A Mercenary's War

Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Artillery Support

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Grolev shot a long burst of gunfire. As Grolev fired to force the enemies to dodge, Jin used the chance to jump forward and swiftly sprinted a dozen plus meters. He then hid behind something for cover.

After Jin advanced for some distance, Gao Yang appeared in a flash and shot eight times in quick succession. His shots actually hit two men and caused consternation and panic within the enemy ranks. Grolev used this moment and ran forward twenty plus meters with his RPD raised.

Panting coarsely twice while waiting for Grolev to use his RPD for suppressive fire, Gao Yang also jumped forward. However, just as he was running, he felt that something was not right. His back was in great pain and that affected his running speed. Hence, Gao Yang didn’t reach his intended cover location. He only ran about ten meters before he was forced to hide himself.  

When he pounced onto the floor, Gao Yang immediately shouted, “My back’s in a lot of pain, my speed will be somewhat slower.”


After saying that, Jin raised his rifle and shot a few long bursts. After waiting for Grolev’s gun to ring again, he immediately hopped forward and ran a distance. But before he could run to a good-enough place for enough protection, Jin tripped and tottered. He ran a few steps while staggering and dropped to the floor. Then he used a very standard leopard crawl to advance to the spot behind the barrier.

Gao Yang was greatly shocked to see Jin in that state. “Where’s the injury!”

Jin touched his shank a little with the extension of his hand. Gao Yang could clearly see the charred-black cavity on Jin’s leg, but Jin shouted out loud, “No big deal, shank was grazed by the bullet. It’s charred, but not much bleeding there. Doesn’t really affect movement either. Haha, luck’s not bad.”

Gao Yang heaved a long sigh of relief after hearing that Jin still was in the mood to joke and that blood wasn’t gushing from his injury. Jin’s luck was really not bad. Had the bullet deviated another two centimeters, one of his legs would be disabled. With the current situation, with a leg that couldn’t move, even if it was temporary, the trouble would be really big and problematic.

There were around four hundred meters away from the battleground. Advancing just a hundred more meters, Gao Yang was definitely confident that he could put anyone down without being affected by strong wind direction shifts, but this hundred meters was just too difficult to forcefully charge through.

Gao Yang couldn't do it. He couldn’t just retreat like that and toss Ali and the rest to the enemies. But if they were to continue to force the attack, then there was a high probability that somebody would fall from this battle. And they might not be able to even rescue them. Gao Yang fell into extreme delirium: he didn't want to give up the rescue just like that, but he also was not willing to sacrifice his brothers for the rescue.

Just as Gao Yang was having to painfully make his decision, his walkie-talkie suddenly came to life and a familiar voice echoed through it.

“Hi guys, aren't you happy to hear my voice? Your friend Green Mamba's coming back again!”

Gao Yang turned back, both surprised and overjoyed to only to see a pickup truck stopping at the cross junction where they had separated paths from Green Mamba just now. A man jumped off from the truck and waved at Gao Yang.

“You're really lucky, we caught a rocket pickup. Haha, how could I refuse a present sent to my doorstep? Oh, my bad, guys, it’s the God of Fortune making the Opposition fools send you all the present. Now that you all have eight rounds of 107 rocket ammunition, make preparations to advance, your rocket reinforcements are coming!”

Gao Yang's heart was so overjoyed to the point of jumping out from his throat. At such crucial and important moment, with the strong reinforcement falling from the sky, the God of Fortune was really on their side.

Green Mamba's dialogue had just trailed off and the familiar hustling sound emanated in succession. Although the 63 Type 107mm rockets were not known for their accuracy, there was only a few hundred meters of distance; the 63 rockets’ accuracy couldn't be any worse. Attacking specific target points was perhaps impossible, but the accuracy for large-scale bombing was definitely more than enough. Plus the eight rounds that landed at the same time in the designated areas, not much accuracy was needed.

The suppressive fire that had Gao Yang and the rest bury their heads went silent and stopped. He didn’t know if Green Mamba had personally aimed himself, but Gao Yang could only say that he did a good job. Eight rounds of rockets all landed where they should have — the Opposition was immediately bombed into pieces here and there.

Not waiting for the gunpowder smoke to disperse, Gao Yang pounced forward together with Jin and Grolev as they charged with the fastest speed possible to the Opposition’s frontline.

“I gotta chase after my men Ram, remember you owe me a favor. Bye bye.”

Gao Yang didn’t have time to say anything by this huge favor from Green Mamba was already etched in his mind.

The Opposition’s frontlines were all howling and in pandemonium. The formations surrounding the roundabout had at least two areas being covered by the artillery strikes; the formations near Gao Yang faced a lethal hit, even more so than the former.

It was a hundred meters in one breath, and the smoke obstructing the view had almost dispersed under the strong wind. The Opposition's gunshots rang out again, but Gao Yang didn't need to get any closer.

