A Mercenary's War

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Name 

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee


Gao Yang felt that Tribo had the potential of having the ultimate crow’s mouth [1]. Maybe Tribo was a corvine mouth “prophet” in the first place. He said that there would be a near miss; Grolev got shot and almost died. Gao Yang also escaped death since the bullet hit the hatchet first. Although it could be considered a false alarm as the both of them were still alive.


It’s just that Grolev’s situation was a lot more horrifying. According to the surgeon’s description, if Grolev was late by just two more hours, he’d be as dead as a nail.


It could be said that his destiny was to die another day as Grolev had made it. If it weren’t for Tribo and Gao Yang putting their all just to drag him out, there’d be nothing left to mention. If Gao Yang and the rest didn’t meet help and receive succor from someone like Ali, they’d be dead already. And if Morgan hadn’t had his deputy manager offer all the help possible, Grolev would have died on the way to Tripoli. Yet didn’t matter if it was Heaven’s will or pure coincidence, Grolev lived anyways at the end.


Grolev woke up the next day. When he woke up, Gao Yang who had a good night’s of sleep and Tribo were already waiting before his bed.


Grolev scanned his surroundings after he woke up. At last his eyes landed on Gao Yang and Tribo. After a moment of silence, Grolev said softly, “Thanks.”


Gao Yang laughed and replied, “Thank us for what? We’re brothers-in-arms who went to hell’s gate together. Saying too much would make it meaningless.”


Grolev stayed silent for a while and finally spoke solemnly, “I am just a freelanced merc. I took the money, you guys could have just left me there but you didn’t do that. I know I almost burdened both you and Hare. That almost killed you guys.”


Seeing that Grolev still wanted to continue, Gao Yang waved and interrupted, “It’s okay, save some energy, doctor says you gotta rest. What you say so much crap for?”


Grolev chuckled and replied, “Alright, I’ll stop that crap. But I have to tell you guys, I owe you a life.”


Gao Yang sighed and said, “You did it again. I’ve already said that you’re supposed to rest.”


Grolev shook his head and said, “I know my situation. I’m fine already. Just ten days max I’ll be able to kick around. Don’t need to worry about me, and, also, since we’re brothers who live and die together, you gotta at least know my real name.”


Gao Yang was shocked as he said, “Ah, you used a fake name?!”


Grolev looked at Gao Yang like he was an idjit and replied, “Of course, you don’t go around telling everyone your real name as a merc, right? Oh my God, Gao, don’t tell me your name’s the birth one.”


Gao Yang grinned bitterly and said, “Of course it’s my real name. I ain’t some merc, what do I need to think so much for?”


Grolev shook his head and answered, “Indeed, you’re not a merc. Okay, let me tell you my real name. I’m Yuri Grolevsky Ivanov, my artificial name came from my father. Of course, you can continue to call me Grolev after this.”


Gao Yang sighed and said, “Alright. I am Gao Yang and Hare’s real name is Tri-Bo, my name’s meaning, hmm, you wouldn’t understand anyways. As for Hare’s, there’s an ambiguous meaning behind hi. The similar word in Chinese is an obscene and ribald pun. Tri in Mandarin is Cui, which could be pronounced like the catalytic ‘Cui’, and as for Bo, it’s tha t…”


While Gao Yang was speaking he instinctively glanced at Tribo and saw the killing intent written on Tribo’s face looking back at him. Tribo spoke one word at a time. “Bro Yang, I don’t understand English, but since these few years I’ve been outside, I can roughly decipher my name in English. Now that you’ve said my name with that face of sleaziness, shouldn’t you elucidate me on what’s happening?”


Gao Yang had this feeling of being caught red-handed on the spot. He awkwardly coughed twice lightly and told Grolev, “Nothing. Tribo’s name is Tribo, no meaning behind it, but just call his nickname ‘Hare’ and it’ll do.”


Puzzled, Grolev looked at Gao Yang and then at Tribo. He then tilted his head and said, “Okay, no need to explain too much. I feel now that the names and stuff ain’t important. What’s important is what are you planning to do next?”


Gao Yang was about to answer when there was a knock on the door. Abdullah pushed open and entered the room. He pointed at his watch and told Gao Yang, “If you wanna go home, today’s the time. I can’t guarantee a better opportunity after that. As for Grolev, you don’t need to worry. He can stay here to heal. It’s very safe here.”


A little hesitant, Gao Yang looked and Tribo and asked, “Hare, what you plan on doing?”


Tribo insouciantly replied, “Bro Yang, you can just go home. No need to worry about old Ruski, I’ll stay to look after him. When he recovers I’ll become a merc with him. Don’t advise me against it, it’s gonna be futile.”


Gao Yang felt that Tripoli seemed to be relatively secure, and there wouldn’t be chaos rising anytime soon. Abdullah had also said that he wouldn’t go to Benghazi and would stay at Tripoli. These words meant that there was no need to worry about Grolev and Tribo’s safety. If anything came up, Abdullah could transfer them to somewhere else.


Gao Yang was hesitant for a moment but he finally told Grolev, “Excuse me, I’m going home. You and Hare, take care of yourselves.”


Grolev used one of his hands to smack his forehead and said exaggeratedly, “Oh, my God, you think we’re kids or beauties who need to be taken care of? Come on, I’m a veteran, an old merc okay? Gao, you should have gone home sooner. Truth to be told, if I can get back I’d have done that already.”


Gao Yang nodded and replied, “Okay then I’m going. Is there anything you need help with?”


Grolev nodded his head repeatedly and said, “Yes, really got something for you to help out with. I’m giving you an address, can you send the money to my wife in Russia? How about you help me see if my wife and kid are doing well also? I yearn for them but I don’t have anybody that’s trustworthy. I can’t just reveal their address. So you gotta help me with this.”


Gao Yang asked strangely, “Why? Can’t you go there yourself?”


Grolev laughed bitterly, “Of course, if I dared to go back to the motherland, it’d be better to be caught by the cops. If the Black Gang discovers me then my whole family’s dead meat. Reasons are complicated, it’s better for me to tell you slowly next time.”


Gao Yang could only nod while replying, “Okay, I will go on a trip to Russia. Just give me the address.”


Grolev’s spirits suddenly soward. He said, “My daughter’s name is Nina Euler Ivanov. My wife’s Natalia Sasha Ivanov. I’m writing the address down. When you find them, just say you are my friend. They’d understand. Remember, you must say that you’re Grolev’s friend, don’t say my full name.”


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Translator’s note(s):


1.         A crow’s mouth that jinxes other people with bad luck, like banshee’s cry but less serious as it might not cause death every time: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/7738011.html

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