A Mercenary's War

Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Excellent Marksmanship, Nimble Moves

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Hearing the messy footsteps, Gao Yang was a little dumbstruck. He had wasted too much time talking to the mother and daughter. If he had known earlier that they couldn't handle it, he would have already evacuated them and would not have waited here like sitting ducks to be seized.


While panicking, he still couldn't think of any good ideas. It was just subconscious action: he first waved to Natalia and put the money he just gave to Natalia in his pocket. He urged, “First, don't be brash. Hear me out, and cooperate with me a little.”


Three stories. They would arrive very shortly after rushing up. Gao Yang didn't think about closing the door at all since it wouldn't be of use even if it were closed.


He couldn't think of any ideas in all this panic; he could only adapt to the situation. Those seeking revenge would be here very soon. The middle=-aged man that rushed ahead was at the door. He stood at the door as he scanned Gao Yang and the other two with suspicion and a questioning look. Then his eyes landed on Elena.


Gao Yang stood further inside and could only see three to four men at the door. But he had heard that there were still many people in the staircase. After a brief moment, a corpulent, middle-aged man with a big tummy walked in from the gap the others made for him. They went to the side to make space for him.


Behind the corpulent man followed a bald, muscular, and massive dude. And the person whom this dude was wringing as if the person were a chicken was from the bar. Gao Yang recognized it with just a glance.


The person who was grabbed was shivering and shrunk his neck back after pointing at Elena. That dude threw him to the side and looked at the furious fat man.


Old Liu opened his mouth to speak the first. He raised his hands and worked really hard to show an expression that he wasn't involved with anybody. He slowly shifted next to Gao Yang and at the same time nervously said some Russian gibberish. With his limited understanding, Gao Yang could only make out that he was saying that they were friends from China who were here to get some money back.


Jin had been standing at the door all along, and he looked very quiet and composed behind the fatty. Gao Yang and Old Liu, on the other hand, stood slightly further in. That fatso glanced at them twice, but he didn't say anything as he shouted and barked furiously at Elena instead. All the people who were still standing at the stairs flocked in. All of them. The last dude conveniently closed the door behind them.


There were eight people who came into the house in total. All looked malicious and menacing. There was a big hunk before each man in Gao Yang's party. They looked really hostile and would get rough if anything went against their wishes.


The fatty who was also the leader angrily screamed twice. What happened next was that the massive hunk reached out to grab Elena. She also retaliated valiantly and gave him a smack on his face, but she was caught by that man's hand as she kicked out. This all happened in single a flow of motion, but the man only dodged slightly to the side. Using only a little strength with his hand, he dragged her onto the floor. He stepped on her chest after that.


Natalia naturally wouldn't let her daughter be in at a disadvantage when she saw her daughter fighting back. She grabbed the hunting rifle lying on the side and placed her hands on the barrel. She smashed the rifle across the room. But that hunk obviously was trained, so he calmly dodged and extended his foot. He kicked her and sent her rolling to the floor.


Jin questioningly looked at Gao Yang while Old Liu said softly but nervously, “What do we do? He said he wants to kill them.”


Gao Yang didn't think that the fatso would order his men to finish Elena off straightaway. He didn't have time to come up with a plan. In the meantime, he saw the furious fatso walking before Elena who was on the floor. He squatted with some difficulty and gave a quick smack with the raise of his hand. He then fiercely spoke a sentence.[1]


Natalia struggled to stand up, and Gao Yang also stepped forward slightly and was about to speak. But he saw the dude in front of him suddenly raise a pistol and press it against his skull.


This was his first time being pressed in the head with a gun. After a momentary panic attack, he composed himself in an instant, raised both his hands, and spoke in Mandarin. “Don't be rash, everything's got nothing to do with us, we're just here to collect our debt, you can continue your business. Let's go.”


The man in front of Old Liu didn't move, he only tucked his hands in his chest. Gao Yang had no doubt at all that the men would whip out their guns. The man before Jin whipped out a gun too and pointed it at Jin's face. As for other men who didn't whip out their guns, he was sure that these people who had come for revenge had guns on them.


Old Liu translated Gao Yang's words into Russian. The man before Gao Yang turned and looked at the fatso. The fatso waved his hands dismissively and impatiently. He backed away. And the man who was stepping on Elena also retrieved his leg and backed off. Gao Yang then found that the man before him steeled his expression as he turned his gun and aimed at Elena.


Gao Yang had no doubt that he would shoot Elena any second. He shouted only in the nick of time now that there was nothing left to hide.


