A Mercenary's War

Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Owned You With Yer Foul Mouth

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang was very pleased to be able to profit greatly from negotiating with Ulyanko. Even Grolev was full of unending praises at Gao Yang’s negotiation. According to Gro, it was akin to earning money if Ulyanko was providing equipment at cost price. More like earning big bucks already.

Firearm trade should be one of the most profitable jobs. The fact that Ulyanko dared to sell an AK-47 for two thousand USD instead of her usual five hundred meant that he was one of the rare few who sold things for such foul prices even if it was wartime. More like the war profiteers’ ultimate profiteer. It was definitely a more difficult and greater achievement than killing a target a thousand meters away for Gao Yang: making Ulyanko sell without profiting. Not just that, Ulyanko didn’t have stored goods right now, he had to buy them before he could sell them to Gao Yang.

If Ulyanko didn’t agree to sell the equipment at cost price, Gao Yang wouldn’t dare to buy goods from Ulyanko even if he were half-beaten to death. Weapons like big-caliber sniper rifles were already expensive — even those low-tier manufacturing factories sold them for more than ten grand each. After passing it to a medium it would add an additional layer of profit (firearm traders). If that medium was Ulyanko, nobody knew how many ten grands it would take to be able to purchase it. Gao Yang would rather let Bob help order and deliver all the way from America than purchase from Ulyanko.

But since Ulyanko agreed to sell according to cost price, Gao Yang wouldn’t naturally waste his own resources. If he got everything himself, not only would it take a lot of effort and energy, the goods might not even end up in his hands. It was extremely difficult to buy guns across nations or even continents. It would be preferred if there was a way not to trouble Bob or Morgan. Favors wouldn’t be valuable if one kept harping and using them.

With a joyous mood, Gao Yang and the rest began their journey back to South Africa. Because Libya was a no-fly zone, Gao Yang and the rest boarded the SUV Ulyanko provided to Tunisia first and then flew from a civilian airport. It was a breeze all the way to Johannesburg and they landed at a private civilian airport.

It was just different when there were professionals providing services. Gao Yang and the rest couldn’t even get out of Libya’s borders by themselves. But under the influence of Ulyanko and the powerhouse behind him, flying across nations was like child’s play. Although it was his second time enjoying the service of being sent home, Gao Yang still couldn’t help but become emotionally overwhelmed. Each had their own way of surviving. That must be what that idiom meant[1].

Because the time delay on land transport was too much, it was already evening on the second day when Gao Yang and the rest reached Johannesburg. Alighting from the plane, they took a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). They stored their equipment in a large crate as tall as a man in another MPV. This way, they wouldn’t get into big trouble for carrying a humongous amount of ammunition and guns.

After being sent to the district area where Natalia and Elena lived, they got off and carried their respective crates and walked for a distance. They found the house they were renting. Seeing the lights in the house, Grolev couldn’t even stand properly.

Gao Yang pressed the doorbell and the door security swiftly rang out with Natalia’s fierce voice.

“Who’s that! If you’re salesman then scram. If you wanna cause trouble, then prepare to eat some bullets!” 

Grolev coughed lightly and very gently said, “Natalia, it’s me, we’re back. Open the door.”

A gasp of surprise came through the security and the metal door immediately opened. After that the corpulent Natalia rushed out from the house door and hugged Grolev really hard. She then turned her head to the house and roared, “Elena, your dad them have all come back.”

Natalia laughed proudly and shouted, “You guys are finally back, come in quick! What are you waiting for, come, let me help you with the luggage.”

Natalia naturally reached out to take the big crates that Gao Yang was dragging since she didn’t view them as outsiders. Then she grabbed Jin’s crate over with the other hand and walked into the house.

Gao Yang’s crate was very hefty. It was too uncomfortable to lug it on the shoulders and too bulky to hug it in one’s embrace. Hence had been dragging it. But seeing Natalia take a crate in each hand and peg them beneath her armpits before easily walking right into the room with big step, Gao Yang couldn’t help but stare at Jin with astonishment and shock. Their eyes met.

Just as Gao Yang opened his stride towards the house, Elena also came out after hearing Natalia’s call. Ever since she left Moscow, the pressure on her livelihood was smaller and she now was much more carefree. On her face was a smile that came from the heart. She seemed more beautiful. Although she was wearing casual house clothes, her figure had the necessary curves. People really couldn’t believe that she was only sixteen due to her voluptuous body. 

Elena first embraced Grolev. After an extremely gentle and sweet call for "Daddy", she immediately stood in front of Gao Yang and gave him a strong hug. Then she used a sweet and honey-like voice and said, "You're all finally back. I've been worrying about you and Daddy."

Gao Yang felt that his face become a little hot. He automatically looked at Grolev. But when he saw that Grolev's face was somewhat awkward, he turned his head to the side and nobody knew what he was looking at.

After finally waiting for Elena to let go of Gao Yang, Jin Fang straightened his chest. He looked at Elena with a smile. Tribo put the crate on the ground at once and looked at Elena. His smile was seemingly raunchy and salacious. It was also indescribable. The only thing he lacked was drool flowing out of his mouth.

Elena caused much disappointment for Jin and Tribo. After hugging Gao Yang, Elena only smiled sweetly at Jin and Tribo without the hug they had anticipated. Elena just smiled at them before tugging Grolev with one hand and Gao Yang with the other. She turned and pulled them to the house.

"Daddy, Yang, I always dreamed of you guys. When I got up this morning, I was still thinking, maybe you will all be back today. I didn't expect you all to be really back. Great!"

