A Mercenary's War

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Freelance Mercenaries

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang was already prepared to leave. Hare was still bidding farewell to Malik. Bob was calling his old man. As long as the location was confirmed, they could get going.

However, after Bob called, he received some bad news. He gave Gao Yang a doleful look after hanging up, saying, “Bro, things have gotten very bad. My dad’s in trouble this time. Really! He left a bit too late, he and a few Resistance leaders were trapped by the Government troops. The Government troops were again surrounded by another Resistance troop, but those idiots couldn’t charge through the surrounding Government troops.”

He buried his face in his hands. He rubbed his face a few times irately and gave a long sigh, saying, “Say the word, what do you need us to do?”

Since when did Bob experience this type of situation? He said resignedly, “I don’t know, my dad let me leave on my own and not care about him. But how could I leave alone without him, Gao Yang, I need your help.”

Gao Yang nodded and said, "Okay, we’ll go there to look at the situation. Maybe we can help in some way."

After that, Gao Yang hesitated on how to tell Tribe about this matter. Tribo could speak Arabic, but he was not really fluent in English. He could not understand what Gao Yang and Bob had said. But as Gao Yang was hesitating about it, Tribo asked curiously, "What happened Bro Yang, something up?”

Gao Yang originally wanted to leave with Hare, but now it was not a good idea. Gao Yang sighed, "Nothing major, I was just gonna do something and I can’t take you with me. Be careful. Will call you if it's smooth on my side. "

"Chey, looking at your expression, I know you have to go to war. What, don’t trust your bro? I’m telling you, I’m no longer the kid who played stuffed dogs. Look at my gun, this is what I bought last year. And now I’ve used at least a thousand rounds. Do you want to leave me by myself now? Are you stupid? Go on, we brothers work together and we’ll get tis’ shit done.”

Gao Yang shook his head. "Hare, this is real, not Counter-Strike, I can’t let you risk your life."

Tribo looked with disdain still: "Bro Yang, others don’t know me, but you don’t? To be honest with you, I didn’t wasn’t intending on leaving at all. I wanted to stay and become a mercenary. Sure, you can say I’m stupid or retarded, but I finally got the opportunity I longed for after so long. I have to realize my dreams and aspirations man, I’ll accept it even if I die trying. I still have a younger brother anyways[1]."

Gao Yang knew that becoming a sniper was his dream, but he didn’t think that Tribo would really take his own life to realize it.

Gao Yang didn’t hesitate anymore and patted Tribo’s shoulders hard. He roared, “Alright! We buddies will play once more, real this time, and big! ”

Tribo was so relaxed as if he wasn’t going to war. His expression was lax. After waiting for Malik to open the shop, Tribo bade farewell to Malik as well as Fedor before spiritedly exiting the store.

The situation was quite dangerous — not suitable for a reluctant parting. Gao Yang and Fedor’s group didn’t say much, but after a mutual “Take care”, Bob and him went out the door. They then helped Malik pull the shutters down outside.

As soon as Gao Yang went out, he saw a man carrying a gun on his shoulder and limping towards him. The man froze for a moment after seeing the three and then said with heavily accented English, "Who is the one who just fired amongst you three?"

He was Caucasian, tall and muscular, and seemed to be around forty. It’s just that he was full of dust, including his beard. The dust fell as he spoke. It seemed very battered and sorry for him as it was ashen with dust. 

Gao Yang didn’t recognize the man but not the RPD [2] light machine gun on his back. This was exactly the gunner who had cooperated twice with Gao Yang with great chemistry.

Gao Yang strode forward. “It was me. Heya, you injured?”

The Caucasian nodded. It could be counted as a greeting. He then put the machine gun down, his face furious. "No injuries, only got hit by something. Very happy to work side by side with you by the way, you’re amazing. Pardon my presumption or impertinence, are you guys also freelance mercs? If yes, I’ll advise you: don’t accept the Resistance’s hires, they're untrustworthy. They talked about the price but refused to pay, these bastards."

Gao Yang and Bob glanced at each other and both of them seemed to understand the meaning through each other's eyes.

Gao Yang lightly coughed, “What happened? Your mercenary corp seems to be not doing well because they refused to pay?”

The gunner shook his head. “We’re not a corp but some freelance mercenaries temporarily grouped together. However, my best friend was recently killed. D*mn, I did not expect to be shelled. Ah, my name is Grolev, awfully pleased to meet you. I would like to ask if you have a job now? Do you have any interest in finding a job together? You know, the situation for us freelance mercenaries is inferior to that of the mercenary corps. So, it’s better for us to find work together."

Bob didn’t wait for Gao Yang and asked, “What price would you be satisfied with?”

Grolev glimpsed at the hotel that was already a heap of rubbles before sighing, “If it’s a long-term job, three hundred dollars a day at the very least. If it’s solo mission I gotta look at the situation, but my starting price would be five hundred dollars.”

Gao Yang could hardly believe his very ears. These people sold their lives off for money, but one battle cost no more than five hundred dollars. Selling one’s life for such a price was a bit too much even for a good bargain.

