A Mercenary's War

Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Operation: Eliminate them all!

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

When the person saw Gao Yang, he stepped aside and let him into the office.

The office wasn't big, which was well within his expectations. There were two rooms on the outside and the inside. The outer sector had a few sofas with five people sitting on them. Four of them had gone to Gao Yang's house before to threaten them. The guy who opened the door was the fifth dude. He was the happiest out of all five were present.

Gao Yang knew that Zhao Xin Wen was always involved in businesses that went against morals. And delivering the money to his place today… Zhao Xin Wen surely had deployed several more men over on his side to at least defend him from the boys he might have brought.

The man who opened the door saw Gao Yang come in and found that nobody was outside after extending his head out the door. He closed and locked the door. He growled, “Why is it only you?”

Gao Yang grinned and replied, “Old Gao didn't wanna see you guys, y'all should be able to understand.”

The same dude who opened the door pointed at the plastic bag in Gao Yang's hand and asked, “What's that?”
Gao Yang automatically opened the plastic bag and let them have a look at it before saying, “What's there except money? Two hundred grand and the rest of the money will all go into your account from Old Gao after the IOU slip is returned.”
The person who opened the door peeked at the plastic bag and reached for the plastic bag. Gao Yang immediately shrank his hand back and said, “It's not suitable to do this, right?”
The brawny guy hesitated and didn't force it. He growled, “Did you bring anything you shouldn't have? Hand over your cell phone, if you have any video or voice recording devices, don't even think about exiting this door.”
He chuckled and replied, “Save it, man. Shooting a movie, eh? You wanna search me?”

He raised both his elbows and indicated for the man to search his body while he was speaking. That guy was really gonna search his body anyways. However, a sound came out from the interior office at that moment. “Big Liu, let him in.”
He put down his hands and walked into the interior office. He then saw a bald and corpulent man sitting behind a massive office desk. The fat dude stood up and gestured for Gao Yang to sit. He laughed loudly and said, “You're quite young bro. You seem familiar. Name’s Zhao Xin Wen. May I ask for your surname, Bro?”
He ignored Zhao Xin Wen and sat on the chair opposite Zhao. The person who opened the door for him stood behind him.

When he sat down, Zhao Xin Wen also sat down. He played with his steel pen and said nonchalantly, “Little Bro, you're not really following the rules by doing it your way.”

He raised the plastic bag in his hand and said, “Money's here. Where's the IOU? Give me an account number and the IOU. I'll call Old Gao to give you the rest of the money. If you can't get the IOU, sure, I'll just pat my butt and leave.”
Zhao Xin Wen's face immediately became as long as a fiddle, totally sullen. “What? Are you threatening me? Lemme tell ya, I'm giving you face since I’m willing to end this with you guys! Don't take it for granted and complain like a p*ssy! The IOU is right here. When you give me all the required money, I'll naturally give you the IOU!”
He suppressed his fury and anger with all he had and replied, “Take it out for me to see.”

Zhao Xin Wen pulled his drawer open and took out a slip of paper. He showed it to Gao Yang and told him, “See? IOU. But you've made me really upset. Either give me the one point two million or we're done. The extra fifty grand's for your hospital bills. Or, you can leave your money here for the interest and then you f*ck off. I'll continue to pursue the debt.”
He reached out to inspect the note. It's really was his Daddy’s penmanship, the IOU was correct. Just knowing that was enough. He didn't need to act any longer.
After nodding he pouted his mouth to the side. “The IOU is right, but it seems like you guys ain't keepin’ the deal. Since eight hundred thousand’s not enough, alright, one point two mils’, this two hundred grand here is yours. Give me the account number and the IOU. I'll call Old Gao to transfer it over.”
Whilst all that talking, he grabbed the bag and threw a few stacks of notes on Zhao's table with absolutely no hesitation. Zhao was laughing happily. “That's right, everybody's still good bros, give me a moment, I'll give you the account number.”
Just when Zhao was bawling in laughter, Gao Yang also held onto the grip by extending of his hand. He smiled slightly at Zhao before he suddenly drew his gun and shot once at the henchman behind him. Just like that.
The gun was almost pressing against his head when he fired. He didn't even look at the henchman’s situation before he turned back again and aimed the muzzle at Zhao Xin Wen.
Zhao almost seemed like he hadn't reacted to what had just happened. His mouth was agape and he sluggishly looked at Yang.
Gao Yang wasn't like those characters in the movies where they said too much crap and gave the other party a chance to escape or fight back. He had to deal with five other people outside too, so he just smiled once viciously at the dazed Zhao before pulling the trigger.

The bullet went into his left eye, but since Makarov’s firepower wasn't really big with its 9mm x 18 rounds, it didn't blast off his head like a split watermelon. Instead, it was stuck in his brain.
When Zhao fell behind his desk, Gao Yang didn't bother giving him another bullet. He instead took a magazine from the bag and flashed to the door.
The people outside were in a chaos. Two were crawling on the floor and two courageous ones rushed over. One was holding a long machete while the other was handling a pickaxe. Another guy wanted to open the door and run out.
Gao Yang shot at the man who raised his handle before him. It hit the man in the chest and he fell backward. Gao Yang turned his muzzle quickly and shot at the machete man’s head.
After removing the two greatest threats, he shot the man who wanted to exit the door in the back. The bullet hit the man in the back of his head. He didn't even have a spasm after falling down.
One of the men lying prone on the floor covered his eyes with his hands and screamed like a pig, “Please have mercy, have mercy! I didn't see nothin’, I don't know anything, man.”

Gao Yang hesitated for a while and temporarily didn't fire. When the man who held onto the pickaxe handle wiggled though, he contemplated and added another bullet to the pickaxe *sshole’s head.

He felt that since he started his operation, he had to eliminate everyone here. The people here had seen his face. It was already like this now so he couldn’t leave any survivors. If he was going through with it, then he had to be vicious and thorough about this. The people here were scum anyway, so it’d be better if they were dead.
He raised his gun and shot the two guys once each. They also died of a headshot from the back. They died straightaway the moment they're shot.
He had used up all the rounds in the gun. He reloaded a new magazine and walked to the back of the office. Although he knew that Zhao was definitely dead, he still added two more shots.

There were seven people total in the room, and each of them had a lethal shot to the head. When he made sure the room had no more survivors, he panted deeply a few times. His hands then started trembling uncontrollably.

He very calmly put all the money scattered on the table and placed them back into his plastic bag. Then he put the bullet RAIs [1] one by one slowly back into the plastic bag. He made sure he didn't leave any traces behind and opened the door with his sleeves. He walked briskly out of the room.[2] 

Chapter Notes:

Translator's note(s):

  1. RAI: Recoverable Ammunition Items. They're basically what's left and could be recovered after shooting your ammunition. http://sgforums.com/forums/1390/topics/100678 
  2. Ice cold killer! https://youtu.be/DUp3FPrNK-w 3:19

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