A Mercenary's War

Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Close Combat Crash Course

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

On the grass patch in the backyard, Gao Yang looked at Jin who was in front of him. He hesitantly spoke, “This is a bad idea, right?”

Impatience was radiating from Jin Fang's face. “You just hit me when I let you do it. Stop murmuring here and there. For what? Are you practicing or not?”

Gao Yang smashed his left fist a few times. In the end, he still spoke servilely, “Forget it man. I feel that you can just teach me some form or something good, so why spar straightaway? You didn't even teach me any techniques or the method to transmit power into my strikes. Instead you asked me to just hit your face once. I'm really weary to do that.”

“It's alright, you can just hit me with every ounce of strength you have. If I get hit by you, then I've trained for nothing all these years.”

“Yeah man, I know I can’t hit you, but you want to counter or ferociously strike when I attack. I'm not an idiot, why would I fall for your trickery?”

“It's really alright, I guarantee that I won't kill you. Rest assured, I control my hits. At most it'll be painful, but definitely no injuries.”

“Cut the crap, your old man's not gonna do it. Either teach me techniques or forms. You say that the Xing Yi Fist or Tam Tui (Northern kick) have no techniques or forms to learn, but your unit's combat lessons surely have technique sets right? I'll just learn that.”

“Bro Yang, hear me out. Combat really isn't ‘built’ in a day or two. If you want to quickly improve your close combat abilities, you can’t just learn the technique or the set of movements. You have to use the fast-method. Let me tell you, if you want to hit people, you have to endure being hit first. No matter where, the logic’s the same. I was molded into this by being beaten to pulp since young. A year of movement training will just get you an agile body. But you have to learn from real fights. A day of this could beat a year’s worth of movement training. Really, I’m not bluffing.” [1]

“I also understand this logic. But seeing the killing intent coming from you, I can hardly believe that you aren’t seeking revenge for private matters right now, using the opportunity to do it officially.”

“Bro Yang, don’t you understand still? Even if you don’t hit me, I can still initiate my attack on you!”

“What the, what are you doing? F*ck! Ah!”

After the negotiation with Jin failed, Gao Yang laid down on the grass patch covering his abdomen. He was curled up like a prawn-ball. 

Jin was standing before Gao Yang and he raised his leg to kick Gao Yang’s butt hard. “Stop pretending, get up! I didn’t even use strength with that one. Get up and continue fighting. Properly observe how I did it. If you want to learn how to hit people from being hit, you gotta stare with your eyes wide-open.”

Gao Yang said with much difficulty, “You a**hole, a kick so silent without a hint from you. How the hell will your old man observe, how!?”

Jin was stupefied. He then embarrassedly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t use legs this time around, only hands. And my speed is gonna be very slow. Come on, get up quickly. Just a month and I guarantee that beating three to five strong men won’t be more than a piece of cake for you.”

Gao Yang believed Jin as he was determined with all his heart to improve his close combat skills. He slowly got up. After much difficulty, he stood straight only to see Jin’s fist coming to his throat slowly and leisurely. Gao Yang easily evade it in time. But just as he dodged, Jin kicked Gao Yang to the ground again.

“B*tch, you said you weren’t gonna use your legs!”

Jin squatted down before Gao Yang and sighed. “Bro Yang, why are you such a cretin? Why do you believe everything I say? If that were the enemy, wouldn’t you be dead already?”

Gao Yang was furiously mad. He screamed, “You b*tch, this is my first day! First day man! You taught nothing yet, and then you straightaway start sparring. Does your old man, me, know how to dodge?” 

Jin thought and said, “Alright, I better tell you my teaching plan. Total time span would be a month. First ten days would just be getting trounced upon. Use some brain and think about how I hit you. Raise your ability to withstand hits along the way. From the tenth to the twentieth day, I’ll teach you how to strike and exert power, how to dodge, and how to counter-attack. I’ll also teach you a few techniques, simple and lethal ones. You have the basics from the first ten days of getting beat up, and the progress would definitely be super quick. In the third phase, we’ll start sparring. I won’t just hit you, I tell you that. This method was always used in my unit. The effect was very good. Also, I will pass the ultimate essence from my family’s kung fu to you. Okay, now you know the plan. Get up. Let’s continue.”

Gao Yang was lazing on the floor thinking through Jin’s plan. Though he didn’t know how one would train in kung fu, Jin’s words sounded indeed like a fast-shortcut method. To increase his close combat ability, Gao Yang decided to give forth his all. So what if it meant getting trounced upon?

Gao Yang finally shakily got up. At this moment Jin shouted, “Get beaten up more before battle. During wartime it would just be beating others up. Come on.”

Gao Yang was shocked greatly by Jin’s motto from who-knows-where. He then quickly and anxiously dodged Jin’s neither slow nor fast fist. Just as he dodged the fist in front of him, Gao Yang jumped back without further thought and dodged Jin’s stealthy kick just in time.

Jin applauded, “See, learning in this type of getting-beaten-up environment is indeed the fastest. It’s only the third kick and you already know to dodge. Alright, I’ll add some speed. Rest assured, it will surely not destroy you.

