A War Between Spies

Chapter 22

Yang Yi realized something – it seemed that no one knew he stayed at John’s house.

Whenever The Singer arranged a meeting at John’s house, Yang Yi had always come in late. Even when he did arrive early, everyone would just leave once John finished making his announcements. John never revealed Yang Yi’s address to the team either.

Therefore, the traitor, whoever it was, did not know Yang Yi stayed at John’s house. He probably was not even aware that Kate was staying with her father currently. Otherwise, he would have eliminated her along with John.

“Who knows that you usually stay with your mother?”

Kate frowned, making her eyebrows curl in, “Almost everyone in the team knows about it. I’ve known most of them since I was younger before my parents were divorced.”

Yang Yi was able to resolve some of his suspicions with that information. He let out a breath, “Okay, I will take Ryan off the suspect list for now. If he were the traitor, then a hitman would have attacked us at your father’s place.”

“You do not think the traitor is Kadipur or Daniel. That means Wales is the only suspect left.”

Yang Yi nodded, “Yes. I thought he would be, but we still cannot confirm anything.”

Kate slammed her hand on the steering wheel in frustration and asked him, “How is it Wales? He was brought up by my father. My father was there before he became anything!”

“Calm down! As I said, this is all just guessing. We have no concrete evidence to say anything for sure. I could be wrong. Wales might be completely innocent. Get rid of any bias or judgments in your head. Try to think about this logically.”

“But you said Wales is the traitor!”

Yang Yi rubbed his eyes wearily. It seemed that for the two of them to get on the same, he needed to first explain the difference between a suspect and a culprit. “I said he is the biggest suspect. That is all I said. Please, I know there’s not much there, but try to understand that we need to doubt every single person out there. And before we get this guy, We cannot afford to place all our doubt on just one suspect.  Stop the car over there.”

Kate stopped the car on the side of the road after Yang Yi gave the unexpected order. Yang Yi slowly climbed out of the car. He took a few steps away from the car and looked at it regretfully. “I liked this model. What a pity.”

“A pity, why?”

“Say goodbye to your car. We are taking our stuff and leaving it.”

Kate was not as quick-witted as Yang Yi, but it did not take long to understand the necessity of abandoning her car. It was an obvious indicator of their location.

The two then got back in the car and drove it into a dark alley. Kate left her car behind for good and continued towards Paddington Station on foot. She pulled Yang Yi with one hand and the luggage with the other.

It was then that Yang Yi noticed the blood stains on the abdomen area of her shirt. He exclaimed in surprise, “You got hurt?”

Kate rubbed at the wound lightly. It seemed as though she could not even feel it. She replied calmly, “I got nicked; nothing to worry about. It is just a scratch. Come on, we need to keep walking.”

Yang Yi stopped walking and protested angrily, “What are you talking about? You were cut on your abdomen! We are not moving until I have at least checked the cut.”

Yang Yi lifted Kate’s shirt up. He discovered a wound about two millimeters deep above her belly button. More than ten minutes had already passed, but the blood was steadily flowing out of the wound. It was not showing any signs of stopping. He would have discovered the wound earlier if Kate was not wearing a red shirt. He started pressing the area around the cut to verify that there was not any internal damage.

“What are you doing?” Kate said. She felt a stinging pain from her abdomen and staggered back in bewilderment.

“You should really start taking your life seriously. You are just going to ignore a wound like that?”

“I said it is just a scratch. I am fine. We should just go.”

“Did you not consider that maybe the knife was poisoned?”

“What? Was that some kind of sick joke? Fine, I did not think about that… Hey, where are you touching?”

Yang Yi was obviously embarrassed once he realized what he was doing. He dropped her shirt, “ I am not trying to harass you or anything! There’s nothing to enjoy anyways! Just a pile of blood and dirt. Anyways, the injury is not serious, but we should do something about the bleeding.”

“No worries, I am not like you. I can walk after taking a hit.”

Yang Yi responded angrily, “Do you know how painful it was? My organs were definitely damaged. Fuck! It felt like my stomach was on fire.”

