A Mercenary's War

Chapter 121

Chapter 121: 挣点外快

Chapter 121: Make Some Extra Bucks

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Jin was definitely not taunting Harris and just wanted to state the truth, but his words made the other members of the Black Fire Mercenary Corp feel agitated. Seeing that their leader was still lying on the floor, they tossed whatever they had in their hands to one side and began moving in with the intention to strike.

Although they agreed for it to be a friendly match, a friendly match turning into a deathmatch was not unheard of. Gao Yang and the rest also emptied their hands and stepped forward seeing that they planned to turn this into a mass brawl. Whether Jin could handle all of them or not mattered little but the others showed their support for him.

Harris laid on the floor on his side and spoke with difficulty. “All of you stop, godd*mn it. Haven’t you all embarrassed yourselves enough? It was a d*mned fair match, didn’t I tell you that?”

After stopping his men, Harris uttered, “Alright, I’m fine, let me rest for a while. That punch was really strong. Also, does nobody intend to give me a hand here and help me up?”

Two men from the Black Fire Mercenary Corp ran over to help him to his feet. After trying to stand up with the help of two men once, he just sat on the floor and waved his hand, “Forget it, let me sit for a moment. Hey, Toad, if you are interested in a striking a big one, we can arrange a betting match, and you can win a large sum.”

Jin frowned, “Who am I fighting? Don’t tell me I’m fighting you again.”

Just then, one black man came to a realization and blurted, “Boss, I understand now, this guy’s really strong. No wonder you must try him. You wanted to fool the Gambler.”

Harris meekly slapped the man who had just spoken and fumed, “Idiot, I am the one who should be saying that. How many times have I told you to not spoil everything?! You just blew the cover!”

After finishing, Harris rubbed his stomach while displaying a weird expression. Then he turned to Jin and asked, “Have you heard of this guy called the Gambler?”

Jin shook his head straight away. Harris turned to Gao Yang and Grolev in anticipation, hoping that they had heard of the Gambler, but like Jin, Gao Yang naturally did not know. Only Grolev, after pondering for a moment, said hesitantly, “Are you talking about that guy from the Big Winner Mercenary Corp?”

“That’s right, it’s him. How do I put it? That guy is here as well, but in another formation. They arrived around the same time as we did. As you all know, that guy loves gambling, so he gathered all the mercenaries and organized a free dueling contest. Let’s just put it this way, I personally participated and lost a lot of money.”

After finishing in embarrassment, Harris suddenly turned passionate: “My friends, after knowing that Toad from the Satan Mercenary Corp is here too, I thought, maybe I can win back the money I lost. And now I can confirm that. All we need to do is get the Gambler to organize another contest and we can strike it rich. There are mercenaries everywhere, and few would be able to resist betting in such a contest.”

Jin’s his interest perked upon hearing that and he hollered, “Is there really such a good deal? This is a good chance, but I need to seek agreement from my leader first.”

Jin turned to Gao Yang with anticipation written all over his face. Gao Yang did not agree instantly. Facing Harris, he said, “You personally participated in the contest, so let’s talk about your opponent.”

“This is what happened. The Gambler was just the broker. He gathered people to place bets, and anybody could participate. People can freely bet. I won one round, but I met a virtuoso. A really strong one from a mercenary corp with little fame. His nickname is Murderer, and he’s white. No idea where he’s from. He broke two people’s limbs, and I almost got my limbs broken too. Even though I yielded in time when I saw things going south, that d*mned Murderer still wanted to cripple me. Now his odds at winning are very high, but nobody is willing to bet so attempts at organizing matches have been failing these past two days.”

Gao Yang had confidence in Jin, but no one could guarantee that he was the best. Gao Yang did not want to let Jin get injured or even die because of a match, but if he backed off, not only would Lee Jin Fang be unconvinced, Gao Yang himself would also feel the same way.

Gao Yang frowned, “Seems like he’s really strong. Jin Fang, you’re the professional one here, you ask him for details and decide for yourself whether to fight or not.”

Jin said excitedly, “Say no more, do him in. Let’s make some extra bucks. Harris, say, what does that guy practice, and how does he strike?”

“He’s trained in karate, boxing, taekwondo, Chinese martial arts, and capoeira from South America. He’s trained in everything. I had delved deeper, and that guy is a maniac. He participated in a free dueling contest in another country but withdrew quickly. Just because he wanted to experience the ecstasy of killing, he became a mercenary.

