Age of Adepts

Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Curse Prophecies

The frightening 'Sever Fate' had been fatal to the apprentices. However, it was still within a tolerable range for the witches, whose Spirits had already reached a level where a change in quality had occurred.

The surviving witches had all absorbed a portion of the wandering powers of Fate from all the deaths that had occurred. They still had a buffer before they crumbled before the opponent's Fate Severance.

Everyone had a vague idea of who this mysterious girl was by now!

She might not have become the Witch of Fate yet, but she was the most potent candidate, and the one infinitely close to being the Witch of Fate!

Moreover, she had mysterious methods that she could use to control the powers of Fate. This ability was not something that an ordinary witch could ever hope to master and use. As such, she was most likely part of a soul projection left behind by the previous Witch of Fate.

As everyone understood it, the previous Witch of Fate hadn't died. Instead, she had gone above Fourth Grade and thus exceeded the power limit that the World of Adepts allowed. Consequently, she had been expelled into the galaxy. It was not beyond expectation that she would have meddled with the selection of the future Witch of Fate before she left. It would make sense for her to have set her soul projection up to be the victor of the Battle of Fate.

This soul was part of the previous Witch of Fate. The Witch of Fate possessed the Physique and soul most compatible with the powers of Fate after all. It gave her an insurmountable advantage when it came to competing for the role of Witch of Fate!

However, the selection of the Witch of Fate was under the direct control of the laws of fate.

If she wanted to successfully advance to become the Witch of Fate, she would have to play according to the rules set forth by the laws of fate. The most important part of these was raising her powers of Fate to twenty-one points. And this was something she could only achieve if she killed everyone present.

What would humans do at the very last moment of their lives?

Some would cry out in pain and close their eyes to wait for death, thinking that this was their fortune, a destiny that they could not fight against.

Some would fight with all they had, struggling to their last breath regardless of how faint hope appeared to be.

Two of the weakest witches were unable to endure the pressure of the situation before them. They fell to the ground, crying as they laughed. It was clear that their spirits were on the verge of entirely breaking down. The flames of fate had also ignited on their bodies. It slowly burned away their flesh and soul, turning it into that pure and mysterious energy.

The twelve other witches, including Alice, and the Infernal Tyrant were the last band of resistance. They formed a small group and frantically attacked the array.

However, the array appeared to be impenetrable. None of their attacks did anything to it!

The witches turned their attention to the floor and the walls. All magical arrays required magical facilities to support them. If they destroyed the foundation of the array, then it would disappear.

Their actions had an effect. The ground trembled as their destruction grew. The array in the air also started to destabilize.

"Goddamned ants! Can't you just accept your fate? It seems I'll have to rob you of everything you have personally!" The mysterious girl within the array opened her eyes in anger. She floated out of the array with her arms stretched outwards, "Come at me together! Let me see if there are any delightfully surprising desserts amongst this batch of candidates!"

"Ants? Arrogant kid. In my eyes, you are the ant!" The one-eyed Sofia raised her staff above her head and rushed the mysterious girl.

"Sever Sight!"

Her voice dripped with the energy of mysterious magic. Sofia's vision went pitch-black. Her only remaining eye had turned into a bloody hole. The blood streaked down her face like a crimson snake.

A massive boom that shook the ground reverberated in the room.

Sofia's staff had missed the girl with only inches to spare. It smashed a deep crater into the ground. She lifted her staff with all her strength and tilted her head to try and capture the girl's position. It was evident that she had completely lost her sight.

"We can't let her cast her spells as she wishes! Everyone, forward!" Alice hid within the spider golem, but she could see everything clearly through the Detection Crystal. She immediately ordered the Infernal Tyrant to rush ahead.

The Tyrant had returned to his full five-meter height in the room. The giant flame humanoid was shrouded in flames. It ran towards the mysterious girl and continuously hurled massive Explosive Fireballs in her direction.

The girl used Fly to dash about in the air and dodge all the fireballs. However, she couldn't avoid the shockwaves from the explosions.

The girl's soul might have been several grades above everyone present. However, her body was far inferior to the level of her soul. Rage and fury started to boil within her heart when the flames managed to burn the robes on her body.