“Take cover!”

Screaming out once, Gao Yang dodged behind an area with broken bricks. Jin and Grolev who were in front of him also found cover.

Now that the situation had turned for the better, especially for Gao Yang, at the three-hundred meter mark, Gao Yang already didn't need to think if the bullets were going to be be affected by strong winds. And Jin also entered the shooting distance. Even Grolev didn't need to fire for suppression and he could shoot precisely like Gao Yang to injure or kill the enemies.

Gao Yang immediately fired after taking enough cover. This time his shot was not wasted at all. After firing all the remaining six rounds, six men also fell from the Opposition. Jin and Grolev were also not bad at all, especially Grolev — he started using his RPD to shoot enemies that couldn’t dodge in time with precision; he definitely did not kill any less than Gao Yang before changing his drum.

With Gao Yang’s understanding of the Opposition, as long as there were heavy casualty rates and death tolls, they would scatter to escape. As predicted, this time wasn’t an exception either. Under the ferocious and fatal hits from Gao Yang and the other two, the Opposition’s grounds quickly collapsed.

When the first man fled, the rest stood up in succession to run away. After a very short while, there was not a single man remaining at the spots where Gao Yang and the rest could hit. At this time Gao Yang screamed at the top of his throat, “Ali, retreat quickly, run away man!”

Actually, Gao Yang didn’t need to say that. Seeing the enemy troops run away one by one, the people trapped in the roundabout swiftly came out and barely received any attacks.

Only seven ran out, and most of them had injuries. Two of them were carrying a heavily injured man and were tottering while running towards Gao Yang.

Providing cover fire for the men’s backs, Gao Yang and the rest waited around two minutes before meeting up with the people running towards them.

Supported by two people and using one leg to hop over was Ali himself. His leg was injured — it was all bloody below his left knee area.

After Ali was supported to the back, Gao Yang and the three immediately stood up and covered their backs while they retreated.

Ali was still somewhat dazed at the beginning. Staring at Gao Yang and Grolev, he quickly shouted with surprise and joy, “Hey, I remember you all. So it’s you guys. Man, I was thinking who would be so willing and kind-hearted enough to save us.”

Gao Yang didn’t dare to become distracted; he nodded at Ali and turned his attention back again.

“Y’all saved us before, not we’re here to save you guys — no need for thanks. Hence, it’s just that. How’s your leg now, bro?”

Ali grinned and revealed his white teeth without any pained expression at all — it seemed like he wasn’t injured at all.

“My knee was hit, was really unlucky. This leg is definitely unsalvageable, but I hope I won’t be amputated. Even if I can’t use it, it’s still better-looking than just one leg. However, compared to the brethren who died in battle, I’m already very fortunate. Now that my pockets have a lot of money, even if I lose a leg, it’s enough for me to comfortably live the rest of my life.”

Gao Yang was very impressed regarding Ali’s optimism. He comforted Ali with a few sentences and suddenly found that the doctor who was called Soma hadn’t followed Ali here. No questions needed, Gao Yang knew that Soma must have died in the battle just now.

After walking for a distance and meeting up with Tribo, the column of people advanced according to Coleman’s Corp’s retreating lines. Since there were injured personnel like Ali, their speed was inevitably a lot slower. 

After talking a bit with Ali, Gao Yang tried to use his walkie-talkie to contact Green Mamba; he hadn’t thanked Green Mamba for the help just now. If it weren’t for the coincidental gain of a pickup truck by Green Mamba to help them, not only would they have been unable to save Ali, but they all could have gotten themselves buried back there.
Gao Yang called twice and didn’t get Green Mamba’s reply for both of them. Gao Yang knew that Green Mamba had walked further. The range of his walkie-talkie was already small, and in addition to Misurata’s strong electromagnetic interferences, the government and the Opposition both had deployed active disruptors. If the distance was shorter it’d be somewhat better, but as the distance widened, it would be hard to guarantee normal communication and reception from wireless devices.

There was still a great distance to walk in order to leave Misurata. Gao Yang’s spirit lightened up and he said solemnly, “Toad, does the leg injury affect you?”

Jin shook his head and said, “It’s just a little painful, doesn’t really affect movement.”

Gao Yang nodded and said, “Okay, you lead the way. Hare, stay around the back. Don’t use the M700 anymore, use your AUG. Grolev and I will be in the middle. We aren’t small targets, but our battle power ain’t strong. Everybody, be careful.”
After saying that, Ali looked at Gao Yang strangely and grinned as he said, “Are y’all intending to get out of the city? If so, why not take off the camo on your bodies?”

Hearing what Ali said, Gao Yang couldn’t help but curse himself for being silly to the maximum. Wearing the same camo uniform as the 32nd Brigade for a long time had somehow made Gao Yang forget to take off the very clothes that represented the government. This was nothing but asking for a fight at this Misurata was almost completely occupied by the Opposition.

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