A Mercenary's War

Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Sh*tty Hare

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Though it sounded really revolting, personal, physiological problems were basically ineluctable, big problems to all in Misurata.

There were plenty snipers from the government and the Opposition in the entire city. Those who died after going outdoors to relieve themselves were definitely not the minority. Gao Yang and the majority handled their businesses indoors. Though it was somewhat disgusting, it was still better than throwing their lives away.

After repeating these repulsive actions many times it would become more habitual and wouldn’t seem so disgusting anymore. Especially Tribo. He didn’t develop any psychological stress at all while performing such repugnant actions. He did not wet his pants during intense warfare just once: of course it was not due to extreme fear — it was simply because there was no time to relieve himself. But now Tribo had sort of changed his character, and nobody knew why. He insisted on relieving himself albeit the risks.

Tribo answered very quickly. His eyebrows were closely knitted together and he wore a very troubled expression. “These past few days of cumbersome dry rations have been really heaty for me[1]. Haven’t been sh*tting for the past few days. If I settle it inside the house, none of you would be able to stand it inside anymore. Also, this sort of big business will be affected by the mood and ambiance, so I fear that shitting indoors will affect my mood. It’ll be ruined if I can’t let it out. [2]”

After hearing the Tribo’s explanation, Gao was Yang’s heart was deeply touched since he shared the same sentiments. He was facing the exact same problem as Tribo. Thinking about the big house they were in right now, there weren’t any suitable high infrastructures nearby to offer good viewpoints for snipers. It shouldn’t be a big deal to go out and answer nature’s call. Hence Gao Yang also wanted to see if they could handle their businesses under the situation where they didn’t have to face anybody.

Gao Yang stood up and said, “Let’s go, the two of us will head to the back of the house.”

Leaving through the door with Tribo, Gao Yang sped towards the back of the house. The back of the house they were hiding in was originally a yard — but the wall in the environs had an open hole in it. It was linked to the house on the side, but the neighboring house was occupied with Coleman’s two people. The next four to five houses down were also in Coleman’s territory; hence there wasn’t much of a safety issue.

Walking to the yard, Gao Yang and Tribo both occupied a not-so-dirty corner and squatted down. While straining to push in their little tug-of-wars, Gao Yang heard some noises in the house next door.

The gunshot and explosion sounds never ceased in Misurata. Gao Yang heard some ka-ta! ka-ta! noises next door, but he didn’t care. But just as he was trying very hard to solve the pain acting up from his intestinal colon, a silhouette suddenly emerged from the hole in the wall. 

There was a man in a camo suit, with a helmet and a face-camo, holding a Beretta M92 with a silencer. He was tiptoeing and sneaking out from the hole.

Gao Yang’s pants were at his knees. While squatting, his pistol was within reach. When he found that somebody who didn’t belong to Coleman had suddenly come out, he whipped his gun out in a swift motion and instinctively tried to stand up.

Seeing somebody flashing his backside and emerging from a pile of refuse, the man holding the M92 Beretta was apparently appalled. Yet he aimed his gun at Gao Yang without any hesitation.

Gao Yang stood up and fired at the same time. He almost fired at the same time as the unexpected and suddenly-emerged foe. Gao Yang only felt pain in his chest and he saw that there was a hole in foe’s clothes around the chest area.

Gao Yang felt as if his chest had been heavily hit by a hammer, but he didn’t fall backwards whilst facing the sky. He instead fell forward onto the floor. The man that shot Gao Yang tottered a little and aimed at Gao Yang again before firing.

They both fired almost at the same time, but he knew already that the enemy had a bulletproof vest. So when he pounced on to the floor, he tilted his head and fired. This shot hit the enemy’s right arm, but Gao Yang’s upper right back area was again hit by something that felt like a sledgehammer.

Although his back was hit again, Gao Yang hit the enemy’s right arm and thus made the enemy unable to fire again. Just as the foe roared once and tried to transfer his gun from right to left, Gao Yang fired his third. This shot hit his enemy’s throat area directly — the person then immediately fell to the ground, paralyzed.

After handling the enemy right before his eyes, he heard pa, pa. The gunshots were endless, and he turned his head to see Tribo sitting on the floor, shooting non-stop. At the hole near the surrounding walls, a half-prone man was also firing at Tribo. Clearly, when Gao Yang was firing Tribo also engaged in crossfire with the second man who came in.

If one looked over from Gao Yang’s position, the half-prone person was facing Gao Yang with his sides — a large target area. Gao Yang instantly fired and hit his face, but the person had high constitution and ferocity. Although the right half of his face was almost blown off, he still continued firing. However, since he was heavily injured, all his shots went to the sky.

Gao Yang quickly fired another shot and hit the man’s temple, only then did it kill him.

What swiftly followed next was a third man who jumped out from the opening. But this time, maybe because Tribo was suddenly on fire, or because his marksmanship was really good, when the unlucky bast*rd jumped out of there, he was hit in the spine at the nape before he could even shoot. Just one shot. And then the guy holding his assault rifle was put down.

