A Mercenary's War

Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Reunited At Last

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang found a hotel to stay in first, but he had to find a more permanent living accommodation for the mother and daughter.


Grolev would definitely come over to Johannesburg to see them, but Gao Yang felt that he wouldn’t arrive within a short time period. Libya had totally banned flying, and even marine transportation was blocked. If Tribo and Grolev wanted to reach South Africa from the battle-ridden Libya, Grolev and Tribo would have to go through other countries to reach South Africa. Gao Yang’s prediction was that it would be pretty good if Grolev could arrive in ten days. And that was an optimal estimate. 


Gao Yang and Grolev unanimously believed that the ladies had no place to go to and hence could only stay in Africa. In order to stay in Africa, there was no doubt that their current location — Johannesburg — was the best option. Compared to the other cities in Africa, Johannesburg was the best in all aspects.

Gao Yang originally could wait for Grolev to come and let him handle his wife and daughter’s situation. But Gao Yang couldn’t wait any longer since he didn’t have enough money left. Counting Grolev’s and his own altogether, he only had with him less than five thousand dollars.

The house prices in Johannesburg weren’t high, but the hotel prices were frighteningly expensive. They booked two rooms which cost six hundred dollars for just one day. He wouldn’t even have any money left for meal after a few days with the amount Gao Yang had right now. The hotel they were staying in only had three-stars — of course there were much cheaper hotels out there, but the conditions weren’t as good. That’s besides the point though. Most importantly, there wasn’t any guaranteed security.


The most urgent thing that was bugging Gao Yang? It was finding an apartment in a safe and reasonably-priced housing district to rent for Natalia and Elena to live in for a long period of time.

Letting Natalia and Elena wait in the hotel, Gao Yang and Jin went out to find a suitable apartment to rent out.


The once called “Africa’s America”, South Africa had since then ended her Apartheid System[1]. The economy declined after the blacks who were originally at the bottom of the social hierarchy gained great political power. South Africa’s unemployment rate increased, and security problems became especially distinct. Johannesburg, in spite of being the biggest city in South Africa, couldn’t guarantee her security at all.  

Whites in South Africa didn’t live well either; most of the wealthy and highly-skilled whites chose to emigrate. But comparatively, their days here were pretty decent still. In Johannesburg, the safest living district was still in the upscale residences concentrated with whites. Gao Yang could only find a house in the posh residential districts if he wanted Natalia and Elena to stay here safely.


Gao Yang couldn’t be bothered with the relationship between the whites and the blacks. But this was what got him down in the mouth: there was no need to mention how difficult it was to find a secure living area, what was more troublesome was the fact that Gao Yang still had to consider Elena’s schooling. He didn’t hold any high hopes in finding a school for Elena. Elena, who was holding a tourist visa had been blacklisted in South Africa. It wouldn’t be practical to go to school. However Gao Yang felt that he should at least find a place for Elena to be able to practice music, and also a music teacher that was up to par. Only that would do.


Under the guidance of a real estate medium, Gao Yang and Jin were in the car and went around for half the day. Finally, they chose a residential district and found an apartment that was somewhat like single-detached home[2]. In addition, most of the residents in this district were high-salaried whites, along with blacks who had decent professions and salaries. It could be counted as a high-societal living district and the security was pretty decent.


Johannesburg’s real estate prices weren’t that high, at least when compared to China. Gao Yang felt that it was really cheap. It only cost eight hundred thousand RMB in total for a single detached home with a garden that was one thousand by five hundred square feet wide. If rented, it'd only cost five hundred bucks a month. Gao Yang only spent two thousand dollars to rent out the house for four months in advance. With that, he could already stay in a big house with eight bedrooms. 

After signing the contract with the owner of the house, Gao Yang immediately retrieved and brought the mother and daughter from the hotel. Then he called Grolev to tell him of the new address. However, what puzzled Gao Yang was that the call unexpectedly couldn't get through.


Waiting all the way until the second afternoon, Gao Yang managed to get his call through only then. But what he didn't expect at all was for Grolev to be anxiously howling after the call connected. “Gao, where are you guys? Hare and I were at the hotel you’d mentioned.”


Gao Yang was almost scared senseless. He exclaimed in shock, “True or false? I only called you the day before yesterday and y'all are here today already? I thought it'd be already be very good if you guys made it within ten days.”


“We already arrived yesterday night, it’s just that we couldn't contact you. Alright, tell me where you guys are quick, we'll talk again after we meet.”


Gao Yang provided the address and within an hour, someone pressed the doorbell. When he opened the door it was indeed Grolev and Tribo that were waiting outside.


Grolev stood at the door. After he saw his wife and daughter behind Gao Yang, he said nothing as his tears flowed down first. Then he pounced forward and squeezed past Gao Yang who was by the door and rushed towards Natalia with his arms wide open.


Gao Yang could very well understand Grolev's actions. They were reunited at last — it'd be normal for Grolev to become uncontrollably emotional. However he didn’t expect for Natalia to also be teary and with her face totally flooded. Her arms were wide open, and it all seemed like a television drama scene where they were going to hug for a final reunion after a long separation, but then suddenly a mutation of some sort or warp occurred. 


Natalia’s face suddenly changed and she gave a really hard, ferocious smack. The pah! sound was loud and clear. Grolev, who was on the receiving end of the ferocious face slap, fell to the ground.


Natalia had flipped Grolev onto the floor with just a smack, and then she started pointing at Grolev while she rebuked him fiercely. Though the language wasn't understandable, her expression suggested that it was highly probable that she intended to move up to give a few more kicks.


The couple's reunion was really unique and special. It shocked Gao ang and then he jolted out of it: the main reason Grolev couldn't even take a slap was, apart from the great magnitude of Natalia’s slap was that he was still severely injured and hadn't convalesced. He could only just get off bed to walk. He was still at the recovery phase — still very weak. 


Gao Yang hurriedly said, “Please say it nicely.  Don't get physical, Gro’s wounds haven’t healed yet.”


After Gao Yang said all that, he found that he had said it for nothing. Grolev swiftly got up. 'Bootlick’ was written all over his face. He welcomed Natalia’s finger that was pointed at his face and he hugged Natalia’s barrel-like waist with one hand and pulled Elena over with the other. He said nothing but started bawling.


Natalia finally stopped her admonishing with Grolev wailing like that. She leaned on Grolev's shoulders with her head and wailed with a volume even louder than her husband’s. Elena was also crying till the point of voicelessness. But under the suppression from the duet wailing, nothing could even be heard from Elena.



War's gonna start. Everybody's not too angsty for it right?

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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apartheid Racial Segregation
  2. My goal, if I'm rich enough in SG LOL - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-family_detached_home 

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