A Mercenary's War

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Misunderstanding

Translated by: Ciel

Edited by: Isalee

Fighting as he ran, Gao Yang pulled out every skill he had. Even though he wasn’t able to completely escape his pursuers, he successfully increased the distance between them to over five hundred meters. Most importantly, he managed to escape unscathed after killing eight of them. 

Gao Yang had executed a perfect distraction for the professor and the others to escape. With just himself, he was able to handle twenty or so people. Gao Yang was incredibly proud of his own skills. 

An AK-47 was ineffective on targets over three hundred meters away so Gao Yang didn’t waste any of his bullets. Instead, he focused on maintaining the distance between him and his enemies. There was still around two hours before dark, which would be the perfect time for Gao Yang to truly escape. 

Gao Yang only used two magazines, thus there were still ninety rifle bullets left. Gao Yang had no doubt that if he were pushed to the extreme, he could make a bloody path as a last resort. 

Right as Gao Yang hesitantly chose to slow to a jog, the walkie-talkie on his hip suddenly beeped. A strange voice instantly rang in his ear. 

“Hello, can you talk? I hope you guys haven’t closed off your comms. Mr. Morgan, I am sorry to inform you that your luck has just run out. I will find a way to kill you, haha.” 

Gao Yang jumped at the sound of the stranger’s voice. It was only then that he realized he never turned off his comms. Furthermore, he was almost certain that he had heard that voice before. Based off what was said, the stranger must be the b*stard who orchestrated this ambush. 

Soon, Professor Buck’s voice sounded through the walkie-talkie. Gao Yang could hear the concern in his voice even through the device. 

“Gao, are you safe? If possible, please let us know how you are.” 

Communicating over a walkie-talkie was very risky because the enemies could hear their conversation if they were on the right channel. However, Gao Yang still responded curtly: “I’m safe, Professor.” 

Gao Yang did not say much. The arrogant voice echoed from the walkie-talkie again: “Professor? Just who are you and what are you doing here?” 

“You d*mned b*stard! I am only here to take pictures of animals and plants. We even received the government’s approval. We have done nothing that we shouldn’t have. Why ambush us? You terrorists! Sons of b*ches. You will get what you deserve! You scoundrels!” 

Professor Buck’s voice was filled with rage and the walkie-talkie was the only way he could release his anger. But the other party was silent for a long time even after the provocation. After several long minutes, the arrogant voice returned. 

“If you don’t want any of your remaining men to die, you must report your identity and purpose. Please make no mistake, this is a threat. If you don’t answer, I will pursue and kill every last one of you.” 

“My name is Rodney Buck. I am a researcher at the American Fletcher School of Natural Sciences and a guest professor at the Stanford School of Biology.  I have come here to help the National Geographic take some photographs. Do you need to know just what I am taking photographs of, Mr. Terrorist?” 

After Professor Buck finished speaking, the voice came from the walkie-talkie again. However this time, the voice was reeking of politeness. 

“I am very sorry Professor Buck. The items in your camp have proven that everything you say is true and it looks like we made a mistake that really breaks my heart. Everything is a misunderstanding. I apologize for killing your people, but let us end it here, shall we? You can continue to take your pictures. Let me guess, the models for your photos must be the strong primitive people of Africa, right? There was an aboriginal tribe with guns. After they killed eight idiots, they even killed my best marksmen. Were you going to take pictures of him? A b*stard like that should be on the TV screen, Professor.” 

“Mr. Terrorist, you’ve guessed wrong.” 

“Professor, you should really focus on taking pictures of that man. Hey, man from the stone age, are you listening? You killed my number one marksman. But I do not hate you. You are truly strong. Do you have any interest in joining us? Also, are you really a man from a tribe?” 

Gao Yang pressed down on the send button and thought for a long moment. Then he coldly replied, “If you want more of your people to die, then come at me.” 

“Alright, I must admit my men have given up on chasing after you. I must go and find my true target. On the other hand, those idiots from the liberation front would love to kill you all. Goodbye, primitive man and goodbye Professor. I hope that you won’t die under the hands of those idiots. Once again, I’m very sorry about the misunderstanding. I apologize for killing fourteen of your men. Even so, I must tell you this. I am not a terrorist. If your soldiers want to take revenge for those who have died, why don’t you go and find the Sudanese who are fighting on the front?” 

“You f*cker, explain. You killed fourteen of our men, and all you have to say for yourself is that it was a mistake? Fourteen people. You d*mn monster. Just what did you do?!” 

After Professor Buck let out his anger, there was not a single reply from the walkie-talkie. Gao Yang glanced behind him and saw that a few of his pursuers were incredibly angry. They violently shot several shots in his direction and then turned around, looking like they were really leaving the battle. The remaining seven or eight people waved their hands around and shouted at each other before running towards his direction again. 

Professor Buck’s voice sounded through the walkie-talkie again: “Gao, we are very safe now. You have to be careful; we’ll wait for you. Be careful. Over.” 

Gao Yang laughed bitterly to himself. The professor knew nothing about maintaining a secure line. Thankfully he didn’t release too much information. 

“Understood. I will go and find you. Do not contact me unless absolutely necessary. Over.” 

After he finished talking, Gao Yang hurried his pace. While he was talking, he slowed down to a walk and his pursuers were getting closer, and now they were only three hundred meters away. Gao Yang took a head count. There were only nine people left. But based off of their advance and their shooting, they were amateurs. 

The people who posed the most danger had already left, leaving Gao Yang feel much less pressured. Even though he had no idea who they were, Gao Yang had a vague feeling that the ones who left were mercenaries, and the ones who were still chasing after him were soldiers from the Sudanese Liberation Front. 

When he thought about the Sudanese Liberation Front, Gao Yang suddenly remembered something and wanted to confirm a fact. But as he looked at the enemies running towards him, he had no choice but to give up on that idea. His first priority was to protect himself. 

He suddenly spotted a ditch ahead of him that could be used as a bunker. Gao Yang stopped running and jumped straight into the ditch and aimed his gun at his enemies. 

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