one remaining Lava Shield and charged toward the Flame Fiend that Greem had transformed into.

However, its ferocity and violence could only bring it so far!

It had only just stepped foot into the continually expanding lava pool around Greem when the two Flame Fiends lashed out in unison.

Inferno Wall!

Doomsday Volcano!

A blazing wall of fire forged purely of fire and magma rose from the ground and stood in the way of the ape. This Inferno Wall might not be able to halt the Giant Raging Ape for long and was quickly smashed to pieces, but it still managed to stop its ferocious advance for a moment.

The terrifying Doomsday Volcano directly erupted beneath the feet of the Giant Raging Ape!

The terrifying fire poison, corrosive lava, sweltering streams of flames, and the intense heat that was everywhere; the spilling streams of fire and lava landed upon the hardened body of the Giant Raging Ape, instantly singing its thick black hair. Even the reasonably resistant skin beneath the hair had started sporting blisters from the heat. Blood flowed all over its body.

The Giant Raging Ape raised its neck and howled in agony. It lifted its hands, formed yet another massive rock, and threw it at Greem. The Earth Mauler also roared and rushed past the remnants of the Inferno Wall. It took the place of the ape and continued lunging at the two Flame Fiends.

Twenty meters.

Ten meters.

Seeing that the Earth Mauler had stepped across the lava and was about to arrive at the Flame Fiend's side, Greem let out a soft cry. Two Halos of Repulsion shot out of their bodies and engulfed the enemy within their effect.

The Halo of Repulsion might be a magical attack, but it also carried with it a knockback effect.

However, the Earth Mauler had an immensely heavy and massive body. Trying to blast the bear far away with two Halos of Repulsion was no more than a fantasy. The Earth Mauler might have been caught in the center of the two halos and was stumbling to move one step closer, but it wasn't being forced away from the Flame Fiends either.

The Flame Fiends had tough bodies, but they weren't creatures meant for melee. Most of their combat power was concentrated on mid and long-ranged elementium fires. Melee battles were not, in fact, part of their strength.

That was why a hint of savagery flashed across Greem's blazing face when he saw the two wild magical beasts refuse to retreat.


Greem shouted out. The elementium fires that had been burning the Giant Raging Ape and the Earth Mauler suddenly changed. Their traits abruptly transformed into those of the strange Coldflame, capable of freezing and burning everything in the world.

The two beasts were caught unaware and were instantly frozen within a layer of silently burning, pure-white flames.

Ao, ao, ao!

The two magical beasts yelled wildly and continuously drew upon the savage strength within their bodies to break out of the damned restrictions.

Before they could completely break free of the Coldflame, Greem shouted once again.


The very next second, all the fire elementium clinging to the beasts' bodies as well as those that had seeped into their wounds instantly exploded.

The terrifying explosion of fire continued to erupt on the surface of the beasts' bodies. This explosion ravaged the barely wounded flesh of the enemy. Their blood instantly vaporized before it could even hit the pool of lava below.

This one attack had turned the light wounds of the two Druids Masters into severe injuries!

The battle might have been a complicated series of actions, but it was no more than thirteen seconds in reality.

Just as the elves in the back were preparing to help the druid masters, the druids had already been incapacitated. Yet, their enemy, the two terrifying Flame Fiends, were practically unharmed apart from the loss of some of their fire powers.

Such a conclusion undoubtedly shocked the elves to their very core!

They were all Second Grade creatures! Why was it that the difference between their actual combat power was so vast?

They had no time to think any further. The six elven deadshots drew their bows and fired furiously. Rapid arrows shot at the Flame Fiends one after another so fast that they couldn't be seen with the naked eye.

This sudden attack also threw the two Flame Fiends into chaos.

One had to acknowledge that high-grade archers, if equipped with powerful arrows, were more lethal than casters of the same level regarding mid to long-range firepower. After all, spellcasters needed handsigns, chants, and the aid of materials to cast their spells. They couldn't perform like high-grade archers, firing their arrows with the simple lifting of their hands. The bolts would explode at the very first contact and contained plenty of power behind the blast.

That was why, in the face of such a storm of explosive arrows, Greem and the Flame Fiend of Terror's Fire Shields were completely blasted away in less than three seconds. If it weren't for the two Lava Shields that they had erected promptly, this rain of explosive arrows would have blasted them into pieces and badly wounded them.

Even so, Greem and the Flame Fiend had lost their opportunity to continue attacking the wounded druids!

The two Druid Masters of the Claw were heavy tanks with tough skins. They escaped the Flame Fiends' lava pool with a single lunge. They rolled upon the ground and immediately reverted into their human forms. The next second, two Cure Serious Wounds quickly landed upon their bodies.

Tong tong tong tong tong!

Multiple green healing waves weaved between their bodies in succession, instantly relieving the two Druid Masters of their profoundly wounded and weakened states. Their badly blistered and torn up bodies were also quickly regenerating from the accumulation of healing spells.

The elven priests were the best at healing effects among the elves.

Sadly, these elven priests had historically served only the great gods. Consequently, they very rarely left the comforts and shelter of the temples or shrines.

Druids were known as the jack-of-all-trades profession that had decent ability and skill when it came to healing as well. That was why the two Druid Masters only needed to quickly cure themselves of their serious wounds upon leaving the battlefield. They could then shut their eyes and enjoy the constant stream of healing spells from the First Grade druids around them.

They had to conserve their magic power in a battlefield as cruel and bloody as this one. After all, the duration of their Wild Transformation hinged upon the amount of magic power they still held. If they were to exhaust their magic power to treat their wounds, then they would have lost their most significant asset as druids!

The Flame Fiends that had just completely crushed the two druids were now being forced into a furious reaction by the barrage of these six elven deadshots. Greem had to regularly inject his fire energy into the Lava Shield in front of him to quickly repair the damage done by the rain of explosive arrows.

If this layer of defense were to break, the elves would be able to torture them to death with explosive arrows alone.

Greem, in his frustration, increased the size of his own Lava Shield to cover the Flame Fiend beside him. That was to allow the Flame Fiend to conjure a mighty rain of meteors over the heads of the elven deadshots.

Unfortunately, these meteors were deflected by the weapons masters and Silver Pegasus Knight guarding the deadshots' side. This way, the elven deadshots could devote all of their concentration toward their attack. They instantly let loose with all of their might.

For a moment they employed fearsome Twin Dragon Pearl Shots, Triple Shots, Meteor Moon Chases, Pear Flowers in a Storm, and all sorts of elven archery skills, forcefully driving Greem and the Flame Fiend to step back. Their bodies were riddled with holes and in terrible condition!

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