A Mercenary's War

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Nice Teamwork

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang used the fastest speed he ever had. He completed the action: aim, then fire!

Tribo had done it. The sniper hiding behind the window had indeed changed his aim. When Gao Yang fired, the sniper’s scope was not on Gao Yang.

Gao Yang’s bullet hit the sniper’s left eye. When the bullet passed through the brain, red mists flew outward with the round.

Swiftly switching his muzzle back towards the rooftop Tribo was at, Gao Yang saw Tribo holding a big sledgehammer. It was in his arms and the handles were facing the window. He was in a shooting position. It was precisely this that had successfully confused the sniper and thus gave Gao Yang the chance to strike.

Using the opportunity, Gao Yang glanced briefly at Tribo. He was relieved seeing that his friend was still alive and kicking. It was just that when Gao Yang shifted his aim back towards the stairs, he found that a guy was on the rooftop. Fortunately, he did not seem to know that there was another man with him. He was aiming at Gao Yang’s place. The other person’s body had just stuck out from the stairs (in Gao Yang’s scope).

It was just a matter of time before Tribo would be discovered. Gao Yang immediately pulled the trigger. The one standing on the rooftop dropped, face up. When he pulled the bolt and hurried to shoot the other man, he was flabbergasted. He had used up his five rounds. There were no more rounds in the chamber.

He took out a magazine. He trembled while loading the magazine because of his nervousness. He heard Fedor shouting beside him, however. 

“Good job, Hare!”

He finally completed reloading. He pulled the bolt to put the round into the chamber and aimed it at the stairs again. To his surprise and jubilance, Tribo was holding an AK-47 and was firing at the stairway whilst moving.

Within this short frame of time, Gao Yang’s undergarments were drenched with cold sweat. Seeing that Tribo was alright, Gao Yang felt a wave of weakness wash over him. His hold on the rifle was trembling uncontrollably. 

“What happened?”

“Hare threw the hammer away and accurately hit the unlucky bastard’s head. That bastard fell off from the blow. I think that hammer squashed out his brain juice.  Then Hare picked up a gun and blockaded the stairs. I think that’s what happened, uhm, very flawless. Very bold teamwork. He had absolute trust in ye. I guess ya’ve been comrades with Hare for many years eh?”

Gao Yang let out a breath. He extended his sleeves to wipe his tear-blurred eyes before softly saying, “We are indeed have been comrades for many years, in-game.”

After saying that, he swiftly aimed his muzzle back at the building across the hotel. He just had to pay attention to cover Tribo’s back now that he had already blockaded the stairs.

His choice was a correct one indeed. Very, in fact. Just as he switched his aim, a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) appeared at the window where the sniper had recently died.

The distance between the GPMG and Hare was just one street. As long as the gunner was not a moron, he certainly could fire his rounds in chains to kill Hare at such a close distance. Hence, as long as the gunner fired, Tribo would not have any hope of survival. Luckily, however, the gunner had just moved to the former sniper’s position. 

As the gunner positioned his GPMG rack on the window and was about to pull the trigger, Gao Yang fired.

He hit the GPMG gunner’s left shoulder. Even though it did not kill him right away, the impact hit him and sent him rolling on the floor. His right hand pulled the trigger at the same time. The GPMG fired a chain of rounds into the sky before being dragged to the floor with the gunner.

The uncontrolled GPMG shots totally decimated the window. The gunner did not get up. Nobody appeared at the window either. Gao Yang began to scan the two windows on the second floor. The warring action duo’s positioning was excellent. If those in the hotel wanted to pose a threat to them, they would have to go to the rooftop. The second place would be the window facing them on the second floor. 

Even though Tribo was temporarily safe, it would still be very difficult for him to escape from that hotel. Not saying anything else, those people who only shot the air, or the so-called “Resistance”, did not pose any threats to the mercenaries in the hotel — they had perfectly obstructed Hare’s escape route.

Gao Yang could handle the problems behind Tribo, but couldn’t ensure his total safety. Fedor was also out of ideas. They could only adapt and improvise.

Fedor frequently raised his binoculars but did not find any suitable targets. The standoff situation lasted around ten minutes. The Resistance’s gunshots suddenly became very soft. Then they disappeared soon after.

Fedor crawled to the short wall to the neighboring street, glanced out briefly, and said strangely, “Another gang of people is coming, are they thinking of attacking?” 

