A Mercenary's War

Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Man Raped Hare[1]

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Sitting on the sofa, Gao Yang who was black and blue all over and Tribo who was radiating with success starkly contrasted each other. Gao Yang was really pissed from the bottom of his heart seeing Tribo as pleased as Punch[2]. It was just training, why was Tribo enjoying himself so much while he had to endure humane-less trouncing all over? What was more languishing was that he was still stuck in being beaten up every day.

Gao Yang decided that he couldn’t let Tribo become too happy. He angrily said, “Of course Jin did it, what a special course. But Hare, don’t you laugh too early over there, you just had to practice shooting. Wait till your shooting’s almost done, you’ll still have to train in close combat like me. Then there’d be much for you to endure.”

Tribo dropped down beside Gao Yang and loudly laughed, “Seems like you’re trained to pulps by Toad, hehe, how does it feel?”

Gao Yang snapped, “Don’t you irate me. Don’t be so happy so early. Wait till I’m done with training, Bro will find you everyday for training.”

Tribo shook his head and laughed shrewdly, “No deal man, I still gotta train my shooting, where have I got the time to be your training partner?”

Seeing the smile on Tribo’s face, Gao Yang felt that his expressions were not right. Really not right. Even if he liked to practice shooting, he didn’t have to show it like he had just picked up a treasure or something and smile so much like a flower.

Before Gao Yang could ask, Jin snatched the opportunity. "What's up with Tribo now, smiling so joyfully?"

Tribo was all smiles. "Nothing, nothing, I just proved today that I also have some charisma."

Gao Yang was still in pain and too lazy to move. However, Jin was energized and he sat beside Tribo. "Hurry up, say what's up, who's the blind one who saw beauty in you?"

Tribo snapped, "Dog crap, what do you mean by 'blind'? Or are you jealous now?"

Grolev saw that his wife and daughter were busy in the kitchen. He hence lowered his head and whispered, "Did you know? The range safety officer[3] in charge of reporting the scores for Tribo is a female!"

Jin was totally stunned. "What the, Tribo really has blossoming luck with the opposite gender, ha."

Gao Yang's interest was also aroused. "The officer's a female? Pretty or not? Don't tell me she's a big mama."

Tribo hurriedly said, "What, what? She's just twenty-two, the range boss' daughter. She doesn't only know how to report scores, she's also a shooting coach. Licensed."

Grolev whispered, “Indeed very young, appearance wise, uhm, should be a beauty in the Africans’ eyes, I think[4].”

Gao Yang was stupefied, "Black gals? Oh my, Tribo, are your tastes that heavy?"

Tribo anxiously quipped, “What’s wrong with black gals, what’s wrong man? I tell you guys first: no racism man.”

Gao Yang quickly waved his hands off. "I don't mean it that way, I don't mean it. I'm just shocked, too surprised. Continue, continue."

Grolev gestured before his chest and smiled wickedly, "That gal's around Tribo's height, but her bosom is so big!"

Gao Yang sucked in a cold gust of air and said, "That's over exaggeration, right? Around the same size as a watermelon?"

Grolev nodded in quick succession and extended his hands to gesture a little. He pulled a wider distance apart after, perhaps because he felt that he gestured it too small. He whispered, "Her butt is that big, definitely not exaggerated."

Gao Yang saw that Grolev's gesture was akin to twice his width. He suddenly shook his head. "You're bullsh*tting. If it were a fat lady who liked Hare, he wouldn't be that excited."

Grolev became really anxious. "Who said she's corpulent? That girl isn't corpulent, just her *ss is somehow larger. Right, Hare?"

Tribo totally agreed, "That's right. She just has outstanding 'talents' [5], but she’s not definitely not fat."

Grolev spoke again in a cryptic tone. "Do you know, Hare and that gal were chatting really happily. If Hare shot well, that girl would smack his butt as a reward. If Hare didn't shoot well, that girl would still pat his butt. Wah, you didn't see Hare's expressions. He really really enjoyed it. Haha."

Tribo was full of glee as he said, "What's there to laugh about. It just shows that my charisma has broken through human boundaries. It shows that this world still has some gals that have great standards."

Coughing lightly, Gao Yang blurted, "Hare, not pouring cold water over you or something, but I hear that Africa's AIDS patients are about thirty percent. Or should I say, HIV carriers? Forget it, it's just thirty percent anyway, you think about it yourself." 

Tribo didn't care. "You think too much. I didn't intend to do anything to her. Just chatting or something. Don't worry, your bro, me, is still a very principled man. What's more, no need to go with me tomorrow, alright? Stay at home and accompany your wife, I know the way, I can go by myself."

With Tribo to tease, Gao Yang felt that the pain in his body had somewhat been reduced. It was just that at dinner, he couldn't laugh out loud anymore.

Elena was still a young lady at heart; every emotion and expression could be seen on her face. While giving Gao Yang vegetables and additional rice, she would roll her eyeballs after looking at Jin and ‘hrmph’ [6] at him whenever Gao Yang invoked his injuries when he ate too hurriedly.

What was more despicable was Grolev. Gao Yang didn't believe that Grolev couldn't see the abnormalities in Elena. But when Grolev was going to speak to Elena or something, Natalia would glare at Grolev strictly, and hence he was confined. Gao Yang also didn't know what the couple, including and especially Elena, were thinking about.

