A Mercenary's War

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: That Which Must Be Fulfilled

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

After hearing Tribo’s words, Gao Yang just stood there transfixed and speechless. After digesting it in detail for a moment, to make sure he hadn’t heard it wrong, Gao Yang forced and suppressed his rage before saying, “Is your news reliable?”

Tribo replied with a muffled and boxy tone, “Reliable. The one who called is also a neighbor. We’re normally on good terms. he told me that somebody pulled Malik and Fedor out to the streets and chopped them dozens of times with blades. Their cadavers are still hanging at the shop’s doors.”

Gao Yang nodded and took a deep breath before saying, “Have the government troops fought back?”

“Not the government troops, it’s the Resistance. The dude who’s called Hassan or something was leading some armed forces. But he’s got to be from the Resistance. I don’t know too much, the guy who called was scared and didn’t say much before hanging up.”

Gao Yang nodded and said, “Understood, we can talk about this later.”

Tribo pulled Yang over and said determinedly, “Bro Yang, there’s a big age gap between me and Malik but he’s my friend, a very good friend. Fedor, that old man’s not bad either. We can’t just let them die in vain. I’m staying. I’m gonna get revenge for them, don’t dissuade me from this. I’m gonna go now if I die…, forget it, nothin’ to say.”

Gao Yang’s face became cold throughout Tribo’s ‘speech’ and he coldly said, “Done? Since when you’re the decision-maker with me? When I told you to hold it, you had better shut up.”

After saying that, Gao Yang smacked the hand Hare was pulling him with and turned to Morgan. He then said, “Mr. Morgan, I ain’t going, I’m gonna stay.”

It was Mandarin Chinese between the duo, nobody else present understood what they’d said. But they could tell one thing: after that call, the atmosphere was tense between them.

After hearing Gao Yang’s words, Morgan frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gao Yang muttered in a low voice, “The guy who helped us today is now dead. They were killed by the Resistance. I don’t want to go, I want to go get revenge for them.”

Bob shouted in shock, “God, what are you saying? Fedor and Malik’s dead? Why? Who’d do that? Was it the government troops?”

Seeing that they were talking on the runway but not clearing it for other planes, the two Resistance members who sent them to the airport said a few sentences in Arab. Although Gao Yang didn’t understand, he could guess the general meaning that they were urging them to take off.

Gao Yang shook his head and said, “Bob, don’t ask. You and Mr. Morgan should leave.”

One of Morgan’s bodyguard pulled the Resistance members to the side to interact with them. Morgan gave Hare a glimpse but pulled Gao Yang to the side and whispered, “Gao, I really see you as a friend, that’s why I didn’t thank you with money for the two times you helped me. I’m saying this cause I wish to request that you hear a friend out. Hear me out, I can understand how you feel, but the person’s dead. Even if you wanna avenge them, it’s meaningless ain’t it? Also, by doing this you’re courting death. Come with me, I know your greatest wish is to go home, you did not mention it just once. Think about it, if you’re dead, how sad would your parents be?”

Gao Yang was really in a dilemma at this very moment. The yearning for home really splashed cold water on his seething rage and want for vengeance. But he shouldn’t have thought of Fedor because after that, the seething and burning rage overwhelmed him and suppressed his longing for home.

Sometimes men were really strange. Just a few sentences could turn two people into really good friends. Fedor only taught Gao Yang some knowledge about being a sniper and gave his rifle to him. But other than gratitude, Fedor was a mentor-become-friend to Gao Yang in his heart. Fedor, albeit the short interaction time, was really important to Gao Yang.

Gao Yang sucked in some air deeply, and shook his head while facing Morgan, “Mr. Morgan, we Chinese have an old maxim saying, ‘Blood debt returned with blood’[1], and one more, ‘A thousand foes won’t bend my will!’[2] Whilst difficult for you guys to understand our culture, I can’t just go like that. Since I’ve seen them as my friends, I’ve gotta take revenge for them, f*ck it, even if I die, I’ve no regrets!”

Morgan seemed really anxious and raised his voice without knowing.

“God blast yout Eastern thinking, are you an idiot? You’re courting death! I really admire your loyalty to your friends, but think about the consequences! God d*mn it, you have to hear me out, there’s private military contractors, secret-tactical troops hurrying over, and yes, the Central Intelligence Agency would be coming over too. You know who you’re facing? What can you do?”

Seeing the always calm and composed Morgan bawling and cursing expletives, Gao Yang felt very grateful towards him. If he didn’t treat Yang as a friend, he wouldn’t be in this ‘unglamorous’ state.

He didn’t know what to say. He shook his head, patted Morg’s shoulders, and thanked him. He turned and was about to leave.

“Stand right there! Wait.”

Morgan’s eyes were spouting with flames. His eyes were furiously transfixed on Gao Yang, and he lowered his voice. “You’re a hero, but heroes are all short-lived. But I hope I can increase your survivability. I’m leavin’ this number. He’s my deputy agent, you can find him for anything. Provided that you’re alive, and I recommend you start tomorrow or later because he can only be reached tomorrow.”

