A Mercenary's War

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: An Unavoidable Battle

Translated by: Spot

Edited by: Isalee

Finding a place in the dark wasn’t an easy feat, especially without any lighting equipment. The immeasurable grassland only made it harder to find a water reservoir. Even though he’d spent the past three years out here in the grasslands, Gao Yang didn’t have much experience in having to look for a place while in a rush. 

Taking advantage of light before it got dark, Gao Yang constantly pushed forward. Even when it was nightfall, Gao Yang still couldn’t slow down. Especially when the sky turned pitch black, Gao Yang could only rely on an approximate direction to feel around in order to advance.

Travelling during the night was not only challenging — it was also very dangerous. However, Gao Yang had no other choice; he had to quickly rendezvous with the chief.

Gao Yang did have a compass before, but he’d left it at the tribe. Mostly because he had barely used it. When it was nightfall, all the usual pathfinding methods were useless. What irked him in particular was that the stars in the sky were covered by the clouds, and this led Gao Yang to lose his last navigation tool. He unavoidably became lost.

Aware that he was lost, and with no alternatives, Gao Yang stopped and took a break. He now had two options: staying where he was until morning, or waiting until the clouds dispersed to try to figure out the right direction.

Gao Yang gave it some thought and took out the walkie-talkie to tell Kathleen that he was in a bind; he probably wouldn’t be able to return during the night. Gao Yang then found a safe area to pass the night.

Gao Yang had a gun at hand, so he wasn’t afraid of encountering any beasts and he did not need a fire. He only had to rapidly open and close the bolt-action a few times, and by creating a cackle with the sound steel hitting steel, all the nearby beasts would escape without a trace. Due to hunting by the humans, the animals realized long ago to avoid this type of sound as it represented death.

Although he wasn’t afraid of wild beasts, the danger of venomous snakes couldn’t be eliminated. Nonetheless, the probability of being bitten by a poisonous snake was low. So long as he wasn’t extremely unfortunate, it wouldn’t be a huge problem. If he could start a fire, then he’d be completely safe. Except the fact that making a fire might attract people. Ultimately, he decided to abandon the idea of making a fire.

After Gao Yang cleaned up a patch of grass, he hugged his gun and laid down; he was already exhausted. The moment he closed his eyes, he fell into a deep slumber.

While Gao Yang was in his deep sleep, he had no clue how long he had he slept for. He seemed to hear wave after wave of loud sounds passing by him. However, Gao Yang was like a kid who refused to get out of bed. In a daze, he reached out with his hands to cover his ears, just not wanting to wake up.

Soon enough, the unwilling Gao Yang was still awakened in the end. There were gunshots, explosions, and even the rumbling of cars. This immediately alerted Gao Yang and he was now wide awake. Acknowledging that his cerebrum finally took note of the loud noises that meant danger, Gao Yang became fully aware of his surroundings. Subsequently, he flipped over and laid flat on the ground.

Gao Yang looked up and saw a few cars with their high beams on, whistling towards him. The very first car was already extremely close to Gao Yang. Moreover, there were another four cars at the back that were 400 to 500 meters away. On the top of one of the cars, flames would shoot out from time to time. It exploded with sounds of only what large caliber machine guns could produce.

It was good that Gao Yang wasn’t in the line of path of the cars. He also wasn’t afraid of being hit by a stray bullet. It only made Gao Yang pucker his ass and sigh with relief a thousand times. Not long after his arrival in Africa, he had encountered random gunfights and slaughter. Battles would always somehow find him.

It was obvious that there was one car escaping the other four. Just when the car at the very front passed by Gao Yang, the cars chasing in the back shot out two long trails of fire. Soon after, the escaping car let out some loud explosions, one in the front and one in the back of the car.

The abrupt explosions gave Gao Yang a huge fright, then he immediately reacted to it. This was either a RPG or a guided missile.

The RPG or missile didn’t directly hit the escaping car. But the front of the car exploded, causing the car at the very front to suddenly make very big turn, coming straight for Gao Yang.

The car was about 300 meters away from Gao Yang’s location. It seemed that trouble had found him yet again. The heartbroken Gao Yang punched the ground in frustration and immediately stood up to run. He didn’t want to be caught up with a battle that he had absolutely no connection to. Especially this time since they were using heavy machine guns and rocket launcher type artillery.

Gao Yang didn’t want to cause any trouble, but he just couldn’t help it when problems came to him. Originally he thought he could quietly and cheerfully leave, but who would have thought that the car would make a huge circle after losing control and swerve awkwardly under Gao Yang’s dumbstruck gaze? Finally, it f*cking emergency braked twenty meters away from where Gao Yang was located.

Gao Yang felt that God just didn’t want to give him a path to live. Just when he had the chance to escape, he was c*ckblocked by an out of control car.

 If he didn’t conceal himself now, then it’d be too late. With a desire to cry, Gao Yang flopped down like fish, then rapidly opened the bolt-action rifle and loaded it with bullets.

 Once Gao Yang was on the floor, a sound came crying out of the stopped car: “Don’t bother with him, he’s already dead. Get out of the car, quickly.”

Immediately accompanying the shouting were bullets of the machine gun from the pursuing cars. A series of bullets hit the stopped car, creating mini explosions like fireworks in the night sky. However, the car strapped with the machine gun was still approaching, and the danger of the machine gun still wasn’t too great. It was simply a moment later when the bullets from the machine gun all flew into the air.

Three people came out of the doorless off-road vehicle, and the two who jumped out immediately dropped down to the ground. The other casually turned off the lights of the car, then tore something off the car seat and carried it on his shoulders.

Swoosh, a trail of flames lept out and soon, the mounted machine gun in pursuit blew up. A rocket directly hit the car with the machine gun, and after a loud rumble, that car became a huge fireball.

The pursuers probably didn’t think the people in the car still had power to retaliate. Furthermore, it was a big attack. The people in the car with the machine gun also became apart of the ball of fire.

Right after the rocket was fired, the people standing beside the car tossed out the empty RPG, and immediately produced another from the car and armed it on the shoulder. With a brief pause for aim, another rocket was then released, blowing up the nearest approaching car.

Gao Yang became speechless as he watched the events unfold, it didn’t matter if it was a rocket or a missile, to be able to accurately strike a fast car in motion meant that the person was top tier. But what made him astonished came later. After shooting two rockets, the person randomly drew out a gun from his right side, took cover by the car’s engine, and started gunning.

That person’s firing was short in duration and had rhythm. It was three short bursts every time. Even though the car was pretty much in front of him with danger was facing him in the eye, the shooter methodically fired and was not even fazed in the slightest.

From what Gao Yang could hear, the sound of the gun wasn’t the AK-47 which he was familiar with: he assumed that it was some sort of assault rifle. He felt that using an assault rifle to face off two fast approaching cars would not have any effect whatsoever. Yet a miracle took place right in front of his eyes. The car in the front and in the back both lost control, and one of them suddenly turned and flipped over. The other car sharply turned 180 degrees and accelerated in the opposite direction. It only stopped when it was far away. 

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