A Mercenary's War

Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Mercenary Corp

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

The knife had pierced into his lower abdomen, up to the heart from the bottom, allowing the enemy to die almost instantly.

Gao Yang used this technique to kill the first guy who wanted to kill him last time, but this time it was him who was on the receiving end. However, Gao Yang was wearing body armor, and his opponents apparently didn’t know this.


Bulletproof vests could withstand bullets, not to even mention a mere military dagger. Although being stabbed in the stomach was akin to being punched there, Gao Yang felt nothing alarming. As he was being stabbed right there and then, he turned around and redirected the axe which had missed previously into a horizontal arc — the side of the blunt butt brutally hammered the man's head.


Using the axe as a hammer, Gao Yang smashed his opponent till he tottered and fell down. Gao Yang drew back his axe and with a whirl of the handle, he smashed the butt again onto the fallen Turk's head. Puh! The Turk's head cracked open like a blooming flower, blood and white brain matter splattered across Gao Yang's entire face.

After a quick wipe on the revolting stuff on his face, Gao Yang hollered a warcry and just charged towards another Turk. But at this moment, Gao Yang saw a silhouette appear before that Turk quicker than him.

Jin was faster than Gao Yang. He extended his fist and fired off a punch, but it was just a feint. When that Turk waved his dagger into a thrust, Jin silently extended his foot and kicked straight into the Turk’s ‘weak spot’ in his pelvic area.

That Turk’s mouth opened ajar, and the bayonet in his hand dropped weakly onto the floor; he then reached out to cover his ‘weak spot’. Jin didn’t wait for him to scream or fall — he bent his body and used the crook of his right arm to wrap around the Turk’s neck.

Jin pegged the Turk in his armpit with a devilish face full of ruthlessness. He looked back and forth and then used his left hand to pound the Turk's head. He gritted his teeth while saying, "Wanna best a Chinese in punching or kicking? Are you fit enough to do that? Remember this in your next life. Shoot whenever you have a gun, don't use knives."

After he said that, Jin exerted force with both his left hand and right arm — that pain was really excruciating to the maximum, but that wretched worm couldn't make any sounds. After his neck bone gave out an excruciating and really cringe-worthy crack, it finally ended his misery.

The reason why he had time to express his emotions was because the Turk he was strangling was the last one standing. 

Tribo was still trying to get his shovel from the backpack, and Gao Yang smashed a man with his axe till he died. Grolev used the rifle butt and put two down. Yet the remaining eight were all nicely taken care of by Jin. 

What Jin learned in the army were slaughtering techniques, or Xing Yi Quan kung fu [1]. Although Xing Yi belonged to the Internal kung fu style, its method included linear movement here and there while using intense power to enter or land a hit.

Xing Yi Quan's forte was powerfulness and speed without any fancy techniques. If Jin were to be surrounded by a mob, the 'hitting-while-walking and walking-while-hitting' Xing Yi Quan method, which was the essence of hitting nigh and directly, would be displayed amazingly by Jin. So, Jin was seen as exceptionally fierce and professional in this one-versus-many fight.

Coupled also with Jin's Tan Tui being mastered to the bone, nobody could survive for more than two rounds against him. Jin's fists and kicks greeted their vital areas. Although no weapons were used, no one who fell to Jin could still breathe.

In fact, Jin didn't exaggerate at all — trying to best him in melee? These Turks were too far behind his prowess, if those Turks who had the absolute advantage in quantity and firepower deployed guns at the very beginning, Gao Yang and the three others would definitely meet their demise. But since those Turks chose close-combat rather than shooting, they only had themselves to blame for their bad luck in meeting the super gold class sidekick, Jin.

Looking at Jin who was emanating an intense, ice-cold killer aura, Grolev and Tribo were completely dumbfounded. And even though Gao Yang was aware of Jin's extraordinary abilities, killing eight people straight in less than a minute — those killed were all elite retired soldiers. This result was far beyond even Gao Yang's most exaggerated imagination of Jin.

Gao Yang couldn't help but become stupefied staring at the cadavers on the floor and said, "I Ci-Ao, Jin Fang, this is too ferocious, eh? Just like that and you killed all of them.”

The ruthless and intense killing aura-filled Jin looked at Gao Yang, stunned. "Huh? Didn't you say f*ck them up? Of course I'm gonna deal the killing blow? Or did you just want me to teach them a lesson? Say it earlier man if you don't want me to kill them, you gotta remember next time to tell me to just teach them a lesson. Never ever tell me to f*ck them dead. You know I have this 'occupational' disease, I'll strictly work according to orders."

Grolev didn't understand what Gao Yang and Jin were saying. He just told Gao Yang in a totally dazed state, "My God. Gao, what kind of monster did you find for us?"

Gao Yang looked at the soldiers and the recruiting staff who were also stunned and then whispered to Grolev, "Did we get into trouble? We killed so many. We'll be fine, right?"

Grolev shook his head repeatedly before saying, "Nope, no problem at all. Since the fight started, we had to deal the final blow. Anyways, since we didn't open fire, there won’t be any trouble. Rest assured, it's normal to die from conflicts amongst mercenaries. Apart from their comrades, in this chaotic times and regions, who'd stand up for them? Now that they’re all dead, we don't have to worry about anything."

