A War Between Spies

Chapter 16

Yang Yi sprinted towards the building. His pace slowed to a casual and relaxed gait just before he stepped inside the CCTV surveillance zone; an instant slower and the security camera would have captured him. 

Yang Yi’s mind was moving rapidly. He needed to think of an appropriate method to stall Rushford. Up till now, he had not thought of any plan that could guarantee success.

Rushford was already in his line of sight though. He was standing in front of the elevator. The number three was displayed above the closed doors. In a few seconds, the elevator doors would open.

Fuck it. I will just have to wing it.

As Rushford was about to step inside the elevator, Yang Yi shouted across the distance, “MISUTA RUSHUFORUDO!”

Rushford turned his head and saw Yang Yi standing there as if he knew him from somewhere. Yang Yi greeted him in a strange accent, while he was still trying to understand the situation.

“Konnichi wa, Misuta Rushuforudo!” Yang Yi said. “I can not beriebu I see you. What coicindensu!”

Rushford still nodded politely, despite being extremely confused. Yang Yi walked towards Wayne Rushford as though it was perfectly normal. The two men standing behind Rushford stepped forward and stopped Yang Yi from getting any closer. 

Yang Yi’s face was filled with dismay as he stopped and stood still. He smiled at Rushford again even though his expression was now slightly troubled.

The elevator doors had already opened. Rushford glanced at the waiting elevator, then back to the obviously distressed Yang Yi. Rushford chose not to get into the elevator after thinking for a moment, instead, he turned to Yang Yi with a confused expression and said, “I am sorry... do I know you from somewhere?”

Yang Yi gestured, “Few days back... Hanover, Germany... I saw you... international beddo exhibition. You no know me? Honto? Many people there. Is okay you no know.”

Yang Yi did not look like a salesman, but he looked as though he was in his thirties and just happened to be wearing casual clothing. The credit for this could be attributed to both John’s vigilance and Kate’s warnings. It was really Jenny who produced this maturish version of Yang Yi though. She was a professional disguise artist, after all.

Rushford looked like he was trying to pull up a picture of this man in his memory. He eventually opened his mouth and apologized. “Yeah, it was pretty crowded. I am sorry, you are?”

Yang Yi smiled and bowed in Rushford’s direction. “I… Nakamura Toyowa, Nippon Kobayashi Seiki KK company general manager. I... vice deputy director too. Great honor to see you here, Misuta Rushuforudo, I... supaa lucky.”

For a few seconds, Yang Yi noticed that Rushford had a doubtful look on his face. Rushford was indeed quite suspicious of him and the whole situation. He was in a rush to return to his office, but the two were already engaged in a conversation. Rushford was not comfortable with just ditching Yang Yi outside the building.

Rushford reached out his hand and greeted Yang Yi with a smile in return.

He planned to leave after offering the polite greeting. Yang Yi said in a solemn tone after Rushford greeted him, “Misuta Rushuforudo, I had schedule to meet you, but I have not sent proper request... no set meeting, yet meet you here. I indeed very lucky.”

Wayne Rushford looked down at his watch and made a welcoming gesture with his other hand. He smiled and said, “My office is just upstairs. We can talk more there.”

Yang Yi looked at the door of the office building. “Sumimasen, Misuta Rushuforudo. My colleagues come. If I go, they no able find me,” he stated worriedly.

Yang Yi was worried that Rushford would simply just leave all things considered. Rushford did actually want to leave it seemed. Yang Yi knew he needed some sort of bait, something that could attract a big-time businessman like Rushford and make him stay.

“Misuta Rushuforudo, I here... we discuss purchase plan. I here now talk to you of this.”

Yang Yi took another bow. He apologized again after shaking his shirt for a bit, “Sumimasen, please forgive me intruding.”

“Mr. Nakamura, I am perfectly free right now. If you have something you want to discuss with me, my office is just upstairs.”

Rushford was intrigued now despite being extremely confused. In the neverending financial battle between companies, the winning factor was sometimes having a bit of information a few minutes earlier than any other company. It was only natural for someone like him, the boss of a company, to want every bit of information that he could get.

“Everything is okay, Mr. Nakamura. Of course, you are welcome here, but may I ask what you and your colleagues want to speak with me about?”

