Against Heaven

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Grade E Evasion Training
After paying ten crystal coins and entering the fitness club, Wang Lin was escorted by a customer service liaison to a room. The room was not big, but empty. Other than a giant metal globe in the middle of the room, there was no other equipment.

After Wang Lin entered, he realised that there were a few people putting their hands on the metal globe, with their eyes closed and apparently deep in thought.

The one who escorted Wang Lin into the room was a male. He lowered his voice and said, “This is hall number 6. If you key in the hall number here, you will be escorted out again. If there’s any problem, you can choose room number 111 where there are experts who can answer all your enquiries.” After he finished talking, the man did not bother Wang Lin anymore and left.

At the same time, a person who had been standing beside the metal globe was surrounded by some white light before disappearing.

Wang Lin was stunned. He subsequently put his hand on the metal globe and understood the principles behind the metal globe.

This metal globe was like a menu. You could enter any room number and choose the room to train in.

Wang Lin’s mind was presented with a series of messages.

“Three times gravity room, full.

Four times gravity room, full.

Evasion training room, 19 empty slots.

Defence training room, explosive power training room……”

All these options gave Wang Lin a headache. He muttered to himself softly and chose the evasion training room.

A white light appeared and Wang Lin found himself in a room about twenty square metres.

There was only him in the room. Upon his arrival, a metal globe similar to before surfaced from the ground. Wang Lin instinctively put his hand on it and a series of messages appeared in his mind.

“Choose training levels : A, B, C, D, E.”

Wang Lin chose E.

The metal globe instantly disappeared, followed by the appearance of ten golden light beads in the room. The light beads simultaneously travelled towards Wang Lin at high speed.

Wang Lin moved his body, managed to evade the light beads, but suddenly their trajectories changed, and once again flying towards Wang Lin.

Just like that, Wang Lin continuously dodged all the attacks. Slowly, he started to become a bit short of breath. All of the ten light beads had different trajectories with tricky angles. Most of the time when Wang Lin tried to dodge one, a few of the others would hit him.

After ten minutes, Wang Lin was exhausted. He realised that merely ten minutes of this kind of training, was almost equivalent to him running two hundred rounds with one hundred kilograms of weight.

Thanks to his previous training, even though he was hit by the light beads many Wang Lin still continued his evasion training. As his body’s strength decreased, naturally the frequency of him being hit by light beads increased.

Thirty minutes later, Wang Lin’s body reached its limit. At this time, a digital voice was heard transmitting in the room :

“The trainer’s body strength has reached negative value. Training is over. Marks gained — thirty one minutes Grade E Evasion Training, thirty four marks.”

Once the light beads disappeared, Wang Lin’s eyes brightened. This special training was way more efficient than his previous simple training of running exercises with weight. The most important thing was, the training here could increase his speed.

Although training a day would require ten crystal coins, Wang Lin was not worried about the cost. The combined total of crystal coins which he obtained from the two storage cards was above one thousand, enough for him to train for a few months.

After resting a while, his physical strength slowly recovered. Wang Lin once again trained in his Spiritual Enhancement Technique. Although he trained for just ten minutes, his body strength recovered immensely.

Before starting to train, he hesitated. He released the two hundred kilograms of lead blocks from his body and chose Grade E Evasion training again.

Thirty minutes later, Wang Lin stopped training. Only half of his body strength was used up. At this time, he frowned. The digital voice was once again heard transmitting :

“Marks gained – – thirty minutes Grade E Evasion training, ninety-nine marks.”

In this half an hour, Wang Lin was only hit once by one of the ten light beads when their speeds suddenly increased.

“This kind of training was not challenging enough to achieve my training objective. Looks like I should put the lead blocks back on.” Wang Lin thought deeply before putting on the lead blocks back on before he, again, chose Grade E Evasion training.

Three days. He had been continuously training in the room for three days. As the consumption of energy was larger than he imagined in these past three days, when Wang Lin found out that he could order meals from the metal globe, he decided to do so. He was convinced that San Xiao Jie would not be able to meddle with his meals here, so he ordered a lot at one go.

In three days time, he had managed to reduce his frequency of being hit to fewer than twenty times in a sixty minute period, with a two-hundred kilograms weight.

Although Wang Lin really liked this place, he knew that if he didn’t go back to the mansion for a long period of time, San Xiao Jie would search the entire city for him. Moreover, today was the day where he needed to prepare medicine for San Xiao Jie. In order not to affect his own escape plan, he memorised the training room number and left.

A few months ago, after Wang Lin killed Mu Hai and Wang Mang, he had devised a plan, to escape Violet Mansion!

In regards to the worm in his body, Wang Lin knew that the next time it showed itself, he would successful catch it. For this past half year he kept all the cure which San Xiao Jie had given him without using it, just in case.

In the room at the fitness club where Wang Lin had trained for three days, a blinding white light was seen not long after he left, followed by the appearance of a young lady with maroon, curled hair.

“This is really irritating. That bloody guy actually used this room for three days. Hmph! Does he not know that 5187 is my lucky number.” Wrinkles were seen on her nose. She raised her hand and the metal globe flew to her.

When she put her hand on it, she was stunned. She exclaimed, “Wow, that’s amazing!”

