A Mercenary's War

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Gonna Kill People   

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee


Gao Yang's father also crawled half his life in this dog-eat-dog society and obviously knew what had happened. He didn’t rage nor panic, he just calmly said, "I know what you mean. No need for any more words, we’d better get to your boss right now, some words are clearer when stated face to face.”


Gao Wu growled, "What do you guys want?"

"Simple. You owe Mr. Zhao five hundred grand, and according to a daily interest rate of five percent, it's twenty-five grand a day. It’s already been two months exactly, and with the total interest, you have a total of one point twenty-five million. Our boss is humane and compassionate, so he didn't calculate it with geometric progression, or else it'd be three million or even more. If you agree to suck it up, sign another one point twenty-five million bucks IOU agreement. The return date must be stated too. If you disagree, hehe, then don't blame us.”


Even a socially tempered man like Gao Wu was quivering with fury at this moment. He shouted loudly, "I have returned the money to your boss! Even if I haven't yet, he can't charge me interest at the rate of a loan shark[1] like that, I'm not writing that IOU agreement. Tell that dude whose surname's Zhao, if he wants money then we shall meet in court."


The brawny dude flashed a cold smile and said, "Sure, see you in court if you wish. The IOU's in our hands. You are also gonna lose the court case, but do you wanna get rid of interest through this? Big mistake I tell you, not a single penny less with the interest altogether. Brothers, I'm sure y'all know what to do."


The voice stopped. The four quiet brownies immediately began smashing things around. One of them raised his hand and flipped the dining table over. The living room was a mess.


"Stop! What are you doing, hey!"


In desperation, Gao Yang’s mother went to stop one of the men but earned a hard push him. Gao Yang’s mother immediately fell to the ground. Blood flowed from the back of her head while she lay there, not moving at all.


Gao Yang hadn’t spoken, but he didn’t expect these people to smash things without hesitation after being ordered to. He also didn’t think his mother would be pushed to the ground. He killed his way out of the rains and forests of bullet hells, why would he be afraid like a p*ssy in this scenario? It was just a moment of distraction and he let his mom get pushed onto the floor. His eyeballs were painted red all over.


Gao Yang had excellent marksmanship. If he had a gun in hand, these people would have no choice but to die, all of them. But he didn’t have a gun. Talking about melee combat, he’d only get beaten down to the floor. No other outcomes.


Gao Yang didn’t immediately hit them but dodged into the kitchen and then rushed out with a kitchen knife. Then he ran to the person who pushed his mother and chopped at his head.


If it hit its target, that guy's head would have surely split into two. When they saw Gao Yang rush into the kitchen though, they were all ready. One of them swung the chair he was already holding at Gao Yang’s back.


The cleaver didn’t cut anybody, but Gao Yang was knocked over by the chair. Then two people kicked furiously without any control at his body. One of them also shouted, "Wanna f*ck around huh? I’ll let you f*ck around. Wanna to cut me down? Your old man, me, I’m gonna f*cking kill you. "


Gao Yang looked at his surroundings from the ground but saw his father also be beaten to the ground. His mother too was unconscious and unmoving. Gao Yang’s heart almost exploded with fury, but he knew that any resistance would only call for more beatings.


"Stop! I'll give you the money, stop hitting us!"


These people who wanted to collect the debt didn’t want to exacerbate the situation into a big issue. Their ultimate goal was still money. Hearing Gao Yang’s outcry, they stopped the brutal attacks and the leader squatted in front of Gao Yang and patted his face. He arrogantly said, "If you’d said that earlier then it would have been all good. Why complicate sh*t? We just want the money, not your lives. As long as you return the money, everything’ll be cleared."


After that, the ruffian stood up and confronted Gao Wu who was lying on the floor, "We are ‘ashamed’ also since we turned your home into this crap. How about this, we cut some change off. One point two million. Then we’re clear."


Gao Yang didn’t wait for his father to answer and replied to them first. "Today ain’t possible. You gotta wait for me to get the money. I’ve got money coming into the bank, one point two million. I’m paying for Old Gao. But you gotta wait a bit, at least three days. At most, five. I’ll give you the money, you leave your phone number with me and when the money’s here, I’ll call you.”


The brawny leader who had no brains thought for a moment. He nodded and said, "Good, this is it. We can afford to wait three to five days. We’ll give you just those few days to raise the funds. Remember, don’t think about running or hiding."

After saying all that, the ruffian leader waved to the rest of the savage barbarians and they popped out of the door one after another. They even slammed the door shut behind them.

