Age of Adepts

Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Clan Member

The Crimson Clan's banquet appeared shabby in comparison to the establishment banquet of other clans.

However, the visiting adepts were not shallow individuals either. What they truly wanted to see was the future power of the Crimson Clan. As long as you had a sufficiently hard fist and a powerful adept squad, things like resources would eventually fall into your hands.

Thus, when the banquet started, and all the core members of the Crimson Clan gathered together and appeared before the guests, the guests were utterly shocked.

The first to walk out of the doors of Fire Throne was naturally the founder of the Crimson Clan, Greem.

As a Second Grade adept, he had especially worn a crimson adept's robe on this occasion, with the Blaze of Destruction in hand. When he silently stood alone in front of the door, the fire energy he radiated clashed with the fire elementium within Magma Hall, causing clusters of magical flames to ignite around him.

He had tough and well-defined muscles, crimson yet radiant skin, as well as all the strange tattoos covering his chest and his back. Greem might be an elementium adept, but his two-meter height and golden ratio body still gave him a nearly perfect appearance.

A head full of long crimson hair flowed down behind his back, reaching all the way to his waist. When paired with the crimson light in his black eyes, Greem radiated a wicked aura of mystery and wisdom.

Disregarding everything else, Greem's appearance alone had moved the hearts of countless female adepts. Flames of desire suddenly burned in the hearts of these female adepts.

Approximately two to three hundred adepts had come here today from various clans. There were thirty to forty Second Grade adepts among them. They were scattered all across Magma Hall, with every one of them surrounded by a large group of First Grade adepts.

About seven or eight of these Second Grade adepts were female. Most of them had beautiful faces and dynamite figures. Of course, there were one or two odd individuals with unique appearances and bodies as large as a pig. The bodies of those who could make it to Second Grades would have undergone extensive modification and reconstruction. There wasn't much left about them that was human.

The First Grade female adepts might not dare to express any desire or lust toward Greem, but this wasn't the case for the Second Grade adepts; their eyes burned like torches. They were filled with greed and lust. Many young and handsome male adepts stood by their sides. They lowered their heads at the sight of Greem, but their eyes flashed with a mad and envious light.

However, they still knew very well the difference between themselves and Greem. They wouldn't ever dare to cast gazes of enmity upon him. Otherwise, they might invite the anger of the fire adept. When that happened, even their lover would not be able to stop the punishment of a Second Grade adept, no matter how much they were cherished and loved.

While a slight commotion spread through the crowd of adepts, a red burst of light flashed before the doors of Fire Throne. The crimson-armored and slender Mary walked out of the entrance with elegant steps.

Those crimson eyes, as crystal clear as rubies themselves. That vague and fearsome cloud of bloody mist that shrouded her body. That deep and massive Spirit that was so concentrated it almost seemed solid.

Second Grade. This female vampire had also advanced to Second Grade!

Several adepts who had insider information couldn't help but sigh silently at the sight.

The Crimson Clan had crippled the Vik Family, and in doing so, had benefited this female vampire. Why else would she have been able to advance to Second Grade so quickly? It was evident that she had climbed up there by stepping upon the mountainous pile of Vik corpses.

An adept within the crowd with ordinary looks and black robes raised his head wordlessly. The eyes that looked upon Mary and Greem were soaked in an indescribable hatred as if the emotion had been carved into the adept's very bones. However, the adept disguised his feelings very well. Not a single trace of killing intent had radiated beyond his body. Naturally, he would not alarm the two Second Grade adepts on the stage.

The light door of the tower flashed once more while the adepts were silently evaluating this terrifying female vampire. Dragonborn Zacha walked out of the tower with firm and heavy steps.

A third Second Grade.

The expressions of many clan representatives turned solemn.

A newly established adept clan having three Second Grades was more than enough proof of the unimaginable power that they had accumulated. This much power already placed them above seventy percent of all small-sized clans.

There was no doubt that the Crimson Clan would be able to rank very highly among the small-sized clan.

Yet it was no more than a newly established clan right now!

Before the adepts could continue contemplating the situation, the light door of the adept's tower flashed in succession. Several mysterious witches with unique appearances walked out of the door.

The one in the lead was a beautiful witch cloaked in purple starry robes.

Her silky silver hair rested upon her shoulders. Her face was exceptionally gentle and tranquil, while her sharp, bright blue eyes shone like stars, giving off a sense of charm and mystery.

Behind her stood two unique and powerful witches.

One was built like the most muscular of men, with a black eyepatch over one eye and a thick wooden staff on her shoulder. It was Sofia. The other was a cold beauty dressed in an ice blue dress and enveloped in a chilling air– Snowlotus.