“What internal injury? You are just one of those sensitive chicken who can’t even take a hit without groaning.”

Yang Yi was offended by her unsympathetic response, but he was relieved that Kate seemed to be returning to her normal self. It was a good time to ask her about something he had been curious since he first met her.

“Why did you decide to train in the martial arts? You are a very attractive girl. It is not the kind of hobby pretty girls usually choose. It is even rarer considering your level of skill.”

“I find it interesting. There is no other reason. My mother was a professional makeup artist. The ability to apply makeup is something all girls find useful. I never had the ability to do what she did.”

“You do not know how to apply makeup?”

“I can apply it for other people. I just do not like the idea of applying powders and putting all of that stuff on my own face. Hey look, there is a taxi!”

Yang Yi told the driver their destination once they were both in the car. He took out Jenny’s phone. He thought about throwing it out the window since it was no longer useful, but in the end he decided to keep it in his pocket. It was probably the last thing Kate could remember her mother by. Anyways, the choice should be hers.

Now that Yang Yi was thinking about it, he realized that he should get a new phone and a new number. Obviously, they did not have time for that at all right now. Yang Yi decided to call Kadipur from his own phone this time. “Is this Kadipur? We will arrive at Paddington Station soon. Wait for us somewhere we can easily find you. Remember, you cannot let anyone in your car.”

All that was left was to decide on an escape plan since he checked and verified that Kadipur was still alive. London was the central base of a lot of spy organizations in Western Europe and as such was no longer an ideal place for them to stay.

The central base of Eastern Europe was in Warsaw up until recently when it was moved to Budapest. The largest active base in Eastern Asia was in Hong Kong. The North American continent had two major headquarters, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. The one in New York was comparatively more active to the one in Los Angeles.

Other cities around the world, Geneva and Tokyo for example, had a relatively large number of spies working both underground and in the open. However, Hong Kong and New York remained the two largest central intelligence bases. These two cities were the largest depots of spy activity due to their geographic locations, surveillance connectivity, and a myriad of other factors.

If they were not in such a dire situation, Yang Yi would want to stay in London. He wanted to continue to develop his career as a spy here in London, but his life was currently being threatened. Yang Yi thought for a moment and decided that it would not be too bad if Hong Kong was his first stop. He was still considering it when Kate discovered Kadipur’s car at the station.

They had the driver stop the car and grabbed their luggage. Yang Yi then told Kate, “Give Kadipur a call. Wait for him to meet up with you. I will have the gun ready and cover you from that corner. We will leave with Kadipur if there is no one with him or if we do not sense any danger. If you detect anything amiss, duck and I will open fire. My marksmanship is horrible. So, do not stand too far away from me.”

“You are going to shoot here, in the station? You will get caught!”

Yang Yi sighed, “It is fine. I trust the policemen in London.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“They are shit at their jobs. Alright, we should split up. You go get Kadipur!” Yang Yi said before walking towards a tree that was not under a streetlight. He slowly drew out the gun with his right hand and concealed it with his jacket.

Kadipur’s car got closer. Kate started a conversation with him. She gestured at Yang Yi to indicate that there was no one else nearby. He slowly walked out into the open area and joined them.

Kadipur seemed unaware of what the two had done. He asked anxiously, “What is going on? Why can I only contact you two?”

“Mr. Jones and Jenny are both dead. I am not sure if any of the other team members are at this time, though. If you know where any of them live, we should go to their homes and check if anything has happened.”

The news Yang Yi shared with Kadipur made his face stiff with fear, “Who wants to kill us? Why are they doing this? What on earth has happened?”

Yang Yi ignored Kadipur’s questions. He continued to think about their next move.

Since Wales is currently the number one suspect, going to Ryan’s place should be the right choice.

“We should go to Ryan’s house. Do you know where he lives? If you do, we should leave now. We should also get a different car. We cannot use this one.”

Kadipur thought for a bit and nodded, “Alright, I know where he lives. We do not have much time, though. You two, get in first. I will find us another car.”

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