Gao Yang had the urge to cry but he had no tears. He was immediately attacked the same way by Jin: same punch, same leg. Gao Yang was knocked to the floor for the third time after dodging the fist.

Gao Yang succumbed to his fate. He felt that if he wanted to spar with Jin, getting trounced upon was uneschewable. And Jin’s kicks really were controlled: though he was in pain, it was only a matter of time. It didn’t affect his ability to move. Just as Gao Yang was trying to stand up, he heard a furious and sharp scream.

Gao Yang stared awkwardly whilst lying on the floor only to see Elena rushing out from the kitchen barefooted. A Western Chef's knife was in her hand as she stabbed towards Jin while screaming.

Gao Yang was immediately scared sh*tless. He roared, “Don't. Beware, Toad. Don't hurt her.”

How would Jin be hurt by her? But the great shock was definitely real. He agilely wrapped his fingers around Elena's wrist and twisted them. When the knife dropped, he swept it away with his legs and started running.

“Bro Yang, give an explanation man!”

Jin of course wouldn't hurt Elena. And he also couldn't subdue her. He could only choose to turn and flee. Elena instead glanced at Gao Yang worriedly before saying anxiously, “Are you alright? I'll go get the knife, hurry and get the gun.”

Elena finished talking and immediately was about to pick up the knife that was far away. Gao Yang finally shouted, “Elena, you misunderstood. We're practicing. Uh, it's me learning how to fight. Don't get emotional, please don't get emotional.”

Elena dazedly stood riveted to the floor. She didn't know what to do. “I saw him hitting you from the window.”

Gao Yang hurriedly replied, “If he really wanted to hit me, would I be able to stand up? We're really practicing. It's really really true.”

Elena's fair skin became as red as beetroot all in a whoosh. She reached out with her hands and covered her face. She didn't say anything as she turned and ran into the house. Seeing Elena run off, both of them heaved a sigh of relief as they sent Elena off into the kitchen with their eyes.

Jin crashed down on his bottom beside Gao Yang and shook his head. “Bro Yang, this lady is really in for you. But she’s such a wild lady, how are you gonna live your days afterward? Even I'm worried for you man. Do you still dare to let Kathleen come over?”

Gao Yang wanted to bawl but had no tears to do so. “I can't live my days anymore. Tell me, did I offend anybody at all or deserve this?”

Jin also sighed long and hard. “You agree that I also saved her before right? Why can she just stab me with a knife because of you? Haa, it kills people with anger when there's comparisons.”

Gao Yang furiously said, “Of course, who asked you to hit me so hard? You deserve it even if you get stabbed to death.”

Jin laughed coldly, “Hrmph, I just heard somebody asking me to be careful. I was pretty touched. I thought that somebody was not that kind of 'hoes over bros’ kind of guy. But in the end, I didn't expect it. Somebody asked me to NOT to hurt somebody's beautiful little chick, hrmph. Hrmph.”

Gao Yang was a little worried about his ending. He anxiously said, “Don't climb over my head too much man. Who doesn't know of your abilities? It'd be strange if Elena could stab you. I'm being confident with you, okay?”

“Alright, I accept your explanation. Now that the little 'add-on’ is over, let's continue training. Come on, I swear I won't kill you.”

Seeing Jin rubbing his fists after accepting his explanation, Gao Yang quickly said, “Can't we just rest and train later? What are you dragging me for? Damn, Toad, what are trying to do? Ah! Damn you Toad, you b*tch, ah, don't hit my face. I Ci-Ao, you're angry from being shamed, ah! Bro, let me go please!”

Jin really lowered his speed as much as he could, but even so Gao Yang still couldn't dodge them. He could only stare as the fist and kick landed on his body.

At first Gao Yang was still gushing over finding such a skillful master. It was soon proven that he had been laughing too early. Jin might be an expert, but he definitely was not a good teacher. In general, Gao Yang thought that all teachers who got physical weren't good teachers.

Whilst trying his best to dodge Jin’s attacks, Gao Yang was out of breath as he said, “Toad, nope. Jin, let’s discuss a little bit. Haa, didn't Hare and Old Ruski go to the range? Should we go and ask about their progress? I Ci-Ao, can't you be softer? Let's go to the range and see how Hare's practicing. I Ci-Ao, lighter a f*cking little!”

Jin was hitting Gao Yang all over and spoke without any care in the world, “Sure, but it's only a little before nine. Let's find them in the afternoon. Let's practice until twelve first.”

When it was beginning to turn dark, Grolev and Tribo came back from finding a range. After entering the house, Tribo excitedly announced, “Bro Yang, it was too awesome man. I fired two thousand shots today. I didn't really aim, just did some shooting. My shoulders are sore. Really so motherf*king awesome, it’s just that the range is a little small. But it’s still acceptable. Bro Yang, how's your training? Can Jin teach? Eh, Bro Yang, why are you sore and why is your face bluish black all over? What happened?”

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. More like San Da sparring or MMA style so as to train Gao Yang to become more versatile.

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