A Mercenary's War

Chapter 70

Gold Class Sidekick

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Old Liu took their passports and the twenty grand and got off halfway. On the other hand, Gao Yang and the rest wiped their fingerprints from the car and left the weapons in it. They then deserted it at the roadside without even closing the door. The engine was still on.

A car in Moscow with its doors wide open, engine still running, and most importantly, nobody in the car? It wouldn’t make any sense if it wasn’t stolen.


As for the four of them, they boarded a cab to the airport.

Apart from Jin who was nonchalant about everything, or so it seemed, Gao Yang, Natalia, and Elena were freaking out while they were waiting for Old Liu to handle the documents and relevant materials. 

Gao Yang felt that Natalia and Elena were too eye-catching no matter how people looked at them. He immediately gave them money to buy clothes to change into. Gao Yang was free in the meantime and put his attention on the mysterious Jin Fang. He simply couldn’t help it.


“Jin Fang, you’re really nimble with that kung fu, and to be honest, it freaked me out. A Commando indeed. The way you fight is probably your unit’s Close Combat Technique, right?”


Jin shook his head and said, “It’s both a yes and a no. Let's put it this way. I hit three people in close combat, and I deployed a kick against the one in front of you. Even though its form was from the Grappling Kicking Form from our unit, the method of input for my power is the Tan Tui Northern Form [1], so in conclusion, it’s the Northern Form.


“The form I used to hit the person in front of me was really Grappling Kung Fu. Everybody in my unit knows it and hence it's pretty normal. As for the third man, the one that flew with just one hit from me, the unit doesn't have such kung fu. I used XingYi Boxing.”


Gao Yang was dazzled by all that. The reason why he paid for and helped Jin run away with him was exactly because of Jin's Commando background. As a professional fighting assistant, he’d have a strong fighting force if he recruited Jin. But what made Gao Yang so surprised and happy was that Jin was not just a professional fighter, he was a real-life Gold Class Sidekick!


“I Ci-ao, didn't think you'd have so many techniques when you melee people. Did you practice them before?”


Jin nodded and chuckled, “Hehe, there are many people in my village who practice XíngYì Boxing. There are many people in my mom’s village who practice Tan Tuǐ. Hence I started learning both at a young age. I was scared of facing hardships then and hence my dad beat me up frequently. I wanted to skive off martial arts training for a few days by going to my grandparents’ houses. Heh, it then became my uncles and grandparents’ turn to beat me up. Trained all the way till I graduated from senior high school in the end.”


Gao Yang said in an exaggerated manner, “I Ci-ao, that's inheriting both specialties. Oh, by the way, where's your hometown at, man?”


Jin laughed, “I'm from Xing Tai. My mom is from Cang State, do you know those two places?”


Gao Yang grinned bitterly and said, “We're from the same province, how would I not know? Our province's two massive martial arts hometowns, they’re pretty renowned throughout China as a whole!”

Jin chuckled bitterly, “When I was small, I was reluctant to train. My dad beat me up, and my mama too. When I grew up, man, I grew up bad probably, I’m really bad-tempered and I’m always looking to fight with people. Got into trouble a few times. As a result, my parents didn’t let me practice martial arts. But I’ve already trained for more than a decade, so I can’t just forget them all, right? So they thought it over and let me join the army.”


Gao Yang bitterly chuckled before replying, “That accounts for your deep and insightful kung fu, Bravo.”


Jin was full of pride. “Haa, still acceptable I guess? I placed first in the divisional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Competition during my second year in the Army, third out of the entire Liberation Army. I was also awarded the Third Class Meritorious Service Medal and became a Section Command Sergeant Major. I also didn't retire from the army. In my third year, which was last year, I placed second in the MMA Competition in the entire army within China.”


Gao Yang was surprised. “You're really good, I thought you'd be first no matter what.”


Jin heaved a long sigh and said, “Haa, don't mention that, I've got paternal and maternal cousins in my unit, and we're all in the army. Even if we're from different divisions, we still have to meet each other in the army’s MMA Competitions. Those two elder brothers of mine practiced harder than I ever did, and my paternal brother was beaten into shape. Same for my paternal cousin. They'd be beaten if they dared to leave it stagnant. But for me, ever since I got into junior college, I'd be beaten up if I practiced and hence the deterioration in kung fu. Aye, my maternal cousin went back to society, but my paternal cousin's still there. That's why I became second from third.”

Gao Yang bawled with laughter. “Sure, you brothers became famous. Bravo, really awesome.”


Jin’s face of pride quickly shrank into a lackluster one. “What the hell man? Last year my paternal cousin and I were both chosen by the army. I don't know which unit he went to, but it was definitely Commando. I went for training for half a year on the other hand, just one step away from becoming a Commando. And then that happened. Then I'm here with you now, ain't it?”


Gao Yang patted Jin’s shoulders and sighed, “Ai, how do I say it, as long as you have a clear conscience it'll be okay. Right, which unit are you from exactly? And what is your specialty? Which weapon do you specialize in? We're gonna live under rains and hells of bullets, so I'd better know your strengths.”


Jin sighed and replied, “Still not telling which unit lest they lose face. The squad number and code names I trained in after that are confidential, I can't tell you. I can tell you at most that I'm from the Division’s Reconnaissance Brigade. The job scope we were exposed to was mainly outfield battle types. I only knew the infantry’s set of protocols, and I also was exposed to reconnaissance equipment. And Commando vehicle driving. As for airborne parachuting and stuff like that, I didn't have time to do them. They are only available after I'm officially recruited.”

After saying that, Jin curled his hands into fists and waved them in front of Gao Yang. He said, “If we're talking about the thing I specialize in the most, it'd be close combat. When I was training, I even 'tamed’ and impressed my close combat trainer-officers. The other one that’s passable would be my Commando driving skills. As for guns and weapons, I know how to operate every Chinese Infantry light weapon. At first, I was about to get exposed to foreign light weapons, but that would only be after I had formally joined the Reconnaissance Brigade. My shooting could only be considered ordinary within our brigade. Semi-automatic assault rifles are my forte. No problem in close to mid-range shooting. I can use pistols and sniper rifles for sure, but neither of them is great, slightly worse than automatic assault rifles. In addition, due to my close combat prowess, I usually am in charge of the assault fire in my squad.”

Jin was unclear about his unit and wouldn’t disclose the codename no matter what. It got Gao Yang curious to the point of unbearableness. But fortunately, Jin told him his specializations. However, this was what intrigued Gao Yang: was Jin really ordinary in shooting, or he was being humble?


Gao Yang pondered for a moment and said, “What’s the standard for your definition of ‘ordinary’? Let’s put it this way, how’s your shooting compared to normal soldiers?”


Jin deliberated before replying, “To be really honest I’d be worse than you, but definitely better than normal soldiers. The year before I got into Reconnaissance Brigade I only shot ten pistol rounds. As for assault rifles, I can only be considered above average in the brigade, but not the apex shooter. Yet, if you put it this way, before I got into the Reconnaissance Brigade, I was at least one of the top three shooters in my regiment.”

Chapter Notes:

Translator's note(s):

  1. Leg Form that came from the Northern Style of Chinese Boxing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tán_Tuǐ 
  2. Xing Yi Fist is more like taking the forms from other animals and then imitating them by adding in Yue Fei's (Song) spear piercing technique that has gyrating motion.

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