A Mercenary's War

Chapter 124

Chapter 124: 软柿子带刺儿

Chapter 124: Deceptively Weak

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

The Handsome Man was not too shabby with his legs. One kick after another gave no chance for Gao Yang to rest. He could only evade and keep retreating.

The range of a leg was much longer than that of a fist. Gao Yang had no opportunities to retaliate at all. The Handsome Man lashed out with countless kicks and Gao Yang could do nothing. Gao Yang then decided to actively maintain distance with the Handsome Man, and it appeared as if he was fleeing.

Although Gao Yang looked like he was being suppressed, he made sure that he was not in danger. What he did made the crowd jeer though. However, he would not care about the jeering from the others. He would put his life as first priority. If he got hot-headed and aggressively attacked the Handsome Man to lose his life to his opponent’s two legs, that would be truly shameful.

Gao Yang was perpetually just out of the Handsome Man’s range. When the Handsome Man advanced, he would retreat. If the Handsome Man pulled back, he would move in. The main goal was to not get kicked and maintain a distance where he could attack at any time. He put all his focus on the Handsome Man and was not as relaxed as he appeared to be.

Seeing that Gao Yang could only evade and that he could force Gao Yang to yield with just a little bit more effort, the Handsome Man also pushed further. His legs flew around like butterflies. Barring actual utility, such wild kicks were extremely and aesthetically pleasing. It was a shame that there was not a single woman at all. With his flowing hair, the Handsome Man would have charmed most of the ladies.

Besides Jin and company, the others were almost all jeering for Gao Yang. After realizing that jeering at Gao Yang was useless, they cheered on for Handsome Man instead, hoping that Handsome Man could defeat Gao Yang as quickly as possible. The Handsome Man was even more proud upon hearing the cheers.

Complacency was extremely dangerous under such circumstances.
The Handsome Man wanted to end this fight with a stylish, graceful, and extremely handsome flying spinning kick, but Gao Yang merely ducked to dodge this good-looking kick.
After evading the kick, Gao Yang did not back off as usual. Before this, the Handsome Man could add another kick to the chain after his attack went wide, but he had to pay a price this time for showing off. As he performed his kick, Gao Yang rapidly got up close. As the Handsome Man landed and was turning around, Gao Yang lashed out his kick that would crush his opponent’s manhood.

Gao Yang had been either evading or retreating from the beginning, and he neither punched or kicked actively or otherwise. Yet his only kick showed immediate results.

No matter which male human, so long as his crotch took a heavy kick, especially with the intention to kill, the reaction would always be the same. He would be lying on the floor speechless, be it a couch potato or someone strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time, a miracle occurred. Although the Handsome Man was kneeling on the floor holding onto his crotch, he appeared to be in less intense pain. He could scream and he was even shakily trying to get back on his feet.

Gao Yang went by the principle of eradicating the evil or eradicating all future threats at all costs. He would be retarded if he did not finish him off.

He forcefully slammed his knee against the Handsome Man’s chin, knocking him over. While Handsome Man was sent spinning face up, Gao Yang sent his right fist with all his might into Handsome Man’s throat with bone-crushing force and smashed his Adam’s apple to pieces.

Killing a scum with fists and kicks and shooting someone felt totally different. Gao Yang only felt the burning blood after automatically filtering out all the memories of him being chased around by the Handsome Man. He spat at the Handsome Man who was still struggling and thrashing about but was destined to die. Then he yelled, “Who’s up next!”

Gao Yang turned the tables on the Handsome Man in just a jiffy. Even after Gao Yang suddenly landed the killing blow on Handsome Man, there were still people loudly cheering on for the Handsome Man. After Gao Yang’s yell though, all of the noises vanished immediately.

Jin and the rest promptly rushed forward promptly. They surrounded Gao Yang and cheered, “That was so d*mn exhilarating!”

Gao Yang waved his fists in the air and could hardly express his glee. He then calmed down a little though and whispered to Jin, “What about the other two in Maniac Mercenary Corp? Are they up to something? Beware of any tricks they have up their sleeves.”

Jin glanced around, then made a cutting motion with his hand and said, “I can try challenging those two and see if they are up for it. If they dare to take up the challenge, let’s clean up the rest of them.”

The Maniac Mercenary Corp had already lost two people to Lee Jin Fang and Gao Yang. They also deeply hated each other. Since none of the four in the Maniac Mercenary Corp were up to any good, killing them would be good riddance anyway. Gao Yang naturally wanted to finish off the remaining two and he did not want to take friendly fire later on.

“Go ahead and try, those two must die.”

Jin instantly turned around and yelled at the remaining two people from the Maniac Mercenary Corp, “I want to challenge both of you at once, use whatever you feel like. Do you dare to come up?”

Maniac Mercenary Corp was only left with two blacks, one of them speechlessly raised a middle finger at Jin and the other spoke without any hesitation, “Idiot, I won’t fight you.”

Upon seeing that the challenge was rejected, the Gambler immediately shouted, “That’s all folks. Come get your money you bastards. Now you know that Ram’s fighting is just as good as his shooting. D*mn it, I lost money again.”

Although Maniac Mercenary Corp refused to take up the challenge, Gao Yang smiled brightly upon hearing the Gambler’s words and yelled, “Let’s get our money quickly, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars, one to three, haha, I’m rich.”

Tribo and Fly cheerfully waved their betting tickets in the air as they went forward to collect their winnings. Fly was absolutely ecstatic that he managed to get over ninety-thousand dollars in such a short amount of time. On the other hand, Jin said with a long face, “D*mn it, I was so worried for you that I forgot to place my bet. D*mn it, what a huge loss, at one to three. I lost over three hundred thousand dollars!”

Gao Yang empathetically patted Jin on his shoulder and said, “You already earned over a hundred thousand dollars. If you went all in again, the Gambler might not be able to pay it all out. You could have wasted your money.”

Gao Yang then found a dejected Harris afterward and asked out of curiosity, “Hey, Big Dude, how much did you bet?”

Harris shook his head and pouted, “We bet all our winnings from earlier. However, we placed our bets on the Handsome Man. Ram, you really screwed me over this time.”

Gao Yang turned to Jin and shrugged, “See, I don’t have to console you anymore, right? There are people who are worse off than you right here. You still get to keep the hundred thousand dollars. Look at Harris, his winnings were so transient. You got to learn to be content. Oh yes, the Handsome Man should have gone down completely after taking my kick, but why did he look like he wasn’t in intense pain?”

“Idiot, how could you not understand? He was a faggot. Or in other words, he had no balls, get it?”

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