A Mercenary's War

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Scary Woman

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Destroying everybody with her amazing aura and battle strength, the barbaric girl regained her freedom. The first thing she did was rush the unlucky b*stard who was being supported by two other men with their shoulders and slapped him really hard a few times. Pa pa pa pa! She slapped his mouth before she kicked out and sent him flying. It looked like the men were holding that man for the barbaric girl to punish him.


The girl continued to vent her anger. That aunty didn't waste her time and waved the rolling pin with one hand, putting down the burly men who tried to resist. She was unstoppable. The teamwork was great and they carried themselves well with swag and awesomeness — a force to be reckoned with.


After putting every living being that could stand to the ground, that aunty put a hand on her waist and waved her rolling pin. She cursed and shouted for a very long time before she reeled in the barbaric girl that was still in ‘rage’ mode. The mother and daughter held hands and trudged towards the building Gao Yang and the group were at arrogantly, leaving the poor people rolling and groaning on the floor.


Gao Yang stared at the agile pair with his mouth agape in astonishment, his heart was engraved with one word: impressed. When the pair brushed past them, the savage mother glanced at them with the corner of her eyes, grunting heavily and loudly through her nostrils.


Gao Yang, who had been glaring ferociously at the Baldies all the way, quickly lowered his head. He soon found Old Liu and Jin Fang doing the same thing too. The trio didn't dare to meet her eyes. When the pair went up the stairs and the clicking sounds confirmed that they were inside, Gao Yang wiped off some cold sweat. “So savage, so scary, they are indeed of the warrior race.”


Jin nodded ferociously in agreement while Old Liu laughed bitterly. “As a Russian, I declare that it's really stressful. Though women like these ain't common, but if I met one? You have to know that a woman’s behavior before and after marriage is totally different! God, I'm only thirty-one, what if I got PTSD? Nope, I must find a warm and gentle Chinese lady. Must. A have-to.”


Hearing Old Liu’s words, they resonated with Gao Yang's sentiments. He patted Old Liu's shoulders and agreed with his thoughts too. His voice dropped. “Let's go and find the people we want to find quickly. But why do I have a bad feeling about this?”


Jin and Old Liu's face changed big time simultaneously. “What do ya mean?”


Gao Yang looked around and made sure there was nobody else — though he too didn't know why he did that.


“Tell you what, the people we're searching for are also a pair consisting of a mother and daughter. Though I know this possibility is really small, my instinct is telling me that the people we're looking for are them. Just my intuition.”


Old Liu blankly asked, “Why are you looking for them? Not revenge, right?”


He quickly shook his head and replied, “No, how can that be? I was just entrusted by someone to give them money only, definitely nothing to do with vengeance.”


Old Liu relaxed by exhaling a breath and chuckled, “What's there to be afraid of if you're sending money? As long as you're not sending your lives here.”


Jin was indifferent and said, “You seeing this? Why are you so frightened? We're just finding a mom and her daughter, where would there be such a coincidence in this world?”


Gao Yang nodded and replied,”I feel that the odds are pretty low. Just saying, the daughter I'm finding learns music and piano, so she can't be that barbaric, right? Let's go, let's finish up quickly and get outta here, can't stay here for too long.”


Jin and Gao Yang were going in but they saw Old Liu standing there and not moving. Old Liu said, “I didn't tell you guys just now, but that the girl plays the piano in the bar. Also, the address indicates that it’s the third floor, and if you guys noticed, the lady was throwing stuff from the third floor too.”


Jin and Gao Yang stopped dead in their tracks. Gao Yang furrowed his brows and said, “It can't be. Or is it just too coincidental? Hmm, let me think a little.”


Jin chuckled and said, “What else you thinking for? We're here to deliver money, not seek trouble, what are you two afraid of? Let's go. If anything happens, I'll protect y'all, rest assured.”


Gao Yang also felt that his worries were unwarranted for, but after recalling that aunty's prowess, he was still a little shaken with fear. However, he had to find the place to see to verify their speculations.


According to the address on the slip of paper, Gao Yang and the group knocked on the door. When he knocked, Old Liu said whatever Gao Yang said to him. He spoke very gently in Russian. “Anybody here? We're here to deliver some stuff. Uh, we're Yuri Grolevsky Ivanov’s friends, he asked us to come here.”


When Old Liu was done, Gao Yang suddenly felt that something was not right. He suddenly recalled a detail: Grolev once briefed him about only giving his fake name and not the real one. He quickly pulled Old Liu to one side and said, “I forgot to tell you something, you have to say Grolev...”


From inside the house rang a bolt-pulling ka-ta sound before Gao Yang had even finished his sentence. He was very familiar with that sound. Very, very familiar. If he didn't hear it wrong, it was the click of a double-barreled hunting rifle.

Linking his thoughts to the rifle, Gao Yang silently cursed[1] and pulled Old Liu with a jerk. Both dodged to the side and a loud boom! followed immediately. A large hole appeared on the wooden door, and a second boom followed. There were two holes on the door before Gao Yang could even feel frightened.


He didn't ever think that in his clumsiness that he would almost cause Old Liu to lose his head. During that emergency, he shouted quickly in English: “Don't shoot, we're Grolev’s friends.”


Luckily, Old Liu’s reaction was fast enough. He immediately translated Gao Yang’s sentence once more. After shouting, the gunfire in the house finally ceased. A woman shouted a few times loudly with her voice and then shouted in English very quickly, “Come in slowly, don’t try any tricks.”

Old Liu’s face was full of woe. “She asked us to go in, what do we do?”


Gao Yang nodded and replied, “I can understand her, let me talk to her.”


The door with holes in it was opened as Gao Yang coughed lightly and raised both his hands before walking slowly to the door. After a glance half his heart froze immediately. His premonition had indeed been realized. The mother and daughter was indeed the pair who had exhibited their prowess just now, and they were staring at him with hostility and ferocity. 

Seeing the large and tall woman’s rifle still smoking on the muzzle, Gao Yang tried everything to squeeze out a smile and said, “Hi y’all, I am Grolev’s friend. Under his request, I’m here to send you guys some money. I’m really his friend, please don’t misunderstand. Please.”

Even though he knew he harbored kind intent and wouldn’t incur any beating, he was still overwrought with nervousness. There was no other reason: this female duo had engraved too deep an impression in him just now. However, when he finished his sentence, he was astonished to see that aunty rage in fury.

“That god-damned b*stard, he’s still alive?”

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. Not really cursing or saying expletives, but more like saying silently to himself, “Shots/Crap/Sh*t, I forgot to tell him...”

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