A Mercenary's War

Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Defense Contractor

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang had no objections to buying a few good guns. The only question was: where?

Gao Yang naturally put his hopes on Abdullah. He felt that with his abilities, buying a few guns would be easy peasy. However, not waiting for him to say anything, Grolev immediately said, “I’ll make a call. If we’re lucky enough, I think there’ll be guns for us to buy real quick.”

Discovering that Grolev had an avenue, Gao Yang didn’t trouble Abdullah; Grolev also made the call indeed — he spoke for a while with concise and succinct Russian, and he then hung up pretty quickly.

Gao Yang was puzzled. “You’re done contacting them already? Where do we go and get the guns?”

Grolev shrugged and said, “We just wait here. There’s somebody sending the goods upfront.”

Gao Yang had left many things at Abdullah’s place anyway. While they were waiting for the goods to be delivered, Gao Yang wore and equipped whatever he deemed necessary. It’s just that he didn’t have much pistol ammunition. After that night assault in Benghazi, he only had three mags, or twenty-one bullets left. He had to restock some bullets, but he still had many rounds for the M1A. If it was just for precision shooting it would definitely be enough.

Tribo was assuming the role of a sniper. Although his current standards weren’t up to par yet, Tribo was most familiar with the Remington 700 in his hands. Hence he could only be a temporary sniper. But Gao Yang felt that as long as there was time, he would definitely let Tribo properly train his shooting skills. If Tribo could really take on the role of a sniper then there would not be much else to say; however, if Tribo didn’t have the ability, then he could only change to whatever was most suitable for him — one couldn’t just pursue an area merely based on one’s interests in wars.

As for Jin, he was extremely familiar with his role as the assault shooter. When purchasing weapons later, it’d be fine as long as his requests were met.

Grolev was still a GPMG (General-Purpose Machine Gun) gunner of course, so buying his weapon would be the simplest: only GPMGs. In the beginning Grolev had used his RPD machine gun for a very long time, but after that battle in Benghazi, they threw away Grolev’s empty RPD to lighten the weight burden. Grolev was depressed for a very long time knowing that his RPD was thrown away — he’d been harping and reminding himself to buy another RPD.

After everything was properly prepared, the four took Abdullah’s car and drove to a road intersection near Abdullah’s house. Then they waited in the car for the gun-delivery people. Since Gao Yang and Tribo were already fully equipped, if they carried their arms around in the public’s eyes, it’d attract unnecessary trouble. They currently were only waiting to get the guns and would be going to 32nd Brigade immediately after.

After waiting on the car for over half an hour, Grolev saw a cargo truck coming over. He solemnly said, “They’re here, you guys wait for me in the car for a while. Come out only when I let you guys come out.”

Grolev alighted and waved at the cargo truck by the road; a white Caucasian came down from the truck, hugged Grolev, and the two spoke for a while. After that, Grolev waved towards Gao Yang and the rest.

Gao Yang, Tribo, and Jin Fang walked to Grolev and stood beside him. Grolev pointed to the people at his side and chuckled, “Gotta introduce to y’all, the world’s most professional Defense Contractor and my hometown buddy, Ulyanko.”

Ulyanko was a forty plus middle-aged man. He wore an upstanding black suit and there was no dust on his leather shoes at all as they were well-oiled. His sparkling brown hair was combed into an undercut; he had a considerably handsome face and was clean shaven. He looked very much like a successful businessman. Gao Yang felt that it would be more suitable for Ulyanko to appear in Wall Street and not the war-torn and chaotic Libyan nation.

He warmly shook hands with the three of them and fished out a few business cards. His face was full of smiles as he said, "Very pleased to see you three, glad that I can do you all service. This is my business card, if there's anything you need in the future, please call the number on it and I can provide services to you all."

Tribo and Jin didn’t understand English so they didn’t respond to him. Instead, they nodded and kept the business cards. Grolev, on the other hand, laughed towards Gao Yang, “He's right. No matter what you want, just look for him. He can provide any type of service, so be sure to properly keep his business card. However the only downside to this guy is that he charges too much.”

Ulyanko laughed twice and said, “Ha ha, compared to my high quality service, my fees aren’t expensive at all. It’s too difficult to do business this year so how would I dare to make my customers feel disadvantaged? Okay, gentlemen, on the behalf of Grolev and his face, I’ll give you guys a ten percent discount for services in the future, all the way.”

Gao Yang also chuckled twice before saying, “Thank you very much, let us have a look at your goods now.”

Ulyanko nodded and said, “Alright, but before you choose and pick the goods, I have to explain to my new clients about my scope of service. Our company provides every type of military equipment. Please pay attention to this. Everything. Whether you need guns, ammunition, security personnel, or high-end custom-made items, our company can provide them at a low cost. If you need aircrafts, tanks, homing missiles and other bulky items, please book them at least two months in advance. Of course, small anti-air missiles and anti-tank missiles are excluded. As long as you confirm the purchases and both sides agree, we will deliver the goods with a maximum turn around of one week. Of course, this is only for Africa because I am only responsible for businesses in Africa only.”

Gao Yang grinned and said, “Too exaggerated eh?”

Ulyanko didn’t reply to Gao Yang’s question and was still full of smiles, “Other than that, our company provides everything a merc needs. For example, we provide guaranteed support, guaranteed medical services, battleground reinforcements, and you can also book funeral services in advance. Please forgive my presumptuousness, but as a merc, giving one’s life in their last journey insurance is extremely necessary.”

Grolev shrugged at Gao Yang who was still in disbelief and said, “You have to believe in what he's saying because he can really do it. He’s said it once, and his services can make a dead man jump out of his tomb. Therefore I think at least temporarily, we can’t afford to enjoy the services he provides. "

After that, Grolev smiled at Ulyanko and said, “Now that Libya’s bustling with stuff your business is definitely doing very hot right?”

Ulyanko pouted his mouth to the side and helplessly said, "If someone else asked me, I wouldn’t say no matter what, but since you asked me, I can only tell the truth. The people coming here to the war are a group of stingy misers, they’d rather bring money to the grave instead of giving themselves extra insurance. I can only say that my business is really hard to do. Apart from selling arms, I have no other business work, so my boss intends to cancel the services sector so that I can concentrate on doing only arms businesses. But, you know, I proposed providing services, so I don’t want it to be cancelled just like that. Well, I shan’t talk no more, please do take a look at my goods first.”

Chapter Notes:

Defense Contractor = Arms Dealer

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