A Mercenary's War

Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Professional Henchman Fighter

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang knew his thinking algorithm was still stuck in the same condition as the Libyan war, and thus he felt that killing wasn't a big deal. But when he looked in retrospect, he also agreed that even in a secure country, it didn’t really matter for a soldier to courageously kill a criminal who was in the midst of raping somebody.


That soldier seemed to accept Gao Yang’s good intentions. Seeing Gao Yang’s puzzled look, he gave a long sigh and grinned bitterly, “I took the girl back to the village, and she constantly denied that she was raped when she saw her family. A small girl needs her reputation. I understand. I didn't say much and was prepared to receive punishment from my unit. In the end, I dug deeper and asked the girl’s family why they didn't dare to report this to the cops and become witnesses for me. Guess what happened? I only knew after doing some research. The dude I killed came from the same village as the girl, and his family was a powerful one in the village.”


Gao Yang frowned and opened his arms. “Even if it's like that, things could at least be investigated right? You don't have to run, do you?”

The soldier helplessly said, “Let me finish, please. The guy still had a father and brother, not a single good person in the family. The girl didn't dare to report it because she feared revenge. When I heard this, I accepted defeat and was thinking about returning to the unit. The outcome was that the father and the brother of that b*stard brought some men along and surrounded me. They wanted to beat me to death. After seeing that, since I already did it once, I thought I might as well finish up the job. I slaughtered the two remaining people in the family too. Say, do you think I can still live in this case?”

He regrettably shook his head, “It’s really troublesome now, really really troublesome. You’re a soldier and you killed two people in front of so many people. Reasonable or not, it isn’t easy to judge this matter. But I feel that it counts as self-defense when you’re killed, right? The unit’s not gonna judge you harshly, are they?”

That soldier lowered his head and stayed silent for a moment. He shook his head. “The two I killed were already lying on the ground. I still went up and stomped on them when they weren’t moving. I didn’t know what was wrong with me at that time. I just wanted to kill those two b*stards. Hey, although I don’t know law that much, I feel that it’s beyond the boundaries of self-defense, right?”

Gao Yang thought hard as he digested the information. He still shook his head. “I feel that you still probably have a chance for a turning point in this. The leader of your unit can’t just see a hero like you bleed and shed tears, right?”


The soldier sighed heavily before he replied, “I’ve disgraced my unit man, no matter what, the influence I created from this case is too much. If I got caught by the police again, where would my reputation be placed? I ran after I killed out of fear, but after running, I felt that it was wrong. And hence I wanted to return to the unit for punishment. Before that though, I want to go home and see my family. I have been in the army for almost three years. I didn’t even go home once.”

Gao Yang chuckled, “Our situation’s about the same. To be honest, I stayed in Africa for three years. I got back two days ago. I just returned and I committed such a big crime. Thing is, I’m better off than you since I got to see my family members and you haven’t. Oh, by the way, what’s your name?”


“It doesn’t matter even if I told you. I’m Lee Jin Fang, ‘Jin’ from the word ‘gold’, and ‘Fang’ from the word ‘direction’.”


Gao Yang wanted to say his name but he didn’t. He felt that it was inappropriate. He hesitated a little before he finally switched the subject.


“What is your plan now? I don’t know where you want to go now, but I feel that if you just sit there outright on the train, trouble’s gonna come. It’s just a matter of time.”


Jin blankly said, “I don’t know what I should do next at all. I just want to have look at my home. I’m an only son, and it’d be really dreadful if I were shot unannounced. Although this possibility ain’t big, I still wanna see my parents once more. Even though I was intending to do so, the direction I’m going in right now is the complete opposite. If we’re talking about getting back to my unit, I should have followed my captain back just now, but I didn’t. So I don’t really know where I should go now.”


Gao Yang thought of something based on Jin’s words. He softly said, “You said that man was your captain? If so, you must be from the commandos right?”


Jin shook his head and replied, “Nope, not counted as one. If my performance was good in this exercise then I would be. But now you also know that I can never become a commando.”


Gao Yang was excited as he immediately and hurriedly exclaimed, “Counts, it counts! In my eyes, you are definitely a commando. Tell me man, which unit did you come from?”


Jin looked at Gao Yang in a strange way once and replied, “Secret.”


After being silent for a moment, Jin sighed and said, “Even if our unit’s codename wasn’t classified, I wouldn’t tell you either.”


Gao Yang chuckled and said, “I know what you’re thinking, you feel that you’d embarrass your unit, right? I actually think that if you didn’t kill those three assh*les, then you’d really be throwing your unit’s face! But since you didn’t want to tell, I can’t force it. What about this? You follow me and we’ll be mercs together. This job is definitely suitable for you. Of course, you can choose to not do this job. I’m not gonna force you. I’ll help you get to Russia before separating paths.”

Jin laughed. “You’re really an interesting man, I don’t really know for sure if you are bragging or really that bold of a desperado. But who’d be unhappy to be able to survive? Even if I don’t really believe in your words, I want to give it a try. Tell me about how you’re gonna go about doing it.”


He pondered and said straightforwardly, “To be honest, seeing your outfit and style and whatnot, it’d take just a glance to tell that you ain’t normal. To be honest, I’d be really worried if you accompanied me. What if you drag me down and the police catch me too? I’d have nowhere to cry and complain to.”

Jin pouted his lips sideways and said, “My clothes were stolen from a village. It was already lucky for me that I could change my camo uniforms. Where have I got the time to find the right clothes? It’s really too eye-catching now indeed. But there’s no choice man, I don’t have a single penny on me. The twenty plus bucks along with the clothes I’ve stolen were all spent on buying the train tickets. I can’t possibly steal, right?”


Gao Yang pondered and fished out a stack of notes from the plastic bag. He counted two grand and gave them to Jin. He solemnly said, “Take the money. If you want to go with me, then get to Harbin City to find me. I’m waiting for you till noon the day after tomorrow, call this number then. I don’t care whichever method you use to get there. In short, follow me when you get there. If you can’t then I’m gonna go myself.”

Jin took the notes and smacked his hands together. “Simple, money makes the world go round! I’ll call before noon on the day itself.”

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