A Mercenary's War

Chapter 118

Chapter 118: I Promise I Won’t Kill Him

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Upon hearing the black man’s introduction, Gao Yang said with a low voice, “Happy to meet you, Mr. Harris, we are the Satan Mercenary Corp. I am called Ram. Can you explain what you mean by the stupid choice? What do you mean by the land of despair?”

Harris laughed, “You are late. There were more than two hundred mercenary guards seven days ago. Those tents were still occupied and there were views of beautiful ladies and camels to enjoy. You get what I mean? They have since moved out, however, they all left seven days ago, for places unknown to me. Yet we still foolishly rushed here. Of course we faced the same situation as you, but we arrived six days ago, and we were even more unlucky than you all. If we had gotten here one day earlier, we wouldn’t have to stay in this godforsaken place to await our eventual demise.”

Gao Yang arched an eyebrow, “You mean, Gaddafi used to be here but he left seven days ago? We still have to defend this place and are not allowed to leave?”

“Bingo, correct. We tried to leave, but we have to fight our way out from the Aziziyah Camp. My friends, I am not crazy yet, so I decided to stay put first and wait for the Opposition to break through the Aziziyah Camp or get blown to pieces by the bombs from the planes. My friends, do you understand why this is the land of despair?”

Gao Yang asked quizzically, “I don’t understand. Why did they do this? What good does it do for Gaddafi to leave us here?”

Harris shrugged, “That’s a very good question, but how am I supposed to know? Alright, let me take a guess. Optimistically, Gaddafi probably wants this place to be a backup shelter. Pessimistically, Gaddafi probably wants the Opposition who enters his abode to pay some sort of price. He wouldn’t mind spending some small bucks to give the Opposition a surprise since he has the money anyway.”

Harris finished with a smile, then his face suddenly stiffened as he said, “Did you just say you are the Satan Mercenary Corp? I think I’ve heard of this name before. Satan, Ram, I recall now. You decimated the Machete Mercenary Corp a while back! Ram, ah hah, you’re that sniper. Which one of you is the Toad?”

Gao Yang pointed at Jin and said, “I think the one you’re looking for is him.”

Harris turned to Jin with astonishment and sized him up several times before frowning, “Were you the one who killed all eleven men in the Machete Mercenary Corp barehanded within a minute?”

Jin shook his head and said, “Nope, I just…”

“Hah, I was right. Those bastards always love to exaggerate, one versus eleven, barehanded even. Haha, how is it possible? Those dudes in the Machete Mercenary Corp were all bastards but they weren’t without substance.”

After Harris finished with a face full of relief, Jin slowly said, “The rumor was indeed an overstatement. I only killed eight and not eleven men. Although I only used less than half a minute, not a whole minute.”

Harris’ face stiffened, and he sized Jin up a few more times. He stroked his head a bit before stating his slight disbelief. “My friend, I am confident but I would never think that I could kill eight people from the Machete Mercenary Corp with my bare hands. They aren’t immobile dummies. Judging your pathetic build, I think you’re bragging. My friend, bragging isn’t a good habit.”

Jin smiled faintly and licked his lips. He slowly mentioned, “I specialize in treating all sorts of misbeliefs, try me.”

Harris nodded profusely with excitement all over his face, “That’s right, I will know when I try. My friend, let me see if you are bragging or if you are really something.”

Jin peered at the big, tall Harris, rubbed his hands with excitement, and said, “Time, venue, mode, all up to you.”

Harris laughed, and just as he was about to speak, Grolev suddenly said, “Buttfire, I advise you not to take on him one on one or else you will die a horrible death.”

Harris was suddenly stunned, he glared at Grolev who just spoke a while before hesitantly asking, “You’re Mad Dog? F*ck, you are Mad Dog Greg! God d*mn it, it’s really you!”

Harris fist bumped Grolev’s shoulder and then grabbed Grolev. The two hugged each other tightly before Harris gave a few more heavy pats on Grolev’s shoulder, happily saying, “D*mn it, I thought you died long ago. Didn’t you leave the Trident a long time ago? How are you still alive?”

Catching Gao Yang and company peering at him for answers, Grolev shrugged, “Greg was my anonym last time and Mad Dog was my nickname then. Ehh, when I wasn’t that crazy anymore, my nickname became Loyal Dog and then Big Dog, that’s what happened.”