“Also, that guy loves to break other people’s limbs and then snap their necks. Although I look forward to you teaching that d*mned guy a lesson, I have to tell you, the stronger you are, the more excited he becomes. People he looks down on can still live to tell the tale, but if you are really strong and get him excited, it will very likely turn into a fight to the death.”

Gao Yang was taken aback and said, “That guy isn’t just a blood-crazed maniac, he’s a learned martial artist too. Toad, are you up for this?”

Jin frowned as well. “Hard to judge before we cross hands. If the opponent is a master, I will have to give it my all. However, I cannot control my power and I might kill someone. Killing in just a match won’t be nice.”

Harris shrugged, “Let’s just put it this way. Mercenaries are all scums, but we still have our bottom lines, right? Even though we are scums, but we are not maniacal scums. This guy however is a god d*mned crazy scum that deserves to go to hell. I heard he fought a war in the Central African Republic. While in a food shortage, he would find a young woman to kill and eat every day. Can you imagine that?”

Gao Yang frowned immediately, “Really?”

“Of course it’s real, that guy was originally from some large mercenary corp in Nigeria or something. Even his teammates couldn’t stand him and he got booted. He then went freelance for a long while until he met a bunch of maniacs and formed that unknown little mercenary corp. Even though his mercenary corp only has four people, they are all some god d*mned guys. They were here very early, but nobody wanted to be around those maniacs so they were ordered to stay and they did not leave. I heard all of this from the Gambler and I trust the Gambler wasn’t lying.”

After Harris finished, Gao Yang turned to Jin and said, “What a top-notch bastard, good riddance if you kill him. How’s that, are you scared yet? If not, let’s kill that maniac.”

Jin stared at Gao Yang and said, “Scared? Am I ever scared? Let me tell you, confident or not, I will think of a way to kill that guy, or else I will have let down the martial arts that I learned and I will look down on myself for the rest of my life.”

Gao Yang promptly said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

Tribo slapped his pistol retired at his waist and said loudly, “It’s all good, Toad. I will shoot that bastard if you can’t hold up, brother.”

Harris said awkwardly, “That’s no good. Since the Gambler dares to set up the gamble, he can make sure that everyone obeys the rules. If you dare to open fire, there will be a machine gun mounted right there. They will definitely shoot first. If not, nobody would dare to place bets.”

Actually, Gao Yang also had the same thought as Tribo. If Jin was really losing, they would rather be shameless than watch him die. However, after Harris pointed out the flaws, he began to feel uncertain. After all, it was just a betting match — risking Jin’s life was not worth it.

Seeing that Gao Yang was a little hesitant, Jin urgently said, “Yang, rest assured. Even if I can’t win against the Murderer, I have confidence that I won’t be killed by him. I will yield in time in case things go wrong. I promise, okay?”

Gao Yang stated his suspicions, “Are you really confident? Don’t try to fool me. All in all, if you really get killed, we won’t care about any rules and will definitely shoot to avenge you. At most we all die together, so don’t get the rest of us into trouble.”

Jin hesitated a little, but he still adamantly said, “Rest assured Yang, I am really confident that I won’t be killed. I can’t bring myself to harm the rest of you. I will know exactly what I’m up against when I fight. If I really can’t make it, at most I will just yield shamelessly.”

Gao Yang finally nodded, “Fine then, go ahead. Oh, hold on, I remember that we don’t have any money on us, and we can’t place bets.”

Harris immediately said, “No worries, we still have ninety thousand US dollars. Let’s just take it as if we are betting together as one. We have fourteen people altogether. We split the wins into twenty parts. Since Toad is participating, he takes six parts and the rest of us gets one part each, how’s that?”

Harris offered decently fair terms. Gao Yang immediately said, “Okay, settled. Right, didn’t they say that we are not allowed to leave the formation?”

Harris promptly yelled at a hut. “Lieutenant Colonel, we want to have a match. Interested in a bet?”

That Lieutenant Colonel walked out of the hut at once and said sternly, “Now?”

Harris nodded, “That’s right, now. Not here, it’s the kind with all the mercenaries together. We will need you to liaise.”

The Lieutenant Colonel nodded, “Free duel like the last time? If so, let me have a word with the commander in the other formation, wait for my return.”

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