Seeing that Gao Yang was pulled away, Jin was angry and discouraged. "Why only hug Bro Yang but not me? In Moscow, I also lended a hand too. So partial with much favoritism, so callous."

Tribo indignantly picked up his suitcase and said, "I'm gonna spit, Bro Yang is what? Handsome! What are you? I shan’t say you’re ugly. Really? Wasted my feelings, I got excited for nothing. Bro Yang too man, too uncourteous, such a young and small lady and he could just swoop down for the kill. She’s even Old Ruski’s daughter, pui, really shameless of him."

Jin stared at him condescendingly and said, “Wipe your saliva, man. It’s really a shame seeing your titillating image. At least both Bro Yang and I saved that girl before. How about you? What have you done so far? Nothing! And there you go wanting to take people’s advantages. And you have the face to do it? I know exactly what you're thinking. Despicable, shameless, salacious, mean, and lowly."

Tribo looked at Jin in the same way. “Have I done anything that’s lewd? What the hell do you know? That’s called good manners, you think too obscenely. What’s more, I saved her old man! Really, both the father and daughter are ingrates!"

Jin and Tribo, who had been treated differently and unjustly, battled their lips off and walked into the house still feeling unbalanced. Gao Yang was already sitting on the sofa with Grolev. After seeing Jin and Tribo entering the house, Natalie laughed. "Y’all must be hungry. I will serve you some Russian dishes. They will soon be done."

Gao Yang was sitting in a very upright position with his clothes straightened and eyes gazing at only one direction. He couldn’t be more uptight because Elena was right across him. Her little hand was propping her head. Although she was talking to Grolev, her eyes were staring at Gao Yang. He was facing a very, very difficult situation[2].

Gao Yang felt very uncomfortable. Jin and Tribo looked at him, and then looked at Grolev's expression. After the two people gave a sanguine smile, they happily sat on the sofa and watched. Seeing the now-perplexed Gao Yang, the two men finally found a little balance.

The two people knew Grolev and Elena couldn’t understand Chinese, and so they began to comment with absolute disregard as they sat opposite Grolev.

After opening two cans and handing one to Tribo, Jin smirked ‘wickedly’ and said, "Hare, seems that we aren’t favored by beautiful woman but it ain’t a bad thing. You take a look at Bro Yang. How pathetic, haha. The funniness killing me."

"For sure. The most difficult thing to endure is beauty’s high standards. Especially this beauty who is Old Ruski’s daughter. Sigh, what do you say, how is Bro Yang gonna explain it? Regardless of how he explains it, would Old Ruski take it?"

"Agreed, agreed, let's watch the drama, watch the show. Oh, I'll analyze for you a little bit. Think if this makes sense. I think this little girl lacked a sense of security, and Bro Yang saved her. The little girl surely felt that Bro Yang could give her the needed sense of security. Okay, this in turn would ruin things. Dry firewood and intense heat, Mr. Wang Ba and the green peas[3] saw eye-to-eye. She’s caught up with Gao Yang’s ‘sense-of-security’ already."

Tribo nodded repeatedly and said, "That’s right, right on the spot with that logic."

Jin sighed and continued, "We both saved the lass. Why isn’t she crushing on me? You clearly know about my skills and agility. Both neat and slick. But then again, Bro Yang's pistol handling is good, and I really admire that, as his pistol shots will never fail to hit. Summarized in just a word, awesome!”

"Then, isn’t it obvious already? Bro Yang shot one each with a pistol round. It would’ve definitely hit faster and more numbers than you did, man. When you were finished, this girl definitely felt that Bro Yang was more fearsome? More sense of security, and also one other main reason, you’re fugly!"

Gao Yang listened to Jin and Tribo’s conversation become more and more crappy and distorted. Even though they knew that Grolev and Elena couldn't understand them, he still felt he could no longer keep a calm face. Hence he coughed twice and hoped that they would shut up. It was just that Jin and Tribo finally had a chance to tease him. Hence, why would they shut up?

Ignoring Gao Yang's expression hint and coughing, Jin leisurely continued, “Hare, what you said makes some sense too. Think about it, just the pair of mothers and daughter there. Not only did they live in fear everyday, the little girl had to go to bars to earn a living. In order to protect herself, she had to act all spiky and hostile. It was at this most difficult time and Bro Yang suddenly appeared. Apart from taking a pile of money, he was like a hero that descended from the heavens. Presto, the villains were all killed. This is called entering the cave whilst unguarded. I dare say that the sense of security Old Ruski gave her isn’t even as strong as that of Bro Yang’s. But back to the main point. This little girl really is something. Despite the poor environment, she could still keep herself untainted. Really impressive. Hence, we shouldn’t be so short-sighted man, why did she so easily lock onto Bro Yang?” 

When Jin’s voice had just fallen, Elena suddenly turned to look at Jin. She used weird but clear Mandarin to slowly say, “I know what it means to stay untainted in the midst of a sleazy environment. I’m a virgin! Although I am a pianist at the bar, I’m a virgin, so those who wanted to get laid had their nuts stomped on by me till the point of explosion!"

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. That idiom transliterated from Mandarin is, “No matter snakes or rats, both have their own ways of survival.” http://www.baike.com/wiki/%E9%BC%A0%E6%9C%89%E9%BC%A0%E8%B7%AF
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-FFQwjmHPQ Night of the Damned 37:08, when she supported her head in her right hand.
  3. https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/%E5%AF%B9%E4%B8%8A%E7%9C%BC.2903937/ Mr. Green Beans only has pea-sized eyes, hence seeing green peas are just a good match. Hence the saying from above.

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