Gao Yang immediately crawled to his mother. She was face up and there was a pool of blood on the floor from the back of her head. She wasn’t moving.

“Yang Yang, look after Mommy. I’m gonna call the police.”

Gao Yang reached out and stopped his dad. His voice sank as he spoke. “Dad, call the ambulance quickly. Also, don’t call the police. Police can’t do sh*t. They ain’t scared. Save mom first.”

The moment his mom was pushed to the ground was the moment Gao Yang became determined that he was going to kill somebody. However, when he was knocked to the ground totally vulnerable and couldn’t resist, he changed his thoughts immediately. He couldn’t just charge forward with a cleaver. That was a big NO NO.

War could really change somebody. If it was Gao Yang from before, he would choose to call the police and get into court should he land in that scenario. He couldn’t do anything else. But now Gao Yang was thinking of how he should f*ck and slaughter the five u*kers and the mastermind boss Mr. Zhao altogether.

Gao Yang was like a volcano that was about to erupt but his expressions didn’t show too much anger. When his father called the ambulance, he held onto his mother’s hand while going up the ambulance to the hospital.

The A&E (Accident and Emergency) diagnosis came out quickly. His mother wasn’t seriously injured, just a concussion to the head. She was already conscious. There were four stitches to the head at the scraped area. Just a few days of rest would do.

Gao Yang sent his mom into the ward with his father. He pulled his father aside and they conversed outside the ward. He said softly, but solemnly, “Dad, you take care of Ma, I’m going outside to handle some matters, I will be back real soon.”

His dad clutched him and said anxiously, “What are you gonna do? I’m telling you, don’t be reckless and make a din! You just got home. If anything else happens to you, how is your mom gonna live?”

He shook his head and replied, “Dad, what are you talking about? I just came back and I knew nothing. What can I do? Oh, by the way, give me a debit card. I gotta go to the bank and ask people to wire money over. Also, give me the house keys. I’m going home to tidy things up first. Mom’s under observation for a while only and can go back today. We can’t let her go home and still tidy things up, right?”

Gao Wu hesitated for a long while before saying, “Alright, you can go back first, but, don’t be reckless! At most, we give those sons of b*tches the money, but you can’t have anything happen to you!”

Gao Yang took his dad’s debit card and house keys before leaving the hospital. He went to buy a phone card — one of those without an identity. Then he spent two hundred plus bucks on the cheapest phone he could find.

Gao Yang just stayed on the streets and found a quiet place to call Morgan. He knew Morgan’s phone was switched on 24/7. It connected pretty fast indeed.

“Mr. Morgan, it’s me, Gao Yang. I’m now home already.”

“Haha, Abdullah told me, you’re really fast! Congrats to you my friend, ask your parents their well-being on my behalf, will ya? I bet they must be overjoyed, right?”

“I’m very grateful to you, Mr. Morgan. Uhmm, I have some emergencies, can you transfer the money over to me?”

“Of course, of course, will RMB do? If you’re okay, you can give me the account number and I’ll let my men transfer you the money according to today’s exchange rates. I’ve got friends in China too. I’ll ask him to give you it first, that’ll be the fastest.”

“Sure, please take it down. Both the number and the account holder’s name.”

“Wait, gotta find a pen and paper. Right, you may say it.”

Gao Yang told him the account number and holder’s name twice and confirmed the information with Morgan. He hung up after and called Tribo.

Gao Yang left the satellite phone with Tribo and Grolev when he was going back. That way, he’d be able to contact them when he was back in China.

Tribo answered after their call connected. His voice rang, “Hello, is this Bro Yang? You’re home so quickly!”

Gao Yang was silent for a while and spoke softly, “I’m home. Get Grolev on the phone, I’ve got matters to discuss with him.”

When Grolev took over, he said softly, “Grolev, when I was leaving you told me that you’ve got a friend at the border between Russia and China doing business. I have something that requires his assistance.”

When Gao Yang was back from Libya, Grolev had told him while they were bantering that he had a friend at the border doing business and by that, it meant smuggling — and also stowaway business. It was called the ‘snakehead’. Gao Yang had dismissed it at that time, but he didn’t expect that he’d need to utilize this connection so soon.

“I’ve got his number but we haven’t been in contact for a long time. I’m gonna give you the number and you can try it. As long as it gets through, just say you’re my friend, full name please, and he’ll gladly help. Just asking, I know it’s extra, but what are you planning to do?”

Gao Yang replied after a very long moment of silence, “I’m. Gonna. Kill. Somebody.”

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxWHjgJN59E Damn… that’s bad.. Quit gambling man… don’t let them earn all that money! Love your family!

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