After explaining to Gao Yang and the rest, Grolev sighed at Harris, “After leaving Sierra Leone, Ivan got addicted to drugs and was expelled after a few months. I left the Trident together with Ivan and we became freelance mercenaries. I changed my name and my nickname to Big Dog. Ivan fell in Benghazi not long ago and I was liberated. Then I became acquainted with Ram and joined his mercenary corp, that’s all.”

Harris heaved a sigh, “That dude, Ivan, died? Shame, he was a good man, really. I will miss him. You’re the last one remaining of the Golden Trio. Oh, d*mn it, I heard there was a machine gun artist in the Satan Mercenary Corp called Big Dog, I should have known it was you.”

Gao Yang was getting confused as he was listening and he raised his hand to interrupt, “Hold on, you knew each other a long time ago?”

Grolev nodded, “Eight years ago, the Trident fought in Sierra Leone. The Black Fire Mercenary Corp was there too, and we got to know one another during that time. We never met after leaving Sierra Leone though.”

Harris laughed heartily, “Don’t fault me for not recognizing you. Whites all look the same, unlike me. My features really stand out.”

Grolev nodded, “That time in Sierra Leone was a large operation. I remember there were five mercenary corps that participated in the battle. With so many people mixed together and your IQ, it’s no surprise that you can’t remember my face.”

Harris interrupted, “Seven corps, two more joined in later, but they were totally obliterated. So there were still five mercenary corps when we left. Thinking back, that was a really cruel war. There were about three hundred and sixty odd men initially, but only a hundred and twenty or so made it out alive, mostly whites. Though I knew you well, with so many similar faces coming and going in front of me, how am I supposed to remember?”

Grolev heaved a sigh, “I really don’t want to think back to that battle. Strange, there’s always someone bringing up that battle these few days.”

Harris sighed heavily too. “I understand how you feel, but I cannot forget that battle. Nevermind, let’s not speak of the past. Let’s speak of the present, shall we? That idiot lieutenant colonel ordered me to come here to tell you the rules, but I never thought I would meet an old friend.”

Grolev smiled, “How many men do you have in Black Fire?”

“Eight including me. After leaving Sierra Leone, I did not increase the number of men. So many years have passed though, and I’m the only one you know in Black Fire now. Of the original crew, two fell in battle, one got crippled, and the other lucky survivors all quit.”

“Not bad, at least your Black Fire remains.”

At this point, Gao Yang could not help but blurt, “What about the Trident? I keep hearing that name but you never talked about what happened to it.”

Grolev shrugged, “Disbanded. They disbanded not long after I left.”

Harris lamented, “The Trident disbanded too. When I heard about this back then, I was still in disbelief. The famous Trident would disband too. It was not unexpected though. After your leader was killed in battle in Sierra Leone, the next in command was an idiot. Look at what sort of people he recruited and he even discharged Ivan and you. He’s definitely an idiot, no wonder the Trident disbanded.”

After letting out an extended sigh, Grolev said glumly, “It’s in the past, it’s all in the past. I am doing fine now. I forgot to tell you, I managed to get my wife and kid.”

“Oh God, you must be overjoyed. Congratulations, friend. I know what matters most to you. You’re too lucky.”

Grolev smiled with bliss, “Indeed, I am really lucky. Let me tell you, my daughter is going to study in the US at the best musical conservatory. My wife is going there too. My brothers that are with me now chipped in the money and they can go to the US very soon.”

Harris shook his head continuously, “D*mn, people can get really envious of you, you lucky dude. Oh yes, speaking of your brothers, I remember now. I still got to duke it out with your brother Toad. What suggestions do you have?”

Jin waved his hands, “Forget it, forget it. You’re old friends already, let this matter rest.”

Harris said agitatedly, “Forget it? Why? Are you kidding? Rest assured, I won’t hurt you seeing that you’re Mad Dog, no, Big Dog’s brother. I can control myself.”

Jin was reluctant while Grolev covered his face with his palm and meekly said, “Oh God, are you really an idiot? I already told you, don’t fight him one on one if you want to live, that’s my advice.”

Harris looked at Grolev and then glanced at Jin again before he shook his head. “Cut the crap. You know I love fistfights the most. How can I let him go?”

Jin wanted to reassure Grolev who was worried for his old friend, and patted him on his shoulder. He whispered, “Don’t worry, for your sake, I promise I won’t kill him.”

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