Actually, there was a fourth man that was also supposed to jump out and fire, but right at this very crucial moment, Grolev and Jin Fang finally rushed over. Grolev swept his fire at the opening just as he showed up. Gao Yang couldn’t see the other side of the opening and the situation over there, but he could hear at least four to five assault rifles going off.

Jin also fired a few shots at the opening. He took a grenade from his chest and threw it over. His right hand danced repeatedly. In just that moment, Jin had thrown all four grenades hanging on his chest towards the opening.

As if it were prearranged, when Jin threw the grenades over, the yard on the other side also started throwing grenades. Both grenades met each other in mid-air and landed on their destinations.

The first grenade landed right in front of Jin. He didn’t wait for the grenade to land on the floor — he extended his leg and swiftly, but extremely softly, caught the grenade and absorbed the flying grenade’s momentum. The grenade fuse surprisingly didn’t explode and Jin kicked the grenade back again.

Seeing the flying grenades, Gao Yang didn’t wait for the grenades to land as he flipped and rolled backwards. Grolev and Jin turned and ran. They were very close to the house and hence could hide behind the house in a flash. Behind Gao Yang was a refuse dump. Gao Yang flipped himself over the dump and managed to get some cover. As for Tribo, he was already squatting at the top base of the wall and was now the furthest from the grenades. After lying on his back, he wouldn’t be injured or harmed.

The number of grenades thrown from each side was as if they had discussed this beforehand — four on each side, fair and square. But Jin cheated and kicked back one of them, and hence the ratio now was five to three, Jin’s victory.

The three grenades that landed in the yard exploded three times and after that Jin zoomed out from the house, continuously firing at the opening. Grolev also came out in a flash and laid himself flat right there before continuing his fire.

Jin was carrying his AK-47 and advanced quickly whilst shooting. He forced his way to a spot near the opening and shot at the other side of the wall. Gao Yang was counting the number of bullets Jin used. When Jin was about to finish his magazine, Gao Yang couldn’t help but become anxious.

The gunshots in the yard next door didn’t decrease much. Hence Gao Yang was sure that once Jin expended his rounds, the enemies would surely take the opportunity to rush over. Despite Grolev’s suppressive fire with his MG, the enemies would get a chance after all. In this close-range crossfire, the MG’s scope of fire was affected instead.

Gao Yang mentioned to Jin before to tie two magazines together with tape to make them into jungle-clipped [3] magazines that could be quickly loaded in. But Jin always expressed that he didn’t need it, and Gao Yang deeply regretted it now that he didn’t insist for Jin to do that. Now, they were finally going to taste the bitter outcome of it.

As Gao Yang counted the last few rounds from Jin, he saw Jin take a magazine with his left hand, but his right hand didn’t stop shooting. Just as Jin’s bullets were almost gone, his left hand prodded the empty magazine. While the empty magazine was falling to the ground, he loaded the new magazine altogether.

The instant he was done changing the magazines, he stopped firing. His face was painted with a mischievous smile. He waited for just a brief moment before he suddenly and ferociously fired at the opening again.

Gao Yang knew that the enemies next door had definitely fallen for it. They thought Jin needed time to change and reload magazines when he was out of rounds. But Jin had actually changed already — he changed directly without stopping fire. Using this ultimate trick, anyone who faced this would be d*mn unlucky.

Grolev and Jin controlled the situation but none of them could retreat; Gao Yang and Tribo hadn’t pulled back yet, so they could only continue the suppression.

Luckily, Coleman’s men heard the gunshots in galore and made quick responses. Just from the house that Gao Yang and the rest were hiding in, seven to eight people came out. There were also gunshots in the neighboring backyard.

The other side had people shouting in French, and after that they retreated immediately. Jin and Grolev chased them but the gunshots became sparse. Coleman’s men that surrounded them cleared to the side and those people who spoke French broke through.

The assault rifle was a FAMAS, the pistol was a Beretta M92 with a silencer and he spoke French. They were definitely French troops. Though he didn’t know if they were from the greatly renowned “French Foreign Legion[4]” or not, Gao Yang knew that they were definitely not ordinary people. It was his first time meeting such a highly-skilled opponent in Misurata.

Coleman’s men continued the chase while Grolev and Jin came back after a short while of chasing. One of them was prone on the floor, and the other was lying on the floor. Jin Fang was shouting with sobs in his nostrils, “Bro Yang, Hare, how are you guys, make some noise man!”

Gao Yang waved and gritted his teeth. “I Ci-Ao, took two shots, hurt like hell. Luckily, your bro's wearing a bulletproof vest haha.”

But Tribo was tearful and sobbing. “I took three, no blood, all on my m*therf*cking chest. I'm really depressed, what the f*ck is this bullsh*t, it made me sit on the s*it, Ci-Ao!”

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. Heaty- one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine terminologies. E.g. fried food, ice-cream and other foods are sometimes too heaty for the body. While the other extreme: coconut water and etc. causes the body to become imbalance. Well, for many years the Westerners have thought them as pseudo-science. We’ll agree to disagree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_Chinese_medicine 
  2. Let it out man, let it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gtpRgW6goE 
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCxGH_B2JnE jungle clips
  4. Marche ou crève - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Foreign_Legion 

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