A Mercenary's War

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Strength

Translated by: Ciel

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang soon taught the chief and the other four how to use a gun. That was one of the benefits of an AK-47; it was simple and easy to use. 


In this world however, the most popular gun was still the rifle. In an environment like Africa, where it was practically impossible to maintain any tool, a rifle was the sturdiest option. It could survive under any weather conditions, rain or shine, and take multiple beatings. Even if it were completely rusted over, you could still use the AK-47. Giving it to the A’Kuli was most fitting. 


Gao Yang opened fire and shot down an antelope to demonstrate. The antelope that got hit was just like the one that had been caught by the leopard, only it was slightly smaller. Professor Buck told them that it was a type of water antelope that was fairly common in these parts. 


On the other hand, Gao Yang, didn’t care much about it if it were rare or not, but it did seem like the professor and the others cared a lot. 


Gao Yang showed the chief and the others step by step on how to target and shoot. Soon, even they were able to critically hit an antelope that was forty to fifty meters away. But, when it came time for Gao Yang to teach them how to clean the gun and keep the bullets clean as well as other ways of maintaining the AK-47, it took a good two hours. 


In less than three hours, he taught them how to expertly handle the AK-47. That was about the average time it took normally. If Gao Yang was irresponsible and only showed the chief and the others how to shoot and change bullets, then it would have taken less than five minutes. 


After showing them how to use the gun, Gao Yang told them to return to the tribe. They could finally begin their mission. The Morgans was sitting in one of the chairs, while Gao Yang and Professor Buck took the other car. They were going to Malakal. 


Actually, Gao Yang had originally wanted to go separate ways from the Morgan family, but they were the only ones with a GPS. Without a GPS, nobody knew the way to Malakal. Furthermore, even if Professor Buck and the others went off on their own, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to avoid all that much danger. And so in the end, they all set off together. 


Since they were split between two cars, Gao Yang handed Professor Buck’s walkie to the Morgans. That way, they could maintain contact while on the road. Of course, they changed the frequency fairly often as they were afraid that someone would eavesdrop on their conversations. 


Based on the GPS, Gao Yang and the others were a hundred and fifty kilometers away from Marat. Unfortunately, cars couldn’t go straight there. The earliest Gao Yang and the others could arrive was probably after dark, and that was under the miracle that they didn’t get ambushed. 


At the beginning of their journey, everything went smoothly. Even though they had to drive around several obstacles, the cars were basically heading towards Malakal in a straight line. However, after driving thirty or so kilometers, Gao Yang finally heard the news he’d been dreading to hear. 


“I know how they were able to find us. Look up.” 


Bob shouted into the walkie-talkie. Gao Yang looked up and saw a little plane. As he observed it, he noticed there was something wrong about its movement. It flew in an S-shape. There could only be one reason why it was doing that: the plane was there to investigate. 


Cursing under his breath, Gao Yang shouted over at Danny: “Hurry up, we’ve been spotted. There’s a plane in the skies.” 


After discovering the two cars on the ground, the little plane above Gao Yang’s head began to fly in a circle. No matter what, it would never go away. Just looking at it made Gao Yang angry. It was a pity that the plane was high in the sky. There wasn’t anything Gao Yang could do about it. 


Morgan’s voice came in through the walkie-talkie: “Gao Yang, I’ve received intel from my people. The Dinka tribe will be dispatching some people to welcome us into Malakal. As long as we can meet up with them, we’ll be safe. Everything before that however, will be on ourselves.” 


“Understood. But, how are we going to get rid of that plane? If that plane follows us the whole way, I’m afraid we won’t even have the chance to see Malakal.” 


“My father is a Korean War veteran, and so we’ve always had an appreciation for Chinese military tactics. You are very adept at transforming an disadvantageous situation into a miracle. I would like to see if you have any suggestions on how we’ll get out of this.” 

“I don’t have any ways. It’d be impossible to shoot a plane out of a sky with a rifle. Besides, aren’t you forgetting something? I’m not a soldier. I’ve never been in the army before.” 


“You aren’t? But based on your performance from last night, I could’ve sworn you were an experienced veteran of a hundred battles.” 


Gao Yang smiled, “My apologies, I have been through a hundred battles, but those were just war games. I’m a bit of a military nerd myself, but I have never once been in the army, nor am I an elite. There’s no other way I could give you a satisfying answer. “ 


“Woah, then your performance is just too incredible. It’s really hard to believe that you’re just a military nerd. Let me guess, you must be some type of special agent? I’m just joking. Let me think of a way then.” 


The radio went silent again. After ten or so minutes, Morgan’s voice sounded once more: “I have good news. I found out who ambushed us. Some of them are from the Sudanese Liberation Front, but they aren’t much of a threat. Our biggest threat is the mercenary group, Vulture. There’s around fifty people in that group and they’re very active in Central Africa. 


“Mr. Morgan, now that you know who’s ambushing us, is that information of any use?” 


“Of course it is! Hear me out. The mercenary group Vulture was established by one incredible b*stard who calls himself by the same name. His style is just like his nickname. Once his prey loses the will to fight back, he’ll swoop in. But as long as the prey is alive, even when it’s weak, the Vulture will not make any moves. That b*stard and his mercenary group have never been known to take battles head on. They’re just a bunch of cowards who only know how to bully the weak. As long as we can contact Vulture, then I’ll get them to beat it along with his mercenary group! If all that’s left are the soldiers, then we’ll have a much easier time dealing with them. However, I need time. My men are doing all they can to reach Vulture. I just hope that he hasn’t turned off his satellite phone.” 


