Abyss Domination

Chapter 65.5

Chapter 65.5 — Alignments

Disclaimer: You can choose not to read this part. The author was basically pissed at the comments regarding Soran's alignment. 

  A person's alignment does not restrict one's actions. Instead, it is his actions that affect his alignment. Even deities may change their alignment due to their actions.

  Soran's alignment is currently Lawful Evil, which is also the alignment shared by devils, tyrants, and barristers. Barristers have great knowledge when it comes to laws, but their job is to find loopholes and grey areas in it and help their clients win court cases, not to uphold the law. Tyrants rule others with force and enforce countless oppressive laws to control the people, but they are plenty lax on themselves and often lead extravagant lives without regards to any laws or rules.

  Devils are extremists of the Lawful Evil alignment. They value law and order and rule with harsh and brutal means. Even so, the lower ranked devils are always trying to exploit the rules and looking for opportunities to weaken those above them, eventually killing and replacing them. They have laws, but that does not stop them from being evil.

  As a matter of fact, alignments are actually rather subjective matters. Even Lawful Good characters may do something considered evil. A good example would be paladins discriminating against and killing beastmen. Alignment is just a brief indicator of one's likely actions, not something that controls them. There is no need to argue too much about it.

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