"Souls that don't belong to this world are fated to be abandoned by it!" The girl pointed at the Infernal Tyrant as she dodged the other incoming attacks. She cast her unique curse upon the golem.

Her words had just left her mouth, and overwhelming, mysterious energy immediately enveloped the Tyrant.

Its giant body vanished without a trace in the middle of an intense space distortion.

Alice's face paled.

She could sense that the Tyrant was still alive. It had only been banished from this world. Given enough time, the effect of the spell would fade, and the Tyrant would return unharmed.

However, it was clear that it was not going to be of any help in the battle before them!

Alice finally recognized the ability the girl used. It was similar to the Power Words of the Imperative Series. Every word she said possessed tremendous power. The words could turn into reality as long as they were within the limits of the spell.

However, the caster had to choose their words carefully when using spells like Power Word. If fate could not fulfill the prophecy she gave, she would have to endure double the backlash from her spell.

This effect was why such spells were considered double-edged swords. A misstep could wound you severely!

Berserk Witch Sofia was the first powerhouse of the witches to be crippled. Without her eyes, she could only rely on her Spiritual senses to discover the girl's position. However, the most significant trait of the mysterious girl was her lack of substantial existence. It was virtually impossible to lock on to her with the use of only Spirit.

Sofia was practically a big, blind black bear. She was never able to hit the agile girl, no matter how much she lunged. If it weren't for the other witches' help in giving her instructions, she probably wouldn't even have been able to help in the fight.

The witches surrounded the mysterious girl and continuously bombarded her with spells. The one that attracted the most attention was Snowlotus.

Right now, six or seven pieces of ice shields orbiting around her and protected her. There were all sorts of energy barriers and defensive fields around her. She hovered three meters above the ground and continuously showered the girl with a torrent of ice spells.

The damage of her ice spell was fairly average. They dealt around seventy to a hundred points of damage. However, the freezing and slowing effects of the spells annoyed the mysterious girl to no ends.

A mysterious aura protected the girl and deflected most of the attacks from the witches. Whenever this mysterious energy was almost exhausted, the girl would wave at the array, and another surge of power would supplement the shield around her body.

Snowlotus' slowing powers were causing the mysterious girl to drain energy at two or three times the usual rate. This undoubtedly infuriated her!

Her next target was set to be Snowlotus.



"Weak Legs!"

The girl spat three words at Snowlotus, words that appeared to both be prophecies and curses. The Dancer of Ice and Frost immediately stopped her barrage of spells.

An intense headache swelled in her head. Snowlotus grabbed her head and fell to the ground in agony. She had just landed on the ground, and her legs went weak. She stumbled to the ground. That wasn't the scariest bit. Snowlotus suddenly grabbed her stomach. Intense grumbling rang out from that part of her body.

Dammit, what was this!

Honestly, the means of attack available to the mysterious girl had utterly exceeded everyone's imagination. She wandered around the witches and used her athletic body to dodge everyone's attacks. She would only choose to deflect those that she could not avoid.

And her means of attack were her extraordinary curses that resulted in what she said!

Of course, you could think of it as a sort of prophecy.

The girl continuously pointed at the witches and said individual words out loud as she dodged their attacks. Every one of the things she said would turn into reality in an instant, throwing the witches into disorder or agony.

She didn't dare launch any fatal or lethal 'prophecies' at the spiritually resilient witches. However, she was not concerned at all when it came to the weaker ones.

The first to die was a young witch with a doll-like face and freckles on her nose.

When the girl passed by her, a single 'Death' was spoken. The witch then collapsed to the ground without any sound. She had lost all life.

The second unfortunate victim was Amanda.

As a potions master, her combat ability was insufficient. Most of her attacks came from the energy servants summoned from her potions. Thus, after a single prophecy of 'Betrayal,' Amanda died horribly at the hands of her own summoned creatures.

Witches continuously fell to the curses of the mysterious girl. Everyone started to have to worry about their own lives. At this point, Alice had no choice but to expose the powerful offensive abilities of the spider golem, even if she wanted to hide it from the other witches.

As such, the mysterious girl finally turned her sights to Alice's spider golem.

Chapter Notes:

Editor Ryu: So the Mysterious Girl took out Snowlotus with a bad case of the Flu?

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