A Mercenary's War

Chapter 120

Chapter 120: 打不死你

Chapter 120: Won’t Kill You

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

It was very hot and stuffy inside the hut but it was scorching outside. The hot winds from the Sahara desert could heat Tripoli up to fifty degrees Celcius in the summer. Although it was not that bad, the temperature was still at least forty degrees.

They were not about to slack in the hut. Gao Yang and the rest first cleaned their firearms. They stripped their weapons down and wiped them clean before they applied oil. Besides Gao Yang, everybody else had new weapons, so they had to clean their weapons thoroughly to be sure.

After finishing their rifle cleaning, they had nothing else to do. So, Grolev began teaching Fly how to change belts and change barrels quickly. Although they could not fire, that was enough for Fly to familiarize himself with his job. Tribo on the other hand borrowed the M1A from Gao Yang and laid prone in front of a hole. He then found himself a target and proceeded to do all the distance calculations to the bullet trajectory up until the actual firing.

Gao Yang was loading the new high precision bullets he got into the magazine. He had brought a hundred hand forged bullets from South Africa which were loaded in five magazines. He removed them from the magazines and replaced them with the high precision bullets that Ulyanko bought him. With four hundred of such bullets in his hands, they should last him a long time in battle.

It was finally six in the afternoon. Gao Yang heard some commotion amongst the Libyan troops outside. He peered outside and spotted two trucks that had driven in, and they were distributing food and drinking water. Not long after that, they heard Harris hollering outside the hut, “Come on out my friends, get your food and water.”

Gao Yang and company made their way out of the hut. It was then that they counted at least eighty men that were in the whole formation. Judging by their formation, it was likely that there were two infantry platoons and two sections of anti-air gunners.

Everybody came out of the hut and queued up for their food and water. Just then, Gao Yang spotted the eight other members of the Black Fire Mercenary Corp.

As a warfighter, especially a mercenary, their weapons must never leave their side. So Gao Yang and company slung their weapons behind them even while queueing for food, and the same applied to the people from the Black Fire Mercenary Corp.

All nine members of the Black Fire Mercenary Corp were black, but their weapons and equipment looked decent. All of them were wearing American desert camo. Something to note was that five of them, including Harris, were using the FAL, and of the remaining four, besides one who used the M60, the other three carried AK-47s. Of those three with the AK-47s, two of them had RPG7 bazookas on their backs, and the last one carried four bazooka rounds.

Everyone received a big biscuit and a can for dinner, along with a four-liter bottle of water. In the scorching hot month of July, water was much more important than food, and everyone would need at least four liters a day.

After making sure the members of the Satan Mercenary Corp all received their food and water, Harris shouted, “Alright, put your things down first.  Come Toad, let me see what you’re capable of.”

There were many small empty lots between the huts in the formation. After picking one at random, Harris took off all his load and chucked it to one side. He stretched a bit and glared at Lee Jin Fang, ready to strike.

Jin also removed his belongings and handed them over to Tribo for the time being, and approached Harris, stopping about two meters away. He stretched his neck a bit, clenched his fist, and said sternly, “Come.”

Gao Yang and the rest stood behind Jin, and the members of the Black Fire Mercenary Corp formed a row behind Harris chattering. Someone even yelled, “Boss, show him what you’ve got.”

Grolev punched the air and howled, “Toad, don’t relent, let him see your power.”

Both sides were cheering their teammates on. On the other hand, Harris and Jin were stared at each other. Nobody was willing to make his first move.

Harris raised both his fists to guard his chest and face. He leaned forward a little bit, hopping left and right with both legs slightly in an evasive move. Jin was very still, both hands drooping naturally. He placed one leg forward haphazardly and casually peered at Harris.

Harris took a standard boxing stance, but as a big guy with a height of six feet and six inches, putting up a blocking move in front of a much shorter Jin seemed inappropriate. Just then, Grolev shouted, “Don’t be fooled, beware of his suplex.”

Grolev had just begun to speak when Harris suddenly struck. It seemed like a probing jab but after Jin’s head swerved to the side, Harris opened up his fist and tried to grab Lee Jin Fang by the shoulder. Jin deflected his hand with ease and then lunged forward. He lightly kicked Harris on the knee. He then lept backwards.

Jin and Harris had finished one exchange of blows as Grolev finished. After Lee Jin Fang leaped two meters backwards, he immediately raised his hands and said, “Stop it, you have already lost.”

Harris stopped his forward movement and said quizzically, “What are you talking about? We haven’t even started, right? What do you mean?”

Someone behind Harris hollered, “Boss, he’s fooling around, grab him and throw him out!”

Tribo and the rest were also bewildered. Grolev said, “Toad, what the hell are you doing?”

Only Gao Yang knew what really happened. If Jin had kicked Harris’ knee with full force, Harris’ leg would have been crippled.

As expected, Jin said, “I kicked you on the knee, didn’t you feel anything?”

Harris shook his head.

Jin said, “Fine, I understand, let’s go again.”

Harris shrugged, got back his stance, and ferociously charged at Jin with a left hook amidst his hops.

Harris was tall and had long limbs. His fists were almost always sent flying towards Jin Fang’s head. This time, Jin did not evade. He swung his right arm and stopped his arm’s crook with by brute force while his left hand slapped Harris’ right fist with blinding speeds. As he handled Harris’ right fist, Jin pushed forward as if he was crashing into Harris’ lap, but his leg struck again.

This time, Jin did not kick Harris in the knee or in the ankle. If he exerted too much force on these two places, he could easily cripple Harris.

Jin kicked the part of the shin near the ankle and with much greater force this time. With just that one kick, Harris uncontrollably leaned forward.

Harris had already lost control of his body, but Jin did not bust out any killing moves like a smash to the nape. Instead, he blocked with his left hand and struck Harris in his abdomen with his right fist, making sure to not put too much power.

Harris opened his mouth wide, and let out a few small gasps. He covered his abdomen with one hand and kneeled in front of Lee Jin Fang. Just as he kneeled, he quickly collapsed to one side.

Jin shrugged and said helplessly, “Now do you understand what I mean? Don’t worry, I can control myself, you will be in pain for a little while. I promised Big Dog that I wouldn’t kill you.”

Chapter Notes:

'Don't kill me! My dad is Lee Gang!'

Had been sick and in bed for at least two weeks. Forgive me.

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