Hearing that there was nothing much to worry about, Gao Yang relaxed. He was only afraid that those soldiers who had aimed their guns at them would open fire. After all, he was targeted by more than two hundred guns. Even if they were immortal, it'd be difficult to escape being shot into die. Since there was no one standing up to defend the Turks, then there was nothing to worry about.

Gao Yang coughed lightly and walked before the table. He said to the stupefied officer, “Hello, I think you understand our battle capabilities right? Can we join as an elite merc corp?”


The officer nodded his head quickly and furiously as he kept saying, "Yes, yes, of course, you’ve given me a big eye-opener. I am really impressed with the capabilities you’ve displayed. Uhm, what's the name of your corp, and who’s the person in charge? Just register and you all can go in to get the army uniforms."


Gao Yang was dazed and somewhat dumbfounded — how was he from a mercenary corporation? Not to mention a name for the corp. He awkwardly whispered to the officer, "Please wait a moment, we’ll discuss a little and then come for the registration right away."

The four people huddled into a circle. Gao Yang urgently said, "Quick, give me a name, we’re a mercenary corp now."


Talking about naming, which was none of the four’s forte, big eyes glared at the small ones, but nothing came out. Tribo suddenly quipped, "How about Invincible Merc Corp? The name’s really swag and savage. Or you can also call it the ‘Ferocious Rabbit’, how about it?"


After dismissing Tribo's proposal discourteously, Gao Yang anxiously said, "Quick, quick, think of a more reliable name, don’t come up with one that sounds foolish and delusional right away."

Grolev chuckled bitterly and said, "I really can’t name things, how we about come up with a name anyhow? By the way, no matter how many people we have, there’s gotta be a commander. Gao, you must be the corp head, so the name’s yours to give. Also, remember to give yourself a nickname, don’t you be silly enough to tell others your real name or even register it.”

Hearing that he had to use a nickname, Gao Yang’s face turned a bit ugly. After Tribo strangely asked why, he sardonically laughed like a m*ther*f*cker, "Haha, Bro Yang, are you still called Little Lamb? This name, he he, no ferocity or any killing intent at all, man."

Gao Yang’s name was homophonous with the word ‘lamb’ in Mandarin, so his friends gave him the nickname, “Little Lamb”. Because if they only mentioned the word “Lamb”, there would be no difference. Sadly, he loathed this nickname. Hence, even though it was most familiar to him, he absolutely refused to be called “Little Lamb”.

Ignoring Tribo's teasing, Gao Yang told Jin Fang, "You? Got a nickname?"

Jin helplessly sighed and stated, "Haa, I thought nobody would call out my nickname ever, but it seems that this wish can’t be fulfilled. I still better tell you. My nickname is ‘Toad’, which is frog."

Looking at Gao Yang and Tribo trying very hard to hold back their laughter, Jin helplessly said, "Laugh all you want. Alas, when I was young, someone gave me this nickname. I didn’t fight with anyone over it a lot, but in the end the name was still publicized, albeit slowly. In the unit, I thought nobody knew my nickname, right? And in the end, during the military contest, my two brothers called out to me with that nickname again, making it turn really good. The unit called me ‘Toad’ also.  Alright, I originally felt that it was fatalistic, but now that I’m in a foreign country, I didn’t think that I would have to be called this f*cking nickname again, what the f*ck is wrong with this world man.”

Gao Yang patted Jin’s shoulders and laughed, "Look at your round face, big mouth, and plump cheeks. You’re so agile that you can run and jump everywhere, fits the image of a toad perfectly man. Got it, in the future we bros gonna call you Toad."

The biggest problem now among the four would be the language barrier — although Tribo and Jin had been fully engaged in learning English, Gao Yang had to act as a translator while they were talking. When Grolev heard his translation, he was bawling with laughter. He told Gao Yang, "Why are our nicknames all such gentle animals? A really fun coincidence, but I recommend you still change it. The name Little Lamb, uhm, it’s too ... too ... how do I say it ... I don’t want people asking for our leader’s name and then we tell them, ‘Hello, our head’s called ‘Little Lamb’!’ My God, just thinking about this scene gives me goosebumps all over.”

Gao Yang smiled wryly, "My nickname doesn’t matter, the problem is, who’s the head? Anyway, I'm not the right one, right? You and Jin are veterans, and I haven’t been trained militarily, how can I be the head?"

Grolev shrugged and said, "Who else if not you? You saved my life and my family, apart from you, who else do you think can bring together the four of us?"

After knowing the content of Gao Yang and Grolev’s conversation, Jin’s face turned completely serious. "Bro Yang, I’ve been brought out by you, and I refuse to serve anybody except you."

Tribo was totally bored. "Bro Yang, why didn’t you think this through? You saved the Old Ruski, right? You saved my life too, right? Jin said you saved his life too, we can’t refute it, can we? If he stayed in the mainland, Jin would have long been arrested and shot to death. Hence, if you’re not gonna be the corp leader, who else would it be?”

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[1] Xing Yi Quan:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xing_Yi_Quan

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