A Mercenary's War

Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Conflict

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang, who was standing behind Grolev, puzzledly turned around and saw a group of equally well-armed men standing behind him. He counted a total of eleven, all of whom were whites from West Asia.

The leader was almost the same size as Grolev, but he was much stronger than Grolev. He pointed at Grolev and turned to the row of people behind him, bawling in laughter, "You know Big Dog? A good GPMG gunner, he's the one who left Trident to take care of that drug addict Ivan. Ha ha, this guy is loyal to that drug addict just like sled dogs to their master. Hi Big Dog, is that friend of yours dead?"

Gao Yang thought that Grolev had met someone he knew, but while Grolev indeed met people he knew, these people weren't friendly.

Grolev's expression was written with anger as he told the brash and tactless hunk, "İzgü, your crap's too much, f*ck off the side if you don't wanna get into trouble."

Seeing Grolev fly into a fit of rage, Gao Yang whispered, "Who are they?"

Grolev's face was full of fury, but after a sigh, the face grimmed as he whispered, "Used to be from the same mercenary corp, but he had a very bad relationship with everyone and was later kicked out. After that, he set up his own merc corp and became rivals with us. He and his people are from one of the Turkish special forces, and they were in the same section. It's not good to mess with them, forget it. He's also right, I was indeed too stupid then."

Seeing Gao Yang and Grolev talking in low voices, the Turkish called İzgü smiled aloud and exclaimed, "Look, our Big Dog has changed ownership from a drug addict to a yellow-skinned monkey. I'm sorry, I said it wrong, it's three yellow-skinned monkeys. "

When Gao Yang heard İzgü's words, his anger surged up in a flash. Although İzgü was brash towards Grolev, Grolev didn't feel particularly angry. Gao Yang, on the other hand, didn't intend to do anything, seeing that Grolev knew İzgü. Nevertheless, he couldn’t tolerate hearing İzgü calling him a 'yellow-skinned monkey'.

Gao Yang immediately fished out his pistol, and although his M1911 single-action pistol couldn't fire with just a pull of the trigger like the fully automatic ones, the gun had been hammer-lowered. As long as the leather buckle between the hammer and the safety grip was unlatched, the gun could fire immediately. So if Gao Yang wanted to shoot, his shots wouldn’t be slow at all. He had brought this gun with him always since leaving Abdullah's house.

Gao Yang pointed his gun at İzgü's nose and snapped, "Apologize, or I will finish you."

Seeing Gao Yang roaring furiously, although Hare didn’t understand, Hare also immediately put his hand on the gun handle. On the other side, Jin directly took a step forward and stood beside Gao Yang without making a sound.

İzgü chuckled after seeing Gao Yang and  Tribo's movements: "Haha, look behind you. Monkeys, you only got that much IQ? If you dare shoot, y’all be shot as holey as a die. "

Grolev also anxiously said, "Gao, don’t be impulsive, unless on the battlefield, merc conflicts can’t be solved with guns. It’s an unwritten rule. Those soldiers will open fire too if we start shooting.”

Gao Yang looked behind and found that most of the soldiers had their muzzles aimed at them. And those standing there to speculate the fight was the minority. Although Gao Yang didn’t intend to only verbally threaten İzgü, Gao Yang didn’t want to accompany İzgü after shooting him.

Gao Yang put the gun back into the holster and spoke in Chinese. "Hare, put the gun down. Can’t shoot, or else we’ll be finished too."

After Tribo angrily and very reluctantly also put the gun back into the holster, İzgü spread out his hands and made a joker face as he said, "Ah ha, still a Chinese, no wonder y’all have such cowardice. Hey, monkeys, you believe that I can squeeze out all your sh*t with just a hand?”

After hearing İzgü again, Grolev angrily said, "Shut your mouth."

While Grolev was speaking angrily, Gao Yang fiercely whispered in Chinese, "F*ck these m*therf*cking, dog-f*cked sons of b*tches."

His voice had just fallen when the gold class sidekick he used so much effort to recruit instantly lashed out.

Jin smashed towards İzgü's head with just a fist, but beyond both his and Gao Yang’s expectations, İzgü's head swerved to the side from the punch and he immediately waved his fist straight at Jin's jaw.

Of course, Jin wouldn’t have just a simple punch, or even be countered by someone. He turned the punch effortlessly into a claw with his fingers open with just a shift. After the claw grabbed İzgü’s wrist, he ferociously pulled İzgü into his embrace. His left hand curled into a fist as he slammed it onto İzgü’s temple.

Jin thought it would take only a fist to knock down İzgü, so he released his right hand. But what he didn’t expect was that İzgü actually didn’t fall; he instead waved towards him his left fist while tottering unstably.

İzgü was a veteran soldier after all who had undergone rigorous training and had a very tough constitution; his ability to take blows were naturally very strong.

Seeing that the opponent didn’t fall, the somewhat-surprised sidekick recycled his technique — he pulled in after grabbing İzgü’s left fist, and while İzgü was travelling towards Jin, he simultaneously and fiercely slammed his right knee towards İzgü’s throat.

İzgü fell onto the floor with a thump and he covered up his throat with both hands as he coughed like hell while writhing painfully on the floor.

Under the shocked and furious eyes of İzgü’s men, Jin, who put İzgü down, suddenly kicked off without any warning or signs; the swift kick went from bottom to top with an air-cracking sound and landed fiercely on a Turkish man that was rushing to Jin with a bayonet in his chin.

His face immediately turned into an uncanny shape — more like distorted out of shape because his entire chin was rammed broken by Jin’s kick.

Gao Yang unsheathed the lucky axe hanging on his left chest and shouted at the currently dazed Tribo, "What are you daydreaming for!"

Tribo woke up and hurried to get the shovel from his backpack. Grolev reacted faster than Hare: he turned his machine gun around, held onto the machine gun muzzle, and stepped two steps forward. He smashed a Turkish man who was still unsheathing his blade to the floor.

The situation was completely out of control. Although Jin instantly got rid of two people, along with one from Grolev too, they were still facing a four-versus-eight situation, the enemies still had twice their number.

After roaring out with his throat, Gao Yang raised his axe high and rushed towards a Turk nearest to him. The Turk, with a bayonet in his hand, was also shouting as he pounced towards Gao Yang.

Gao Yang’s opponent was a retired Commando, and Gao Yang had never practiced close combat. So after hacking down with a lunge of his axe, the opponent easily dodged it. Then the Turk ferociously stabbed from down then up and reached Gao Yang’s left abdomen.

Gao Yang, who received the stab, was familiar with this method of killing — because the first man he ever killed was done in the exact same manner the Turk did to him.


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