A Mercenary's War

Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The Ability to Change the Battlefield Status Quo

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee


After five gunshots rang almost at the same time, Green Mamba immediately ordered an assault without caring about the result of the shots. He had to pull in as much proximity to the building and keep his troops hidden before the Opposition could react to their assault.

Gao Yang's bullet hit his target, but he didn't exactly see where it had hit. He also didn't see anybody from his scope taking over the dead GPMG gunner.

While Gao Yang was totally in concentration mode to prevent anyone from reopening fire, he heard Tribo's excited voice nearby. "I got him!"

Gao Yang was frightened by Tribo. He turned and hissed, "Shut up!"

The now jubilant Tribo stuck out his tongue and quickly refocused his sight. However, just then, a Coleman sniper shot another time. Even though he fired twice, the window he was responsible for didn't stop shooting.

Just then, Grolev's machine gun also started firing. Several Sandstorm Mercenary Corp GPMGs fired almost simultaneously too as they were providing suppressive fire for Coleman's men.

Hearing the gunshots ringing in his ears and watching the rapidly increasing pits and holes caused by the bullets hitting the building's outer wall, Gao Yang felt very gratified on the inside. These temporary fellow comrades were pretty reliable, and they were not bad regardless of their timing or marksmanship.

But the firing site that the sniper wasn’t able to neutralize only paused a bit, then started firing again under the heavy guarded defense of at least three GPMGs. And that firing point seemed to be an M2 heavy machine gun (HMG), the biggest and most threatening weapon in the entire building.

Coleman Company’s men stormed forward whilst sticking to the wall. Although that M2’s firing range was insufficient, there were still three from Coleman that were swept to the ground by that HMG. Coleman’s men were caught in the dilemma of being able to neither retreat nor advance, but right at this moment, Gao Yang’s M1A boomed again, and that firing M2 was immediately silenced.

Gao Yang was originally only responsible for the firing point at the window, but after seeing that Coleman’s sniper had made an error, he immediately aimed his muzzle at the M2 HMG’s location.

The reason why Coleman's sniper made a mistake was because the M2 gunner was hiding behind a fortification made up of a few sandbags, only to reveal a very small spacing, coupled with cover from the body of the HMG. The difficulty was much greater than other targets. After Gao Yang turned his gun, he took the opportunity in the instant where the gunner’s chest was revealed and shot decisively. His bullet also accurately hit the neck of the M2 gunner.

After taking the M2 gunner down, he roared, “Switch targets, I’ll take care of the M2.”

The sniper originally in charge of the M2 understood what Gao Yang meant, he immediately adjusted his flash suppressor to the window that Gao Yang was originally taking care of. Without turning his head, he shouted, “Thank you!”

That sniper was actually the best in Coleman. Green Mamba only gave the most important target to him because he trusted him; however, due to technique and luck weapon-wise, and many other factors, he didn’t manage to complete his mission, causing three of his comrades to die.

Getting hit by an M2, as long as it wasn’t on the limbs or similar areas, meant that there’d be no need to consider the casualty — there was only a need to collect the body.

Anything could happen on the battlefield. Nobody could guarantee that their bullets would definitely hit the target, and hence nobody would blame that sniper. But it really sucked to see his own comrades die by the hands of the target he was supposed to kill. So after Gao Yang handled the M2 gunner for him, that Coleman sniper was extremely grateful.

Gao Yang pointed the muzzle at the gap between the sandbags. If someone dared to appear in that gap and to try to operate M2 HMG, he would immediately fire. His enemies didn’t keep him waiting. Just a few seconds later, another person appeared behind the HMG. Just as he was trying to pull away the body at the operator’s place, Gao Yang shot through his head with just one shot.

The gap was very small between the sandbags. Gao Yang could only shoot that head behind the gap. But his M1A’s high accuracy had shown her value — Gao Yang was totally sure that as long as his aim was accurate enough, the ‘babe’ in his hands could send the bullet to where it should be.

Apart from the M2 HMG’s location, the rest of the firing points had been suppressed. No one could peek out to shoot. Dozens of guns started firing at the same time. The group-composed firepower blockade wasn't so easy to break through. Even if someone changed their shooting position, they could only shoot once or twice at most. They would immediately draw massive firepower to them, Grolev especially. He could always suppress the enemy's counterattack right at the first instance.

Now the emphasis was on the firing point that Gao Yang was responsible for — that was because the M2 hiding behind the formation could block off a large majority of the suppressive fire. Now only Gao Yang posed a sufficient threat to that M2.

The third and fourth person to attempt to operate the M2 were killed the first instant they revealed themselves. Gao Yang very perfectly fulfilled his responsibility and thoroughly nullified that M2 HMG. Coleman's people smoothly closed in on the building.

After reaching the entrance to the building, the firing points almost completely lost their functions. At this time, Gao Yang finally had the freedom to take a look at Coleman's progress. He had already done what he could to the very best. What was left was the interaction between Coleman's men and the defenders in the building.


At least a dozen hand grenades were thrown toward the gate on the first floor by several pioneering soldiers of the Coleman Company. Then seven to eight people immediately flashed into the building. After a brief but intense exchange of fire, the remaining people all entered the building.

Gao Yang couldn’t see the situation inside the building. He turned his attention back to the M2 HMG, but no one appeared ever again. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, the walkie-talkie that shared a single frequency sounded out.

"The building is clear and y’all can come in."

After Green Mamba finished, a little while later, his voice rang again over the speaker.

"Ram, thank you."

Green Mamba and the sniper he left behind definitely had to keep in touch. Seeing that the sniper was still talking into the walkie-talkie and looking at him gratefully, Gao Yang first nodded to the sniper and then he spoke into the walkie-talkie: "No need to be so courteous, it's what I should do."

Gao Yang and the other three followed Sandstorm into the building. Coleman Company had already deployed firing points in the building. Now it was their turn to rely on the building as a base and prepare to provide cover fire for Sandstorm Mercenary Corp’s impending assault.

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Translator’s note(s):

  1. Avancer - ‘Advance’(esp. for troops) in French https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH1j_y3N-5Q 


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