Gao Yang shifted to Fedor’s side swiftly. He turned his head and eyed the place. He saw more than ten people gathered together. There were whites among the black men, but no Arabians.

“Seems like another troop of mercenaries. Surely this ain’t the Libyan Civil War, but a war amongst mercenaries?”

Gao Yang asked a question, trying to figure out what was going on. Bob who had been lying flat finally spoke softly. “I called my dad. He told me that everything is in chaos. The government has mercs, and the Resistance too. Now it’s just a war among the mercs. However, now that the Americans and French have come, this chaos is gonna turn into a real war very soon. We’d better leave.”

Those mercenaries pasted themselves at the side of the wall base. They began to shift towards the hotel. Their current position made them fearless to attacks.

Fedor whispered, “Seems like they’re really storming in. Now, there’s finally some aspects of a decent war. However, I’m very curious, are both the government and the opposition really deciding on letting the mercs fight their civil war?”

Gao Yang chuckled wryly, “I don’t give a damn on how they’re gonna fight, I’m just worried about how I can get Hare outta that damn hotel.”

Fedor shrugged, “Maybe now is a chance if we work with the Resistance.”

After saying that, Fedor revealed part of his head and shouted towards the mercenaries advancing towards the hotel. “Hi! Don’t shoot. Allies! We’ve got a sniper covering for you guys! There’s four dead in the hotel, and the building across the hotel, both a sniper and a GPMG gunner are dead. Ye can speed up, just take note that there’s a guy up in the garret. He’s one of us, a Chinese, don’t hurt him accidentally. He’ll help ye.”

Those mercenaries were startled by the sudden outburst of sound from Fedor. But upon hearing his words, a few of them gave him a thumbs-up. One of the blacks even shouted back, “Hey, old man, don’t tell me you’re the sniper. I really hope I can get the sniper’s backup, but not from somebody as old as you. So old and yet you have to risk your life like that, you raisin’ money for your great grandsons?”

They roared in laughter. The black in the front waved and the sixteen people in total started moving forward again.

Fedor smiled and shrank back. “If I knew a sniper was coverin’ for me, I’d be very glad, so very glad, and I’d never offend a sniper. Hence, they’ll definitely ensure Hare’s safety. At least they won’t shoot at Hare right after meetin’ him.”

Gao Yang did not speak and focused on the building across the hotel. The battle was going to begin soon and thus he had to be ready to shoot at any moment. 

Fedor took Malik’s phone and called Tribo. He had to tell Tribo to prepare himself for the upcoming war.

The sixteen mercenaries on the Resistance’s side was about to enter enemies’ territory. Suddenly, four people jumped out and crazily shot at the hotel to suppress any attacks coming from it. Then another four rushed towards the hotel’s main entrance.

When the Resistance’s mercenaries started their operation, the first floor of the building across the hotel started firing from its firing point. Gao Yang found the man right after he had just started firing. He finished him off with a bullet.

Gao Yang only got one of them. There were three to four people firing at the same time, however. At this moment, a man carrying GPMG rushed up onto the street and positioned his gun on the floor. Then he started firing to suppress the enemies. Long and short bursts were used interchangeably. The firing point at the building across the hotel was completely suppressed for a while. They could not even raise their heads. 

Gao Yang felt that this Caucasian’s shooting was a work of art. In such a short amount of time, he could not find the exact words to describe it. But the suppression was too good — nobody could show their heads at the window at all, and thus there was no chance for him to snipe.

The GPMG gunner seemed to relinquish his suppression on one of the windows briefly after. Gao Yang understood and aimed at that window. Not long after, a cock-eyed guy showed up at that very window. However, there was no chance for him to shoot at all. He was finished off by Gao Yang’s one shot.

There was no verbal interaction. Gao Yang was cooperating with the gunner. He did not know if the Caucasian had anticipated that, or if it was a coincidence, but he soon found out that the gunner had given up suppressing another window.

Gao Yang did it again. He waited for somebody to appear and then finished them off again. He realized that the gunner was doing it on purpose.

Fedor also discovered the double-team effort between Gao Yang and the gunner.  He lowered his voice. “That gunner is really superb and bold. He doesn’t even know if ye can complete this shoot-out nicely and yet he dared to give you a channel to fire at. He’s either brimming with confidence for ye or himself. Expounded by the fact that he doesn’t know ye, I am inclined to think that he has confidence in suppressing the opponent. An adroit gunner, excellent teamwork.”

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