Bob glanced at Gao Yang and solicited his opinion. Gao Yang nodded his head forthwith and profusely. This gunner’s performance was deeply engraved into his mind. It’d simply be gospel music to the ears if he were successfully hired.

Seeing that they were unanimous in their decision, Bob immediately said, “It’s like that. We ain’t mercs, but we wanna hire you.”

Grolev was somewhat disappointed at first, but after hearing that, he immediately and excitedly roared, “What mission? How much?”

Bob unhesitantly said, “We aren’t sure what the mission’s like, but I can pay you a grand and then you offer a price when you see the situation. As long as your prices are reasonable, we won’t refuse.”

Saying that, Bob reached for his money but awkwardly found out that he only had a few bucks on him. Gao Yang responsively took out money from his pockets and gave it to Bob. 

Seeing the money in Bob’s hands, Grolev immediately changed his expression. He said strictly, “ No dinarii or rials, these will soon be scrap paper, only US dollars. Just pay the five hundred dollar deposit first. Well, if I can’t take your job, I will refund you.”

Bob counted five one hundred dollar bills and passed them to Grolev before returning the rest to Gao Yang. Then he turned his head and said, “Can we talk while we walk?”

Mr Morgan’s trapped position was not far from Fedor’s shop. It was only a half hour walk. Tribo had lived here for a long time so naturally knew the way, but they still had to be aware of the chaotic environment and had to be careful along the way.

Asked to go there, Grolev suddenly said, "I know where. That’s where we come from, the Resistance’s control site, the road is fairly smooth all the way there."

What Grolev said was good news. Gao Yang narrated Mr Morgan’s plight. “We don’t know what we’re gonna do after reaching there, but you are a veteran and I'd like to hear from you.”

Grolev did not hesitate to speak. "The Resistance is full of Cyka Blyats [3], my opinion is to help them as soon as possible because if it’s too late, the government forces are more than likely to have killed all of your guys."

When they heard this, both Yang and Bob were taken aback and the two accelerated their steps immediately. But after they did, Grolev could not keep up.

 "Can you slow down? Very sorry, my leg was hit. Though it’s not serious, it still affects me."

Grolev was carrying an RPD, which was an old but very reliable gun. Similar to an AK-47, it had thirty-nine 7.62mm intermediate ammunition with a drum with a capacity of one hundred rounds as ammunition feed. The machine gun itself was seven to eight kilograms. Grolev also carried a few drums which added up to at least twenty kilograms.

Gao Yang looked at Grolev: “How many bullets do you have? Enough?”

"I still have four fully-loaded drums, three empty. Indeed somewhat not enough, but bullets are easy to find."

Gao Yang nodded and said, "We have to speed up. Pass your gun over and let us carry your gun, so that we can travel faster."

After that, Yang faced Tribo who was at the front and ordered, “Hare, come carry his gun, I’ll lead.”

Tribo ran over and took the Grolev's gun without any sound. Then he gestured to Grolev to also hand over his backpack.

Twenty to kilograms of weight was nothing to Tribo. Although his nickname was Hare, when he was with Yang, he was usually ‘exploited’ by Yang like a mule. If his great strength was not used for coolie’s labor[4], it’d put his muscular build to waste.

Carrying his own sniper rifle, Tribo shifted the machine gun into a horizontal position and said, “How the hell are you gonna take a 98K and reconnoiter the front? Secondly, do you recognize the way? Same old rules. I’ll pioneer, you cover me.”

After saying that, Tribo walked out first while Gao Yang resignedly shook his head and pulled out several meters from Bob. The group of four quickly walked to their destination.

Grolev’s speed picked up after there was no burden. While walking, Gao Yang still couldn’t bear his curiosity. “Grolev, are you Russian? Are you a retired veteran?”

Grolev nodded and said, "Yes, Russian. A paratrooper. Participated in the Chechen wars twice and entered Grozny both times. Please be assured, I won’t let you down."

Gao Yang smiled and said, "I've seen your way of fighting, I know your strength. To be honest, you are terrific."

Bob, on the other hand, was somewhat surprised. His knowledge of hired mercenaries was greater than Gao Yang’s. He knew that after fighting the two Chechen wars, Grolev’s qualifications were very impressive and brag-worthy. Bob also knew that Grolev’s capabilities were really shocking — such a man should be highly sought after by the mercenary corps, even to the point of ‘robbing’. How did he end up being mixed together with freelance mercenaries who had the highest death rates?

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s notes:

  1. ‘I still have a brother anyways’ means that Tribo still had a brother (younger/older, no matter) that could help in continuing the lineage (#copulate_and_populate haha) of his family, since a guy could then start his own family with his family’s Surname.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPD_machine_gun
  3. Cyka Blyat - means, ‘Goddamnit, bi*tch’ or ‘f**king idiots’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo5ZVe1LHxU have fun. ;-)
  4. Means laborer, but mostly for Indians, Chinese and Asians. Should be created when the West thought colonialism was fun haha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coolie

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