Time passed bit by bit at Gao Yang's torment and Tribo's blissfulness. On the eleventh day of training with Jin, Gao Yang finally saw a ray of hope — from this day on, Jin wouldn't just purely trounce him, but he would start teaching Gao Yang how to exert power and avoid the enemy's attacks. Jin also finally taught Gao Yang a few simple tricks and techniques.

Jin had actually passed on the techniques to Gao Yang already. In the past ten days, Jin used the same few strikes and kicks to hit Gao Yang every day. He couldn't become more familiar with Jin's few attacks. Even when his eyes were closed he would know. Problem was, theory was theory — he still couldn't evade them.

He had to admit that Jin's special crash course was really effective. After getting beaten up every day, even if he was a dimwit he would know how to apply those few techniques. And with the foundation of being trounced upon, Gao Yang really learned in leaps and bounds when he got to exerting power and counterattacks.

When Gao Yang was using the techniques he had just absorbed to attack Jin, he saw Tribo alighting the cab at the courtyard. He ran straightaway to the grass patch behind the house with hands covering his face.

Seeing that something was not right with Tribo, Gao Yang’s attack was slower than normal. Jin didn’t hesitate and kicked him down and hard. Jin then growled, “No matter what, you can’t slow down no matter what. Remember that!”

Gao Yang nodded in succession and rubbed his bottom as he stood up and spoke to Tribo who was running with his face concealed, “Hare, what happened?”

Tribo ran all the way before Gao Yang and put down his hands. He revealed his very haggard face. He looked at Gao Yang and was about to tear up. “Bro Yang, Jin, I, I, I don’t wanna live anymore.” 

Gao Yang furrowed his eyebrows. “Tell us what happened quickly, or do you want to cry in front of us?”

Tribo nodded and replied, “Want to cry but can’t, I, I…”

Jin impatiently said, “Speak up quickly if you want to say something. If you’ve got gas, let it out. Why be a p*ssy? What’s there to it? Unless you were raped or something?”

Tribo nodded and buried his face in his hands once more. He was on the verge of tears. “I was raped, Bro Yang, what do I do now? I don’t wanna live anymore.”

Gao Yang and Jin’s mouths were widely agape. They stared at Tribo totally astounded; they didn’t know what to say. After a long while, seeing that they did not react much, Tribo put down his hands and said with much anguish, “Can’t you all just comfort me a little? I’m a virgin boy man, and I was raped!”

Jin nodded, “Bro Yang, why do I feel that Tribo isn’t here to find comfort, but instead to show off?”

Gao Yang also nodded. “Same sentiment.”

Tribo was utterly discomfited. “I Ci-Ao, are you brethren still being like that man?”

“Cut the crap, get straight to the point about everything.”

Jin yawped and Tribo immediately said anxiously, “The whole thing started yesterday. Tu-tu brought me to her house yesterday and said a few sentences, saying that she wanted to do this and that with me. I didn’t agree, and don’t laugh. I just didn’t think about it properly. Then I went to the range today and she didn’t say anything. She just gave me a cup of coffee late in the morning. After drinking it, I don’t know how long I was out for. When I woke up I found myself on her bed. Without clothes. I discovered that I was already, done, here and there, by her...”

Gao Yang and Jin were both in a daze. Silence was everywhere.

Gao Yang mumbled to himself, “I Ci-Ao. Man rape is still somewhat forgivable, but she still drugged him!”

Jin was also shaking his head, saying, “I don’t know who’s the blind one, one of the two must be blind no matter what.”

Seeing that Tribo was still untuned and disconcerted, Gao Yang coughed and said, “Toad, get the guns. Hare, lead the way! How dare she drug you, that’s absurd as hell. Let’s go to the range and punish that gal.”

Jin responded with a small grunt and walked into the house. At this moment, Tribo hurriedly stopped him. “What are y’all doing? What are y’all gonna do? I Ci-Ao, please don’t man, she just liked me too much. No need for that, really no need for such action. Listen to me, just forget about this, I didn’t lose anything from this anyway, right?”


Gao Yang stopped in his tracks. “Alright, since you insist, then we won’t avenge you. However, don’t go tomorrow. Go to a different range. That’ll do.”

Tribo was awkward and waited half a day before he slowly blurted, “Forget it, we’re familiar with each other already. Don’t change the place. I better go when I should, since I feel that Tu-tu loved me too much. She drugged me since she was left with no choice, man.”

After Tribo spoke, Jin suddenly said, “Hey, Hare, weren’t you drugged? When did you wake up?”

Tribo’s face was blank. “Around noon, should be noon.”

Hearing what Tribo said, Gao Yang coldly said, “Little-tard Hare, you revealed it at the first question. You still dare to say that you’re not showing off? Ci-Ao, isn’t it embarrassing enough that you were drugged by a black gal already? Forget that, you still dare to show off to us after coming back. It’s fine if you wanna show off, yet you still dared to pretend that you’re a pitiable being. Don’t you know how the word ‘death’ is written, huh?”

Jin also said with much despite, “Woke up at noon. Now’s almost time for dinner, did you spend time wearing clothes all afternoon? You still insisted that you’re not showing off. Still asking for comfort? Hrmph, hrmph, Bro Yang, you took so many beatings in the past few days. You finally learned something with difficulty. Don’t you want to try out your combat abilities?”

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

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  2. https://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/why-do-we-say-pleased-punch Pleased as Punch (Punch and Judy puppet characters), on cloud nine, flushed with success (more for achievement), etc.
  3. Range safety Officer
  4. You think, I think, who could confirm? Here. Worth admiring and really impressive.
  5. Thicc?
  6. Expressing Mild Annoyance

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