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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Original, Xianxia, English

Author: Cloe D. Frost

[Best Fantasy Story Winner at Wattpad Fiction Awards 2016]

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◈ What Readers Say about Aethernea? ◈

"Aethernea is my absolute favorite read on wattpad, I love it as much as I love Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. You have such an amazing way to make the words flow and unbelievable descriptions. Unique characters and a great story line. All the small clues and mystery in the humor and fantasy just makes the book perfect in my opinion. I read all chapters in two days! Less than 48 hours even! I'm REALLY looking forward to the next update, the world of Aethernea is so deep and well thought out, it's beautiful and magical. God I can't believe how creative you are, so many small details with so many families and stories everywhere. Purely fantastical, I admire you."

 - astro-logical from Wattpad

"I love love love Aethernea so much! It is amazing how you created this new world with different creatures, magics, looks, illnesses, and evil! I was blown away by your explanation of the Mana pools and how to weave magic! Simply stunning really! You are one of my favorite authors and Wattpad and I am so glad I stumbled upon Aethernea because it is worth all of my time reading!"

- Adriana_V_Blade from Wattpad

"I absolutely am loving Aethernea so far. I am certain you belong in the ranks among J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Suzane Collinings, and many more great and wonderful authors. You opened up a whole new world for me, which only a few great authors have accomplished. While it's true I am pulled into each and every book, few are able to capture me to the point of inescapability. Though, somehow, you have managed this feat. I thank you for this and more! You are a wonderful author and can't wait for more to come!"

- daughterofpercabeth7 from Wattpad

"WOW! just caught Aethernea in gravity tales! Just when I was getting tired of most xianxia novels this appears and completely blows my mind!
I really like the depth and the humorous touch you give the characters and it seems you have the storyline well thought out since you are always hinting about things in the past and the future. It has been such an enjoyable experience that I couldn't stop reading, finishing it in just one day and laughing my way through most of the episodes. But what keeps me so excited for what's coming is the magic system and the professions of the world you are creating.
The magic mechanics have such a huge potential! They are simple but at the same time they open so many possibilities. Even though we still only understand the basics of transmutation and augmentation, I expect them to enable fights where there is need of quick thinking and skill, and not just brainless overpower of every opponent. In a way this makes me reminiscent about The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson, which are one of my favorite series ever. The thing that sets Mistborn apart from any other series is that the mechanics are so well thought out that they could be used to create a super cool triple A video game and I cannot help but hope Aethernea reaches the same level or even surpass it. I really think it has that potential. Really hope this series gets the attention it deserves. As for me, Thursdays and Sundays just got a whole more exciting! =)"

- AlexMLion

"Your writing is fantastic and riveting, the chapters and character flow so smooth, and it captivates the reader with the many twist and turns that tricks one mind into thinking this is about to happen, when suddenly the exact opposite happens. You truly are in inspirational writer with a brilliant mind that can see and put words into chapters and into this one truly awesome book. Thank you!"

- AshleyStaar from Wattpad

"I loved this story, such detailed description and accurate words, both Kiel and Elaru completely caught my attention, your writing style is just beautiful and the plot is astounding and it's just the first episode! This kind of fantasy stories are my favourite, it has a lot of magic in it, rivalry and sense of humour."

- BlackWhiteD from Wattpad

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In a world where everyone can use magic, where treasure hunters, alchemists, and warlocks are common professions, and where mage duels are the most popular form of entertainment,
Kiel is a "non-mage" - a person who doesn't have the aptitude to use magic on regular basis - until he meets Elaru - a spell breaker of mysterious origin, wielder of the fabled 'Aethernea of Sight' - eyes that can see magic, who claims she can give him the power to become the greatest mage world of Halnea has ever seen.

Coerced into binding his soul to hers, Kiel finds himself pulled into a web of secrets, where one wrong step could end in his untimely demise.

Who, or what is Elaru Wayvin really? What is her relation to the ruling 15 noble mage families? What is the source of The Ink - a mysterious plague spreading through the continent? What is the Aetherneal bond between them and what has it turned them into? What is the truth behind gods and divine magic? Why has the third race of Halnea - the Ascended, mysteriously disappeared, and what is the connection between the remaining two races?

In the search for truth, Kiel and Elaru enroll at the most prestigious University of Magic. Yet, between awkward social events, falling in love, thrilling competitions, blood curling battles, irritating peers, and damnable love rivals, there is little time for studying.

And as if avoiding sinister plots from all sides wasn't difficult enough, their new detestable mentor takes them on a voyage into the uncharted forbidden zone filled with unspeakable secrets, ancient riddles, man-eating monsters, and deadly traps.

A quest that just might end up changing the fate of the entire world.


Aethernea contains:

Battles all about strategy and outsmarting the opponent
Ploys, traps, puzzles and tests that the protagonists have to solve and beat
Many secrets and mysteries about the world, the forgotten past, the noble families and the characters themselves that you will be trying to crack with given clues
Exploration of the unknown
Drama - romance, rivalry, clash of interests
No black and white characters, character depth and development
A unique, well-developed world with both eastern and western characteristics
Almost scientific system of magic with well-defined rules and principles

Release Schedule:

Regular releases every Thursday & Sunday

Temporarily single release every Thursday

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