Sixty minutes Grade E training, thirty-five marks…… Sixty minutes Grade E training, fifty marks…… Sixty minutes Grade E training, seventy-five marks…… Sixty minutes Grade E training, eighty-six marks!

“This person is so talented. The training results seemed to improve at an exponential rate. This is too scary.” The young lady was at a loss of words.

Grade E Evasion training was not like other trainings. Even experts of Level Three or Four soul power would have difficulties obtaining more than fifty marks. Under the constant vicious attacks from ten gold beads, unless one had extremely good reflexes and sensitivity, it would be difficult to withstand the training for even thirty minutes!

What’s shocking the young lady even more was the sixty minute mark which Wang Lin had managed to get!

All this while, she had thought that herself was extremely talented in this evasion training. Her best marks was ten minutes ninety-five marks.

But, the opponent managed to withstand the training for sixty minutes each time!!

The young lady felt a chill in her heart. She could not comprehend what’s it like to be able to withstand the Grade E Evasion training for sixty minutes, but she knew, her cousin who had become a Spiritual Honourable, even after using Spiritual secret techniques, could only withstand the training for fifty minutes with the marks of merely forty-five.

Both her eyes gleamed. Even though she did not know why the person who had trained here earlier on did not reset his or her scores, she believed that person should be an extremely powerful fighter!

This feeling was intensified after she accidentally spotted the line of words below the training scores.

“Trainer’s body weight…… Two hundred and sixty kilograms!”

Soon after Wang Lin returned to Violet Mansion, Chun Lan came. When Chun Lan saw him, she gave out a deep sigh of relief and started complaining, “Where have you been these few days? Xiao Jie has looked for you many times. We servants have been scolded every day.”

Wang Lin smiled apologetically. He took out a pill and passed it to Chun Lan, while saying, “I have been to the body fitness club that you mentioned the other day. Been training there for three days.”

Chun Lan grabbed the pill and curiously asked, “How was it? Not bad right? Erm, wait for me. After delivering the medicine, I shall come back to hear about the place. I have not been there yet myself.”

Once she finished speaking, Chun Lan left hurriedly.

After a while, Chun Lan returned. Wang Lin had a long conversation with her. When Chun Lan saw the exhausted look on Wang Lin’s face, she immediately asked to leave.

After Chun Lan left, Wang Lin trained in the seventh illustration of Spiritual Enhancement Technique for some time. According to the description, once the illustration was mastered, soul power would achieve Level Three.

Even though the training of the Spiritual Enhancement Technique became tougher as it got more advanced, Wang Lin believed that he would be able to achieve a big accomplishment in a few months time.

Wang Lin was excited about Level Three soul power. With his good soul power control plus the body strengthening exercise which he had gone through so far, he believed that even if Mu Hai had attained Level Four soul power, he could have easily killed Mu Hai.

Wang Lin suppressed his excitement and took out three items from his storage card.

Hell Raiser Technique Grade D — Basic.

Ghost Evasion Skill Grade E — Basic.

Spiral Thrust Power Grade E — Basic.

Regarding Hell Raiser Technique, Wang Lin did not plan to train this without fully understanding its pros and cons. Therefore, even though the technique was of Grade D, he directly ignored it.

In terms of Ghost Evasion Skill, Wang Lin was very interested. He already arranged for some time to train this and see the results of it.

In regards to Spiral Thrust Power, Wang Lin was a little apprehensive.

He had studied on Spiral Thrust Power before and realised that it was a simple way to utilise soul power. However, at that time, he was struggling to control his power and after training it briefly, found out that the effect was not desirable, thus he had abandoned it. After he had used the metal ball to solve his soul power control problem, he reconsidered the Spiral Thrust Power. He learned that this technique focused on channeling the soul power into a spiral shape for quick attacks. Although it could reduce soul power wastage, it was not as good a training as his metal ball.

Therefore, this technique was deemed of little value. Wang Lin picked the book up anyway, and once again studied it carefully.

Slowly, Wang Lin grasped some new ideas from it. He found out that this Spiral Thrust Power was completely for utilising soul power. From the descriptions in the book, if one was attacking the opponent and used this technique, the damage done would be greater.

Wang Lin understood this principle. Using the Spiral Thrust Power speed to reduce the soul power usage. For example, one person who punched the opponent without using this technique would needed approximately one second to channel his soul power. His soul power would be dispensed and wasted in this one second. If the soul power was channelled using Spiral Thrust Power, it would require only 0.8 second.

Do not dismiss this difference of 0.2 second. The soul power that could be wasted would be around ten percent during this 0.2 second.

Sometimes, ten percent was all that’s needed to determine the winner or loser.

From the book’s price, Wang Lin could also see the importance of this technique. It was almost ten times the price of Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

But Wang Lin would not be pursuing this technique at the moment. Once he reached a certain level in the metal ball training which he invented, the ability to not waste soul power for even 0.1 second during attacks should be achieved too.

However, after studying the Spiral Thrust Power technique, Wang Lin got a realisation. Although the Spiritual Enhancement Technique had been trained till the seventh illustration, there was an obvious weakness — his soul power flow was slow during training.

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