Gao Yang took the paper that Morgan gave him, and said his thanks. Bob reached out to Gao Yang, his face dimmed, and said, “Hey, Bro, I’m so sorry. I can’t help you much, but I think you should change your gun.”

He was dazed for a moment, then he recalled something: Bob’s M1A was still on the plane, and his guns from Vulture Mercenary Corporation (VMC) were all on the plane. Even though Gao Yang hoped to use Fedor’s 98K to avenge him as it’d be more meaningful, ensuring a successful revenge would be better.

Gao Yang smiled and patted Bob’s shoulders, saying, “Your gun’s really expensive, it’s highly possible that she’s[3] not gonna be yours after this.”

Bob was half choking with tears, but he still said, “Okay, you got it. I just hope you survive this. Tell you what, good or even exalted guns are in galore at my house. As long as you make it back alive, I’ll give you whatever gun you like. By the way, can’t you at least reconsider? With just you and your friend, you guys’d be dead.”

Gao Yang was about to speak, but Grolev who had been quiet all this while suddenly said, “Not two. Three. I took the money so I gotta do my job. So I’m goin’. I think Mr. Morgan would agree.”

Gao Yang was silent for a while before he turned around to Grolev and said, “Spah-see-boh (Спасибо [5]).”

Grolev just shrugged with his face full with ease. “No need for thanks, you guys paid.”

Bob didn’t say much but went onto the plane with a very gloomy expression. Gao Yang waved at Hare and said, “Do you want a Remington M700 (Rem. M700[5])? If so, git’ up here. We bros are gonna rock n’ roll real hard in this big one, how could we do so without good guns?”

Tribo was astounded at first, then he was really excited and jubilant. He hurried up goofily after Yang.

Morgan just stood in the cabin with both his hands folded. He watched Gao Yang put down all his things. He said, “It’s still not too late for you to change your plans.” 

Gao Yang smiled but didn’t speak. He took a Rem. M700. He’d gotten this gun was when he saved Morgan and Bob — he’d picked it up from the dead mercenary sniper’s hands and brought her here.

He handed her to Hare and said, “Take her, ammo’s still enough for a hundred plus shots.”

Hare threw his broken rifle away from the same way he cast aside his old shoes. He only took the gun from Gao Yang after rubbing both his hands on his body. After inspecting her with a glimpse he happily said, “Remington M700 BDL, not bad, I like it. Whoo, it’s .308 caliber, even better. NATO rounds (5.56 x 45mm) are also usable, ammunition’s easy to find man!”

Gao Yang shook his head and took Bob’s M1A. This gun that was a semi-automatic assault rifle that had cost him a lot of money was now his because Bob gave her to him.

Bob took the revolver he was about to give Yang and said, “Your Ruger’s time has been too long, the pistol magazine’s spring is probably inflexible now.”

Gao Yang received M686 with the holster. He had millions of emotional waves running in and through him. He really liked this gun, and only a short while ago, he was annoyed that he couldn’t take her home. Surprisingly, however, she was back in his hands and was going to bring him out for a kill. 

Gao Yang was about to holster the full-Western-style gun at his waist, when Simon suddenly told him, “Wait, this gun’s suitable for hunting, not to kill men. You have a better option.”

Simon turned to Morgan  after saying that. Morgan sighed and said, “Since he’s already determined, if you can’t stop him, then give him the best.”

Gao Yang didn’t know what Morgan was saying. Simon nodded and turned back to Gao Yang and signaled, “Come with me, you can choose for yerself.”

After reaching the end of the cabin, he opened a refrigerator. After pressing the switch, there emerged a massive drawer from the fridge. He said, “Choose what you like, they’re military-grade automatic weapons, and they’re Sus’ and my backup guns. Functionality and reliability are definitely no problem, choose what you like with your friends.”

Gao Yang felt like he had just seen a treasure vault, there were four M4A1 automatic rifles, two MP5 assault rifles, two shotguns, and two other handguns. There weren’t a lot of guns, but there were tons of magazines and ammunition.

The two pistols were the M1911A1 and the SIG P226, both good and famous guns. He had trouble choosing. After he looked for a while, he chose 1911 very quickly. That was because 1911 had an 11.43mm caliber, while P226 had a 9mm caliber.

Since Gao Yang had practiced with air guns before, his marksmanship was really there. Even though he didn’t fire larger calibers like M1911, he was confident that he could take the recoil. The advantage of having a big caliber was that the kickback resistance was a lot better. Although only seven shots a magazine, to Gao Yang, one shot one kill was more important than blasting the enemy with just the sheer number of bullets.

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. https://tw.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060530000013KK01107, meaning, ‘an eye for an eye’, but much more serious in degree and more like a blood feud you know?
  2. https://www.zhihu.com/question/35040351 depicts the will of a man who wanted to overcome his problems or obstacles, no matter how great. Came from Meng Tze.
  3. Worked in SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) before, remembered the commanders saying that weapons are akin to our wives? And so we gotta scrub her clean inside out so that there wouldn’t be jam or chamber explosion, that could cause safety hazards.
  4. Don’t go just because she’s pretty.(Clicks anyway lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jZmtAgKy1g 
  5. I want… T.T https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remington_Model_700

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