“Do it!”


He hugged the hand with the gun in front of him instantly. But he found that this Old Ruski was too strong, he couldn't shift it — not to even say snatch the gun away.


Gao Yang didn't have a plan at all; he just shouted because of this emergency. He couldn't just let other people kill Grolev's wife and kid right in front of him. If he didn't move at such a time, even if Grolev forgave him, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.


He only moved subconsciously, but after grabbing the armed hand, he didn't know what to do next. Just as he was getting anxious, he saw the hunk in front of him fall softly onto the floor.


Gao Yang was jubilant and surprised. Then he found the devilish expression on Jin's face. Jin rushed to the dude beside him and thrusted forward in one swift motion while he grabbed the incoming punch with his other hand. The thrusting hand swirled around the dude's neck and he pulled him into his embrace. While the dude's head was reeled in and going low, Jin gave a quick and abrupt knee slam into his throat.


The man in front of Gao Yang was, of course, put down by Jin. In that short instance, Jin had already brought two people down. Not just that, he reached the man who was farther first and immobilized the man in front of Gao Yang. Only then did he turn around to neutralize the man in front of him. These engendered the two hunks who had whipped out their guns and did not even have the chance to fire.


It happened in just a fraction of a second. Few could react to what had just happened. Only the man who put Elena down with a couple of tricks seemed to be a professional. He roared and pounced towards Jin. And at this time, both Gao Yang's hands were still on the man in front of him.


He subconsciously took the gun from the man and shot at the pouncing many. That guy was hit in the temple right before he exchanged blows with Jin on the side.


With no gun in hand, Gao Yang was a pulp. But once a gun appeared in his hands, he'd change and transform into the greatest threat in the room.


Since he fired, he didn't think about stopping at all. Either expend all rounds or be carried out by people as a cadaver. This decision was really easy to make. 


Pistols had recoils, and shifting and aiming with the pistol required time, so Gao Yang couldn't finish all of them instantly. He had to choose the target with the greatest threat. He let the person nearest to him go, but he fired at a man that drew out his pistol.


Gao Yang fired and the man nearest to him lunged towards him. However Jin's performance was really a ferocious one: he shot forward with a step, tilted his body downwards and extended a straight punch with his right hand. It hit the burly man’s solar plexus in the abdomen. He shockingly flew half a meter up before falling down on his back.


Just when he was handling Gao Yang's threat beside him, Gao Yang had already changed from a single to a double pistol position, with his fingers pulling on the triggers one after another. As long as a person moved, he'd fire in that direction. He fired five times in that short time period of four to five seconds.


One shot one kill, everyone received a headshot. Gao Yang's habit was like this, and he shot many flying discs in the range. It let him get used to shooting small but lethal areas in a target. He indeed had the ability to headshot with every shot.


Five shots were fired, and nobody else was standing in the house. He shot the guy from the bar in a hurry in addition to Jin's three men. The weakest threat, or the fatso, surprisingly survived.


He aimed and that fatty was shocked and in trepidation, sputtering gibberish. Gao Yang didn't hesitate and shot the fatty — boom boom, and burst his skull. Gao Yang shrugged at Jin and Old Liu who were already dazed and said, “I don't understand what he's saying.”

Jin threw a thumbs up at Gao Yang and said, “Excellent Marksmanship.”


Gao Yang nodded and replied, “Nimble Moves.”


After saying that, he aimed at the man lying right by his feet. He was knocked down by Jin. Gao Yang wanted to give him an extra serving and Jin saw his intention; he shook his head and spoke solemnly, “Don't waste bullets, he's dead.”


Gao Yang glanced around and only the man who was hit in the stomach by Jin was still somewhat moving, slightly spasming while lying on the floor. Gao Yang ended his misery with a flick of his hand.


Elena crawled from the ground, eyes all teary. She looked at Gao Yang, then Jin, then all the cadavers in the house and finally started crying with her hands covering her mouth. But when she looked at Gao Yang again, it was completely filled with gratitude and “little stars” of worship.


Confirming that there nobody else alive in the house, Gao Yang grinned wryly at Natalia and said, “Now you guys can't stay even if you wanted to.”

Saved just by a thread, both Elena and Natalia's moods were clear to anyone. Elena croaked, “Thank you, thank you.”


Gao Yang bitterly smiled, “Stop expressing your gratitude and run with us. Ai, why did it become like this again?”

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                        1. What? Get a Russian translator, cyka bliat. (Jk, there's nothing there)

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