A Mercenary's War

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - Departure

Translated by: Spot

Edited by: Isalee

The city of Malakal was situated between North and South Sudan. Compared to the outskirts, the only difference was the number of houses that crowded around. Not even a slightly tall building appeared thus far in Gao Yang’s journey.


The situation turned for the better after reaching Malakal’s most boisterous district as the few scattered homes transitioned into actual buildings. Finally, there was a feeling of a real city.


Eventually they reached the hotel that they’d be staying at and an expectant white guy in front of the hotel welcomed them over. Not even waiting for the car to stop, the guy had already run over to Morgan’s car and opened up Morgan’s door. He said with an apologetic face, “Oh thank the lord you came back safe. This is great. I’ve already booked the room, please follow me.”


Morgan jumped off the car and nodded to the white guy. He then walked over to where Gao Yang the rest were sitting: “Gentlemen, we have arrived. If there are people who don’t have anything to do then you can relax. Though I’d imagine Professor Buck will be meeting up with the mayor and the police chief.”


Professor Buck replied, “That’s right, my people’s bodies are still on the grassy plains. If it’s possible, I’d like to travel during the night to find their bodies.”


Gao Yang didn’t think Professor Buck could find those bodies of the victims. Two days and a night had already passed and with such a long time period, it was enough for the vultures and hyenas to have feasted it all; not even the skeletons will be left alone.


Mr. Morgan nodded his head: “I’m willing to provide you with everything that’s within my power. You can come with my men to go to the police station. The mayor is already there waiting. Another thing, the commander of the garrison is also there and that’ll cut down some time. You’d even be able to immediately leave and also contact the embassy there. There’ll presumably be people from the embassy to come and clear up this matter.”


Professor Buck nodded in agreement. Without the help of Morgan, seeing the mayor tomorrow would already be good enough. Besides, who knows how long it would take to send people out to look for the victims’ bodies?


Professor Buck and Morgan shook hands: “Thank you for providing such help, I can’t thank you enough.”


Morgan shook his head: “This matter was all caused by me, and doing all this helps relieve my conscience a bit. Professor, I will leave as soon as possible, most likely tonight. If you still have anything else you need help with, please do not hesitate to ask.”


Professor Buck looked over to Gao Yang, then said, “Mr. Morgan, our mutual friend Gao Yang really wishes to go back home. I originally wanted to help send him back, but as you know, we’re definitely going to stay here for quite some time. We can’t possibly leave without clearing up this whole mess, so would it be possible for you to help him?”


Mr. Morgan smiled to Gao Yang: “I was just about to say something about it. Looks like we both have the same idea, I also feel Mr. Gao Yang should leave this place soon. He did kill a lot of people after all. Professor, while we’re talking to the government and the adorable embassy, please make sure not to bring up Gao Yang to avoid bringing him any inconveniences. What do you think?”


Professor Buck gravely nodded to this matter and said, “I know the minivan taxis are ferocious. I won’t bring him up. Also, my men have already agreed to zip it up so they won’t give Gao Yang any trouble, don’t worry.”


Morgan waved his hand and signaled the white man who had opened the door over. Morgan then pointed at the white man: “Professor, he’s one of my men. Once you’re done preparing, just give him call, he’ll be accompanying you until the end since I won’t be joining you. It’s not convenient for me to reveal my face and Bob’s injuries need to be treated soon, so I’ll be flying out once the plane arrives.”


After finishing, Morgan said to Gao Yang, “Now you should go take a bath, change into a new set of clothes, and then wait for my plane so we can leave together. I’ll be heading to Libya by myself. I strongly suggest you leave here as soon as possible. I’m asking for your opinions but you must make your own decisions.”


After Morgan finished talking, professor Buck furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Mr. Morgan, please forgive my boldness but Libya current situation isn’t the most peaceful, why do have to go there now?”


Morgan shrugged his shoulders and helplessly said, “You know, for people of my kind, no matter what we do, it’s always best to walk in front of everyone. This is exactly why Libya is going to be in disorder. I need to get there as fast as possible. Business nowadays isn’t so easy and I need to cherish every money-making opportunity. From what I’ve just heard, Libya is already in chaos and a civil war is almost inevitable. Therefore, I need to hurry up and head there. Without a doubt, for Gao Yang, leaving for Libya or staying here are both poor choices and thus I need him to make a decision.”


Morgan and Buck both looked towards Gao Yang. Gao Yang hesitated for a bit, not knowing which decision to make. He didn’t know sort of disorder Libya was in, and evidently Malakal wasn’t some safe refuge, and Gao Yang especially didn’t want to have any contact with the police or army here.


Gao Yang didn’t want to wait a second longer. He only wanted to quickly head home. Thus, Gao Yang only hesitated for a second before making up his mind.


“I’ll go to Libya with Mr. Morgan. That way I can head home faster.”


Professor Buck nodded his head and walked up to give Gao Yang a hug. He then took out a pencil and started writing in a small booklet. Tearing off the sheet, he gave it to Gao Yang: “I don’t have time to send you off but this is my contact information in America. Once you get home, please give me a call. I believe we’re already friends now, right?”