“Don’t you have the Vulture mercenary group’s walkie-talkie? Why don’t you try using that?” 


“I have, but it didn’t work. They’ve already changed their frequency. Now, our only option is to try and find out his sat phone. It shouldn’t be impossible, all we need is time. And once we find his number, I’ll have my men put enough pressure on him to retreat.” 

After hearing Morgan’s words, Gao Yang suddenly thought of something. If the b*stard who talked with him through the walkie-talkie was Vulture, then he might’ve kept it on the same frequency. While there wasn’t much hope, it didn’t hurt to test it and see the result. 


Gao Yang asked Professor Buck and the others to tell him their original radio frequency. He then set his own radio to that same frequency and sent out a message. “Calling to Vulture. If you receive this, please respond. Calling to Vulture, if you receive this, please respond. It’s very important.” 


A few minutes passed but the radio was still silent. Gao Yang was feeling a little disappointed and called into the phone once again. Gao Yang thought that Vulture wasn’t getting his messages. Right as he was about to change the frequency back, a voice sounded from his talkie. 


“Who’s looking for me? Caveman, is it you? I’m becoming more and more curious about it. If, in a moment, you don’t end up dying, I want to find some time to meet with you. I’m sorry to say this, but I will personally skin you alive.” 

 Gao Yang felt his blood rushing faster and ignored the Vulture’s threat. He shouted at the car to stop and then said into the receiver, “Wait, someone here wants to talk with you.” 


When both cars stopped, Gao Yang leapt off his car and ran straight to Morgan with the walkie-talkie in hand. “Hurry, I’m connected with Vulture. Talk to him.” 


Looking at Gao Yang flabbergasted, Morgan took the walkie-talkie, pondered for a second, and started talking in a dignified manner: “ Is this Vulture? I’m your target, Morgan. It seems like your employer didn’t tell you the identity of who you’re trying to kill. Alright, let me tell you, you’re in deep sh*t. After using the satellite phone and my connections, even if you manage to kill me, you’ll all die. I promise you will die, as well as your Cape Town family. Let me think...mhm, your wife, your two children, oh, also the two dogs you love and your horse. Need I say their names? Mr. Johan van Riebeeck.”


Once Mister Morgan finished saying a whole slew of words, the voice on the other side of the radio no longer held an attitude of arrogance; it was rather a nervous one: “Just who are you? How do you know my name?”


Mister Morgan disdainfully laughed: “Don’t ask these idiotic questions, if you don’t want to be hunted down by ten mercenary groups, if you don’t want to hear the death of your wife and kids today, I think it’s best for you to quickly get the hell out with your men. Tell me your phone number and someone will contact you on your phone to verify what I have said is true. My patience is limited. I’m giving you ten minutes. If exceeded, you’ll take responsibility.”


Obviously he was caught in a predicament, but while Morgan and the Vulture were talking, not only did Morgan display an unyielding attitude, but his aura was full of energy; evidently he really did mean it. And Vulture didn’t let Morgan wait long. Not even after ten seconds, he called out his phone number.


From the car, Mr. Morgan took out a satellite phone, punched in Vulture’s phone number, and dialed it. Then, without saying anything, he hung up.


Seeing Gao Yang’s eyes full of wonder and worship, Morgan shrugged his shoulders as he smiled: “No other choice. The amount of power I can use here is limited, so I can only use threats and intimidation. Or, we could wait here peacefully for people to come fetch us.”


Gao Yang on the other hand didn’t think Morgan’s power was limited, from yesterday night up until now. Even though it wasn’t long, after a couple phone calls, he managed to dig up Vulture’s background. In addition, he contacted people to come and provide rescue efforts. The power that Morgan showed already was enough to make Gao Yang astonished.


Compared with Professor Buck, even though he was considered famous in America, he couldn’t compare to Mr. Morgan who could use the phone to contact a few places. No matter the place, whether it was America or the embassy, even the country’s regional channel, no one would be able provide useful help. But it didn’t mean that no one cared for the life or death of the TV show’s professor, the only problem was that it was beyond his influence. In these parts of the world, to get assistance, Professor Buck and the crew might’ve been dead by the time help would arrive.


In fact, Gao Yang had already recently made a phone call. Yesterday, the first thing he did was use Morgan’s satellite phone to contact his parents in China. Unfortunately, one of their phones ran out of credits, and the other couldn’t be connected to. No matter how many times he tried, the result was the same. It got to the point where Gao Yang finally had a chance, but he wasn’t able to contact his parents. As for Gao Yang’s friend’s phone, it was truly sad that he didn’t memorize it in his brain. Rather, he had saved it on his phone. Basically it all boiled down to him not being able to contact anyone in China.


However, after trying a couple times and not being able to connect, Gao Yang could only restrain his frantic mood to connect with his parents. Moreover, he felt that it was better to wait for safety then call. It wouldn’t be too late. What if he couldn’t survive this calamity? That would make his parents’ ecstatic moods suddenly fall into deep sorrow.

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