A War Between Spies

Chapter 25

Despair, hopelessness, anger, exhaustion, pain, and fear. This overwhelming mix of emotions made Yang Yi, who was supposed to think of a solution, space out. He was speechless. After all his guesswork and speculations, the truth behind the team’s current situation turned out to be something completely outside his expectations.

Daniel had seemed like a harmless guy at first. However, he had tried to sell information on the Marthall Family, an arms dealer organization, reveal their benefactor, and destroyed the team after completing a deal worth more than a billion pounds - all this -  for the sake of personal profit.

The death of John and the others did not seem so unwarranted anymore. To some degree, it was their fault for picking a teammate like Daniel who was so stupid.

Yang Yi tightened his grip on Daniel’s neck just a bit. He had already decided that there was no use killing him, no, that there was no use doing anything anymore. He inquired in a rather dull tone, “So you only posted the information and put the Marthall Family’s name on it? Are you only selling evidence that the Marthall Family owns the company?”

“No! I was selling information on the benefactors of Anthony. The evidence was just to prove the information’s authenticity! I did not think they would come to find us… I am sorry! I did not think it would end up like this!”

Kate did not know what to say anymore since even the culprit was crying. Kadipur was still focused on the road, but he let out a long, pained groan, “We are done. We are all finished… Chordo (TN: Fuck).”

“If the traitor is not a member of the team, then who is it?” Kate asked, but Yang Yi was not in the mood to answer any questions. He started to lose his composure. He released his hold on Daniel and made a mocking gesture with his hands.

“The Cicero Family, obviously! Do you even need to ask? The Cicero Family! Daniel posted something and claimed that the Marthall Family owned it. When the Cicero Family saw it, they took it down and sent hitmen to eliminate all the evidence. Is there anything else you do not understand?”

Kate argued, “But the Cicero Family has always had a good reputation…”

“How do you know that? How the fuck do you know that? What do you know about the Marthall Family’s organization, huh? They are the largest arms dealer on Earth! And who the fuck are you people? Let me spell it out if that is not clear enough for you, you are a bunch of small fries working for small-scale companies. While you are celebrating that you have made two billion this one year, the Marthall Family have been making way more than that on average each year.

“And let me remind you, even if you have some ties with the Cicero Family. You have worked with them once or twice, but they will not give a shit about that if you cross their biggest partner in the criminal underworld! Do I make myself clear!”

Basically, they were all as good as dead.

At this point, Yang Yi was lying nearly flat against the seat. He continued powerlessly, “It is obvious. We have been sold out by contacts from the Cicero Family because Daniel almost sold out the central power of the Marthall Family. So now we have two very big underground organizations looking for us. Even if it is just for the sake of upholding their reputations, they will not stop until they finish us all.”

Yang Yi did not even have any energy to scold Daniel anymore. “Mr. Jones looked like a wise man. Why would he pick someone selfish and stupid like you for his team? Why did he even trust you?”

Daniel only cried louder as he leaned on the window on his side. He did not have any statements to offer in defense of himself.

Kadipur, in a last attempt to save them, offered a suggestion, “Maybe we can contact the Cicero Family and ask them to let us go free if we give them the information. Daniel did not actually sell the information to anyone, so maybe they will give us another chance.”

“Even if they believe that we will not sell the information again, what about the Cicero Family? The Singer was a business partner of the Cicero Family. What would happen to the Cicero Family’s reputation if they just let us go? I will say this again, the Cicero Family will not stop trying to kill us, and there is a reason that they cannot stop.”

Kadipur went silent at that, but Kate was still holding a bit of hope. She said in a strong voice, “But we cannot just wait here. We cannot just wait here and die!”

“I think the best option for us is to just find a comfortable way to end our lives. Do you have a better idea?” Yang Yi asked.

“Cicero. Marthall. I do not care who it is. If they want to kill me, they have to pay the price for even trying!” Kate said in response.

Yang Yi closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He wondered why he was trying to explain anything to Kate. He spoke slowly and firmly in an attempt to make sure she understood, “Listen. There are two enemies that we have to fight. Two of them. Two giants whose bodies are too big for us to even picture. I do not care what you want to do now, just make sure you do not regret it.”