Gao Yang laughed, “We’re definitely friends. Once I get home, the first thing I’ll do is give you a call. Later, we’ll have all the time in the world to meet up, moreover, at very safe premise.”


Morgan clapped his hands. “Okay, we still have plenty of time to bid farewell. Let us head into the hotel.”


Professor Buck nodded his head and said, “You guys head into the hotel and chat, I first must head to the police station.”


Once Professor Buck and Morgan’s henchman left together, Gao Yang and the rest of the crew entered into the hotel as the two bodies in Mr. Morgan’s car were also carefully bagged up to be transported by plane. From this alone, Gao Yang felt that Morgan was very good to his henchmen. A person who was willing to undertake many difficulties just to return his subordinate’s body wouldn’t be lacking when dealing with the living.


After Gao Yang entered his own room in the hotel, he unexpectedly found that his room actually had air conditioning. Although Gao Yang had already become accustomed to the drought-like weather that was close to forty degree celsius high, being able to cool off still left people in high spirits.


Gao Yang merrily had a bath as it was his first time doing so in three years. After he finished washing, two hours had already passed.


Gao Yang switched into the clothes Bob gave him. He and Bob were of similar height, and after wearing it, he found that the clothes fit pretty well; they were just a bit wide. But after not wearing clothes for three years, Gao Yang felt a bit weird wearing them again. However, Bob didn’t bring any spare shoes and only gave him a pair of socks. So, Gao Yang could only wear the shoes he that had worn for three years.


Actually, Gao Yang didn't want to throw them out either as the army boots were of amazing quality. After wearing it for three years, other than the small cuts on the outer layer making it look old and dirty, Gao Yang thought that there weren’t any other problems. Most importantly, Gao Yang had already developed feelings for his boots. Once he returned home, even though he wouldn’t be wearing it anymore, Gao Yang would still take care of these boots.


While Gao Yang was brushing his unbearably stinky boots, Kathleen knocked on the his door room. She started blankly at Gao Yang, then smiled, “You’re wearing clothes. I almost couldn’t recognize you. Oh my, you wearing clothes in real life and in my imagination are a bit different.”


Gao Yang shrugged his shoulders. “What you’ve just said can really cause people to misunderstand. You say it as if I’ve almost never worn clothes before, but I actually have worn clothes before.”


“Alright, if you consider a grass skirt as clothes, then I misspoke. Oh, I came to give you this.”


Kathleen handed over a slip of paper and Gao Yang took a look. On it was Kathleen’s address, phone number, and a bunch of ways to contact her online.


Gao Yang carefully placed the slip of paper into his pocket and smiled lightly. “I’ll keep this safe. Once I’m back, I’ll give you a call.”


After this saying this, Gao Yang didn’t know what to do to keep this rolling. Whenever he was with Kathleen, there was always something amiss. He wanted to say something but he just didn’t know what to say. It seemed like quite the predicament.


Kathleen giggled. “You aren’t planning to ask me to sit down?”


As if woken up from a dream, Gao Yang quickly said, “Please sit, please sit.”


At this moment, Kathleen suddenly let out a burst of laughter: “ Your current expression is too clumsy. I bet you’ve never had a girlfriend.”


Gao Yang scratched at his head with a face full of embarrassment: “Before, I didn’t want one, and after, I didn’t have a chance. So not only did I not have a girlfriend, I haven’t even kissed one, haha.”


Gao Yang was somewhat regretful after saying all that and he didn’t know what caused him to blurt such a thing. All the words just came rushing out, but what made Gao Yang stunned was how Kathleen eyed him with fixed eyes and suddenly moved over. She used both hands to grab his shoulders as she pressed her seductive, red lips onto his.


Feeling the warmth coming from her lips, Gao Yang’s mind went completely blank. This was actually his first kiss. Just at this moment, when Gao Yang hadn’t had enough time to have a taste of this kiss, the door was suddenly pushed open as Bob came charging in.


“Hi, brother, the plane is here. We’re going to depart soon……Oh, sorry, I’m heading out now.”


But it was too late. After hearing Bob’s shouting, Kathleen had already stopped the kiss and scooted back a bit.


Seeing Gao Yang’s eyes burning with fire, Bob was at a loss for what to do and said, “Sorry, so very sorry, I’m truly deeply sorry, I’ll leave immediately. Eh, we can delay our flight a bit, no problems with that.”


Kathleen didn’t respond to Bob as she softly smiled at Gao Yang. She pursed up her lips and softly said, “So sorry for stealing away your first kiss, but it seemed like there wasn’t much feeling. It was not really what I imagined. Alright, hopefully you don’t misunderstand. In children’s fairy tales, doesn’t the princess have to bestow a kiss to her rescuer? So I’m not pursuing you, I just wanted to express my thanks. Also, that was both of our first kisses, so we’re even. Ok, this departing ceremony is over. See you.

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