Five more witches of various ages followed behind Sofia and Snowlotus. All of them wore solemn expressions and determined looks on their faces. Anyone could tell that they were elites cultivated by a big clan.

"Alice, it's Alice."

"The leader of the Witches of the Fate from the Northern Lands."

"Mm, I've long heard that she has an extremely close relationship with Greem. Who knew she would publicly bring her people along with her to support his cause."

Cautious chattering rang out amidst the crowd.

Many adepts with inside information started to tell the others what they knew in vivid detail as if they had seen it all happen, taking the opportunity to show off all the 'secrets' they knew. The majority of the adepts were looking at two adepts in the crowd with expressions of amusement.

As a representative of the Sarubo Clan, Adept Fügen felt incomparably awkward at this moment.

It didn't matter whether it was Greem, Mary, or even the current Witch of Fate Alice. These three adepts had all been members of the Sarubo Clan. They might have left the Sarubo Clan, but Adept Fügen felt uncontrollable anger bubbling in his heart when he felt the looks of scorn and ridicule around him.

If the people that dared to look at him this way were First Grade adepts, Adept Fügen would have no qualms about using his magic to make them regret their decision. However, the only ones that dared to make fun of him in this manner here were all Second Grades. As such, Fügen could do nothing about the intense fury he was feeling.

In comparison, Adept Keoghan, who had come along with him, was betraying an excellent attitude.

Keoghan smiled and nodded at everyone who looked at him, as if he hadn't picked up on the contempt in the eyes of the crowd.

This attitude of turning the other cheek did indeed win him the admiration of several adepts.

Alice's arrival was clearly beyond everyone's expectations.

As an important branch of the Northern Witches, the branch of Fate undoubtedly had much nobler status than most other adept clans. To think that Alice was willing to lower her position and come here in support of Greem; the various implications behind her actions invited further consideration and thought.

Mary rolled her eyes upon seeing Alice arrive. She immediately revealed a broad smile and quickly walked over. She put her hand around Alice's slender waist and pulled the Witch of Fate to her side. It caused Greem to be stunned. He had intended to invite Alice to stand by his side. His right arm hung loosely in the air now.

This seemingly innocuous act also clearly incited the anger of several of Alice's subordinates.

The fact that Alice was willing to lower herself and come to celebrate the establishment of the Crimson Clan had already upset several of the Witches of Fate. Now this female vampire actually whisked their leader to her side, as if the Witches of Fate were subordinate to the Crimson Clan! How could this not infuriate the witches?

However, Alice's image in the hearts of the witches had become more significant and sacred after all these years of management and leadership. That was why the witches didn't dare throw a tantrum and ruin this banquet without her permission. They could only stifle and suppress their rage.

Alice was stunning, with an air of nobility and etherealness to her being. When she stood beside the wickedly charming and explosively seductive Mary, it was like two exquisitely blooming flowers of completely different beauty. The sight of their faces alone would shake one's heart and give a sense of immense perfection.

"Greem lucked out."

The same thought sprang up in the minds of countless male adept at the same instant.

Alice might only be First Grade, but her identity made her nobler and more influential than most of the Second Grade adepts present here. The title of Witch of Fate alone was enough to compare with the clan leaders of some of the most powerful clans in the center of the continent.

Even the clan leaders of the five prominent adept clans of Zhentarim would have to welcome her with the greatest respect and honor if she were to visit the area. Not just any adept clan could endure the fury of the Northern Witches after all!

Plenty of thoughts were racing through the minds of the crowd, but Alice didn't seem to take note of the situation. She held Mary's arms in one hand and politely yet proudly nodded at the Second Grade adepts beneath the stage in acknowledgment.

A strange feeling of being wholly seen through suddenly rose in the hearts of all the adepts when Alice's eyes swept through the hall. Even the Second Grade adepts were no exception.

The expressionless adept in black robes within the cloud felt his heart tremble. He had a feeling that there was something special about the look Alice had cast at him from a distance.

Could she have seen through his disguise?!

The expressionless adept shuddered uneasily.

This place was well within the defensive radius of the tower. A problematic battle was unavoidable if his identity was exposed. Greem, Mary, and the other core members of the Crimson Clan were extremely close to the tower's door of light. They would instantly retreat within the tower if he failed to kill them with the first strike.

Any attempt to hurt the opponent through killing their companions would be fruitless.

When that happened, revenge was no longer a matter of concern. There was a high possibility he might even die here.

The expressionless adept shivered when he thought of that fearsome Third Grade thunder dragon from last time. The chilling killing intent in his heart finally started to subside.

The adept silently exited the Magma Hall and disappeared into the winding tunnels of Fire Cave.

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