“How about we run?” Kadipur proposed unconfidently, “I mean, we can leave London, leave this country. We can try escaping to somewhere nobody can find us…”

“You think they will not find you if you go back to some small village in India? You would have to get out of London first. Good luck, pal.”

Kate continued to refute Yang Yi’s negative remarks. She clenched her fists and said, “So we are just going to sit here and wait for them to finish us?”

“Like I said, we can try finding a comfortable way to die.”

“Ross! Think of something! You are the smartest one among us. You need to figure out a way out of this situation!”

Yang Yi only continued his rant, “Figure out a way? I have tried, but I cannot! Jenny told them everything and was still killed! So was everybody else! You have seen the way they died! Wake up! It is hitmen from the Marthall Family that want us dead! Oh, I am sorry, did I forget to say there is another family that does not want us to continue breathing?”

Kate continued to force her point. She refused to yield to Yang Yi’s coldness, “The point is that we cannot just do nothing. It does not matter what it is, we need to do something. Ross! It is really over if we give up now! Come on!”

Yang Yi lowered his head and tried to give himself some motivation. He thought about the reason he came to London in the first place. He thought about his own parents and how he abandoned everything to come to England. Most important of all, he thought about how he still wanted to achieve his lifelong goal.

Fuck it. I do not want to die here.

It was not Kate’s words that motivated Yang Yi. He just thought that he was too young and unaccomplished to die just yet. “Let me think, let me think…”

Yang Yi buried himself in thought and everyone else was quiet. They waited for him to speak. After a few minutes, Yang Yi finally began to talk, “I did not think of any good solution, but first, we need to hide somewhere no one can find us. Then, we need to figure out a way to leave this city to somewhere overseas, but before any of that…”

He turned towards Daniel and continued, “What do we do about him?”

Daniel was never stupid, to begin with. He was a master hacker after all. He was a typical genius who lacked common sense, that was all. However, regardless of what his true motive was, they needed to find a way to have him take responsibility for the murders of the other members.

Yang Yi was more specific with his next question, “Do we kill him?”

“No! Please! I beg you!” Daniel said as he slowly backed away from Yang Yi, who was pointing the loaded gun at him. Seconds ticked by. No matter how long Yang Yi waited, Kadipur and Kate were silent. They did not give any response.

Yang Yi felt like slamming the gun to the ground, but instead, he shouted in frustration, “Say something! I just joined the team a few days ago, and I am not even an official member! Do I have to do everything here?”

Kate tried to say something, but no words came out. Instead, as she opened her mouth to speak, her expression changed. She noticed the cars headed towards them and was shocked. “Watch out!”

Before Yang Yi could actually do anything, his body was thrown towards Daniel as a car came from the left and rammed into them.

Once again, Kadipur proved himself to be the competent driver that he was claimed to be. With a quick spin of his wheel, he managed to execute a smooth, sharp drift and lose the pursuer in a second.

“More are coming!” Kate shouted.

There were three cars stopped in front of them. It appeared that they were trying to create a barricade by forming a triangular formation. As Kadipur quickly stepped onto the brakes, four people got out of the cars and rushed towards them.

Yang Yi collided with Daniel as they skidded to stop. He pulled away from him and took out the gun. Daniel reached for the gun. He grabbed at it with both of his hands and pulled.    

“Let go!” Yang Yi yelled in exasperation.

“Do not kill me!” Daniel said. He then pulled the trigger. Yang Yi’s ears were practically deafened as the bullet flew past him. Yang Yi was unable to hear for a moment and could only feel a hand reaching for his back. Before he could turn his head around fully, Daniel had already shot the hitman twice in his chest.

Kadipur revved the engine and reversed away from the barricade. As though abandoning the thought to spare the lives of anybody in the car, the hitmen took out their guns and fired at the car since the distance between them was increasing.

But they still had not escaped all the danger yet. Daniel shouted maniacally while waving the gun in his hands, “Do not kill me! Do not kill me!”

Yang Yi roared, “Drop the gun!”

Daniel stopped waving the gun and instead sat still in his seat. He lowered the weapon, but he continued to murmur the same line again and again. “Please do not kill me. Do not kill me. I am sorry. I am sorry...”

Before anyone could react, he stuffed the gun in his mouth. He then said before he slowly pulling the trigger. “I will do it myself."

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