A Mercenary's War

Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Surprise

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

One couldn't deny Molotov had great clout and connections in Russia. It only took a few hours to process all relevant documents instead of the usual time of ten plus days. Although he didn't know if they were legitimate or fake, it was all good if they were able to board the plane.


Gao Yang and the rest wanted to go to Johannesburg in South Africa. Their plane took off at two in the morning. Taking the documents processed by Old Liu, they passed the checkpoint very smoothly. There weren't any problems all the way until take off, even though they edgy and in trepidation and edgy.


As for Old Liu, he left earlier than they flew off. He didn't want to stay even a moment more in Moscow. This Moscow trip to him was a complete catastrophe. Hence he hurried onto the plane to Vladivostok after handing over the passports to Gao Yang. He could then get to Harbin using land transportation.


To Gao Yang, the trip to Johannesburg was still very rewarding, it was a feast for the eyes. This was because Elena was right next to him with her makeup removed and she had changed into some chic and comfortable clothes. After removing the wig that sported a vibrant green and other colors, she completely changed from a barbaric girl to a gold-haired blonde with a strong, elegant aura.


If Gao Yang hadn’t witnessed Elena's moment of rage, he wouldn't believe for a second that the quiet and elegant girl sitting beside him was the same person that used a wine bottle to pierce people's faces; including the violent one who had viciously stepped on a man's testicles till they almost burst. 


The impression that the pair of mother and daughter gave was too deep for Gao Yang, but now he was not sure: was the obedient and innocent side of this girl her real identity, or was that battle-like, barbaric, and over-the-board feisty girl her real identity?


Being looked up to by a beautiful and elegant girl, with her egging Gao Yang on and on with questions made Gao Yang feel somewhat gratified. However, after thinking that this girl was his life-and-death brother's daughter at only sixteen years of age, Gao Yang felt discouraged for not being able to ‘swoop down for the kill’.

What's more important was that Elena's mother was just sitting right beside Elena. Although she was always smiling, knowing that Natalia’s battle power was akin to that of a dinosaur, Gao Yang said whatever he could say to Elena. Since he didn't want to flirt with Elena, out of helplessness, he pretended to sleep in order to escape her look of admiration. There really was no choice since this pair of mother and daughter had left a very traumatizing touch in Gao Yang's heart. He only wanted to keep a respectful distance from the pair.

When the plane reached Johannesburg it was already day. After getting off the plane, Gao Yang was faced with a problem that seriously hampered his progress. Especially one that obstructed hi while he was running away.

During the arrival checkpoint, Natalia and Elena passed through smoothly, but an African prosecutor took Gao Yang’s passport and moved his line of sight from the book to him many times. Yet he just wouldn’t pound the stamp to allow him to pass through.

Gao Yang knew what that dude was trying to do. He was waiting for Gao Yang to stuff money to him. This habit was only deployed against the Chinese, since only Chinese would automatically succumb to a bribe after being bullied.

If it were Gao Yang, he’d rather die than hand over the money. It’s not so much the money, but he couldn’t bear his anger. Unfortunately however, his passport was originally fake, and thus he really had a guilty conscience. In order to eschew big trouble, he could only quietly stuff two benjamins into Jin’s passport and grudgingly hand it over to that African prosecutor.


It was easy to handle everything with US dollars, and they passed through smoothly. They could only be counted as being genuinely in Johannesburg. 


Gao Yang also didn’t know what to do next after reaching Johannesburg. If it were just him and Jin, it’d go without saying that they would find a way to reach Libya straightaway. The war in Libya was in the heat at the moment, making it the best time for mercenaries to earn bucks. But since they had brought along Grolev’s wife and kid, they had better plan properly.

Since they had reached Africa, things afterwards would of course be decided by Grolev. Gao Yang found a public phone and called Grolev.


Nobody answered the first time around. Gao Yang called again after a few minutes, and somebody finally took the call. After the call was connected, before anybody could speak, Gao Yang heard a muffled explosion and then Grolev’s voice came over.


“Hello, who’s that?”

Hearing Grolev’s voice, Gao Yang was slightly eased. He hurriedly replied, “I’m Gao Yang, what happened over there? I heard explosions, I think.”

Knowing that it’s Gao Yang, Grolev seemed to be really joyous. He chuckled, “Nothing much, they started to bomb Tripoli, but pretty far from us, it’s okay. Hare’s out, he insisted on trying to see the explosion. Right, do I need to get him?”


“No need to get him, how’s your recovery?”

“Very good, or rather, awesomely well. I can already do my activities off the bed, a few days more and I’ll be totally fine.”


Knowing that Grolev could already get off his bed, he became even more relaxed. He said solemnly, “I gotta tell you something. I’m now in South Africa, and I didn’t give your money to your wife and kid because I spent all of it.”


After a momentary silence, Grolev asked with puzzlement, “You called me just to say that? Alright, if you spent it all, I believe you have your reasons. It’s alright, I can just earn moe again. You know what, the prices Gaddafi offered are really high. It’s mercenaries’ heaven in Libya, I can quickly earn the same amount of money, perhaps even more, so there’s no need to put this matter to heart.”

Gao Yang used whatever he had to hold in his urge to laugh and sighed, “Thank you for your magnanimity, alright, as to why I didn’t give Natalia and Elena the money, it’s because I brought them to South Africa. It was really expensive, so, I don’t have any money to give them. And you still owe me money.”


Grolev was silent for a moment before panting heavily. “What did you just say? What do you mean? Gao, don’t play this type of joke on me.”


Gao Yang was laughing and chuckling. He said, “Alright, I won’t joke with you, something happened at Moscow. I had no choice but to bring them to South Africa. Though I didn’t discuss it with you, I didn’t think you’d blame me. Now, if you agree to give me ten grand, I’ll let your wife or daughter take over the phone, how’s it? Interested?”


Grolev’s tone became hurried and erratic like a lunatic. He screamed, “Gao, I’ll give you ten grand, let them take the phone immediately. If you dare joke with me on this, I’ll definitely trash you the next time I meet you!”

Gao Yang chuckled twice and raised the receiver and said to Natalia, “Maybe you’re interested in taking this call? It’s your husband’s phone call.”

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