Yang Yi contemplated Rushford’s words and after a few minutes passed, nodded his head and smiled, “Hai. We discuss purchase plan... Doitsu, Germany, bed company, Misuta Rashuforudo.

Rushford thought for a while and answered, “Yes, I know about this matter. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Yang Yi nodded. Then, he whispered, “Chiz Corp… our company want buy.”

Rushford inquired with wide eyes, obviously shocked by the announcement, “Is your company interested in purchasing Chiz Mechanical Bed?”

Yang Yi scratched his head regretfully. The gesture made Rushford think he did not want to say anymore, but actually, Yang Yi was not sure how to continue with the story he had fabricated.

After a few seconds, Yang Yi finally broke the silence. “Actually, we no want. Our business nakama (TN: partner) want.”

Rushford opened his hands for a bit to show that he was not following. He looked at Yang Yi with a complicated expression.

Yang Yi was just saying whatever came to his mind; he would say anything to stall Rushford for a bit longer. Yang Yi proclaimed in a slightly uncertain manner with a worried face, “Not a big secret anyways. We really want… stop Chinese company from buy Chiz. You know Huaxia Chuugoku (TN: Chinese) company improve technology recently. They no threat our company now, but they buy Chiz technology…”

Rushford realized where the conversation was going and nodded continuously, “Yes, yes, that is understandable.”

Yang Yi continued, “We happy spend money to stop Huaxia buy Chiz, but we no want Chiz. We happy as long as Chinese no get.”

Rushford made a gesture to show that he was listening, but the time needed for the download was almost up. There was no need for Yang Yi to stall any longer. When he was thinking of a way to end the conversation he heard Kate’s voice behind them, “Yes, I have already entered. What? Are you trying to find me? Fine, I will just wait for you here. How long do you need? Can you make it here in five minutes?”

Her voice went from soft to loud and loud to soft. Yang Yi saw Kate walking past him out of his peripheral. She was holding a phone. She was obviously trying to tell him that he needed to continue stalling for another five minutes.

Yang Yi looked down as if he was contemplating whether he should continue. He lifted his head up and looked at Rushford after a few seconds of silence, “Misuta Rushuforudo...”

He looked behind him. He seemed to be afraid of someone hearing them. He covered his mouth with his hand and lowered his voice before whispering, “Misuta Rushforudo? You interested in buy? If yes, I have furendo.”

Rushford raised his eyebrow, “And your friend is?”

Yang Yi smiled in response and whispered again, “This no good time, not good place, but I think a good chansu. Misuta Rushuforudo, you want price offer?”

Rushford raised his brows again. A look of realization and understanding dawned on his face. He replied, “Naturally.”

Yang Yi whispered, “How much in it for me?”

“Ten percent. I think that is a reasonable price. What do you think?”

Yang Yi thought for a bit, then quickly replied with a smile, “Reasonable. Misuta Rushuforudo, our company call you to meet and offer five million euros. Our maximum offer ten million. I ensure deal made with your company.”

Rushford lowered his voice and smiled, “So you will make five hundred thousand euros in profit from this deal.”

A satisfied smile crossed Yang Yi’s face. He whispered, “Misuta Rushuforudo, we no talk today. Okay, desu ka?”

“Of course,” Rushford winked knowingly. “We never spoke at all.”

Yang Yi took a breath in relief and said in a soft voice, “Beri well den, I look forward see you again. Osakini shitsureshimasu (TN: I’ll go ahead and leave now).”

After shaking Rushford’s hand, Yang Yi walked out of the building. Rushford’s security guards pressed the elevator button again and walked in once the door opened. Rushford’s lips twitched and he said quietly after entering the elevator with his guards, “What a sly fox.”

Yang Yi left the building. His heart was racing and his shirt was full of sweat; it felt like his sweat glands had gone into overdrive during the conversation.

Yang Yi walked back to the car and asked impatiently, “How did it go? Talk! Stop typing!”

Daniel answered in a low voice, “Everything is settled.”

Kate returned to the car and asked the same question, “How did it go? Have we cleared all traces? Speak! Do not type!”

“It has all been handled.”

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