A Mercenary's War

Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Runaway (Continued)

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Natalia and Elena went to get their valuables, including money and identification documents. While waiting for them, Gao Yang calmed down and really wanted to know if he was the God of Misfortune. He hadn’t done anything but run for his life. He experienced hardship and slewed a bloody path all the way back to China, then to Russia from China. It was all good now, but he'd not even stayed long enough and he had to be on the run again. This time, from Russia.


Jin, on the other hand, seemed not to care at all. Gao Yang saw a little bit of joy in his eyes. He concluded that Jin belonged to the violent category.


Gao Yang unloaded the magazine from the pistol and saw that there were still five rounds in the magazine. He felt that it was enough, and hence he didn't intend on getting any more magazines. He just gestured to the pair with his head. “Let's get outta here quickly, what are you spacing out for?”


Jin also picked up a pistol from the ground and conveniently tucked it at the back of his waist. He said solemnly, “Where are we going?”


How would Gao Yang know? He turned to look at Old Liu, only to see Old Liu half-sobbing, “Look at me for what? I'm only responsible for bringing you to Moscow, and then I was supposed to send you on the plane to Africa. But now that such big sh*t happened, how would I know where to go?”


Gao Yang smiled embarrassedly and replied, “Old Liu, I'm totally depending on you now. If you don't know where, we certainly wouldn’t.”


Old Liu waved weakly, his face wretched and helpless. “Only thing I know is that we get outta this godd*mn hellhole, as for where, I'd better ask Boss, maybe he's got a way.”


Gao Yang and the rest rushed down the stairs, but then they saw three new sedans parked there. One of them was a pristine big Benz. These cars probably belonged to the fatso and his men who were seeking revenge. Jin ran over immediately and extended his hands to try the door.


It opened straightaway. Jin poked his head through and looked around, then he gestured for the rest to get in. He laughed, “The key is still in the car, get in quickly.”


Gao Yang curiously asked, “How's your driving? Let me drive instead?”


Jin ignored Gao Yang and hopped into the car. After starting the engine, it roared twice into life. The tires screeched loudly twice and it went around in a circle. Then the car doors were faced directly at Gao Yang and the rest.


Old Liu was shotgun while Gao Yang placed his gun close to him and surveyed the environment carefully. At the same time, Natalia and Elena also boarded the car. Gao Yang got into the car after observing that nobody was attracted to the gunshots just now.


After Gao Yang got in, Jin directed the car and zoomed out like an arrow that had left its bow, fast and furious all the way. They left that dangerous street district very quickly and returned to the main road.


Figuring that it was safe, Old Liu finally came back from oblivion. He was completely terrified just now when Gao Yang and Jin started their massacre so suddenly. Old Liu only had time now to think about what they should do next — given that there weren’t any cops chasing them nor any big groups of gangsters firing at them.


Without Gao Yang’s further urges, Old Liu took a phone, shook his head, and grumbled, “Now you really got me in hot soup, both your Eastern faces are too obvious and a giveaway. Cops or the mafia, don't care which one, they can find you too friggin’ easily. I gotta call Boss, if there really isn't a choice, we're going back to Harbin.” 


Gao Yang also felt somewhat uneasy. He smiled courteously and said, “We just came from Harbin, how can we go back there? How about we go to the airport? I believe you guys will definitely have a solution.”

Old Liu's call got through, so he shook his head and gestured for Gao Yang to keep quiet. He then said a few sentences in gibberish before putting his phone down. He spoke with a face full of moroseness: “Our boss said that he'd try to find a way no matter where y’all going. He's willing to do anything for his friend's wife and kid. You can now tell me where you want to go, I'll do it with whatever I can.”

Gao Yang only recalled now that he was not the most important person to Molotov — it was Natalia and Elena because he only contacted Molotov by relying on Grolev.


Gao Yang pondered for a while and spoke to Natalia in English. “Do you have any place you want to go? My advice is that you both better leave Russia, it's too dangerous here. Heaven knows what might happen if y'all stay.”


Natalia looked at Elena with difficulty and said, “We don't have any place to go, and also, what about Elena's studies if we leave Russia?”


Before Gao Yang replied, Elena said, “Russia's not the only country with a music school, there are schools everywhere. Also, you, I mean, Sir, how should I call you?”


Her last sentence was directed at Gao Yang. He only remembered that he hadn't introduced themselves yet. He hurried to do so by saying their names one after another. After that, Elena stared at Gao Yang and said, “Where do you intend to go? Or do you have a place arranged for us?”


“We’re going to Africa, and we might be going Libya to meet your dad. As for you, definitely not Libya, but I can find a safe place for you guys to stay in Africa. At least it won’t be that dangerous.”


Elena nodded quickly a few times. “Then thank you, Mr. Gao. My mom and I will follow you wherever you go. We're relying on you for everything.”


It wasn't just troublesome to bring Natalia and Elena along. It was f*cking troublesome. However, Gao Yang couldn't just leave them alone. He bitterly chuckled and told Old Liu, “The four of us are fine with anywhere, as long as we can get outta this country. Of course, a direct trip to Africa would be the best.”


Old Liu sighed and said, “Going to Africa's somewhat easier. I'll ask where you all can get to the fastest before deciding.”


After a few calls, Old Liu covered the phone with his hand and said a few sentences to Natalia. After waiting for Natalia to nod and finish her words, Liu continued talking.


Gao Yang secretly became determined to learn Russian properly next time wherefore seeing other people conversing with each other without knowing the content made him feel really bad.


When Old Liu hung up, his face made him seem like was very relieved and comfortable. He told Gao Yang, “You all can go to South Africa, there are already planes that are going to depart tonight, and that's the fastest possible way. Also, the mother and daughter have their passports with them, so I just need to take all your passports and handle it in within the next several hours. It's just that this requires money.”


“How much?”


Old Liu extended two fingers and replied, “You four need twenty grand. It's currently the money that’s urgently needed, so you have to pay now. As for the rest, our boss said that he'll help you all settle it. Just take it as a gift to his old friend from him, so there’s no need to stick your nose in that.”

The money that Grolev was saved for Natalia was in Gao Yang's hands. He immediately decided for Natalia. He jubilantly said, “Thank you so much, Old Liu. Thank your boss also, you are so honorable and brotherly, brethren. The money's yours. Now, where do we go?”

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