A Mercenary's War

Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Back to Libya

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Ulyanko sent Gao Yang and company to South Africa for free, but nothing could convince him to send them back to Libya for free too. According to him, the government was currently in a bad state, and the path to them was tougher to navigate through, resulting in a much more expensive toll. Gao Yang and company spent ten grand just to travel there even with the discounts from Ulyanko for representing the Satan Mercenary Corp.

After crossing the border between Tunis and Libya, their first stop was Tripoli again. Gao Yang wanted to pay his old friend Abdullah a visit while on their way to Tripoli, but he could not reach Abdullah even after he called him multiple times on the satellite phone. Considering Abdullah’s role and mission, Gao Yang gave up contacting him in the end.

The road was treacherous; Gao Yang and the others were forced to stop on multiple occasions. They only managed to reach the outskirts of Tripoli in the afternoon on the third day. Things had taken a turn for the worst in the urban areas of Tripoli, so Ulyanko was not there anymore. Instead, he was waiting for them in a residential area in the suburbs of Tripoli.

Ulyanko stood at the door as a car was driven into a large courtyard. Watching Gao Yang and company get off the car, Ulyanko proceeded to welcome them with a smile and shook hands with Gao Yang.

Libya was in turmoil and there was no place that could guarantee safety. On top of that, the supply of consumer goods was getting tighter. Both the city and its occupants appeared dilapidated and disheveled. Ulyanko still looked the same; however, he wore a trim suit, shiny boots, and a meticulously-crafted tie. Even his hair was not untidy in the least bit, leaving where he found such a barber to imagination.

The only thing that distinguished him as a war-zone resident from a tourist was the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

“You are finally here. Your holiday was really lengthy. Thank God you still remember that you have work.”

Gao Yang smiled, “Sorry to keep you waiting, but we got here just in time, didn’t we?”

“It’s not wrong to say so. Alright, there’s no time for chit-chatting, I am busy. I have to get to Misurata by tonight to deliver a large order for the Opposition. Let’s have a look at your equipment, and if there are no problems you can take your stuff and quickly get to business.”

Ulyanko walked briskly to an open cargo truck. Gao Yang noticed that there were numerous trucks with camo nets covering them. At a glance, he counted at least twelve of them. Ulyanko’s business really did expand quite a bit after all.

Inside the cargo, Ulyanko pointed to a pile of assorted items and said, “You can find whatever you ordered here, but I have to tell you that I didn’t buy the Type 97 you asked for by my principle of customers first. According to my supplier, the Type 97 can be really picky with the bullets. Some bullets can be fired in the thousands without jamming, but for some, even if their quality is decent, the rifle will jam after a few rounds. I have no time to try the bullets that suit the Type 97, and I believe neither do you. Even if you do, you wouldn’t want to stock up on bullets of a specific brand, right?”

Gao Yang nodded, “You are right, but are there any other guns we can choose from?”

“That goes without saying of course, after inspecting these goods. Libya lacks everything but firearms now, you have many to choose from.”

Gao Yang glanced at each item and immediately spotted a big problem. There were three lines of text clearly written in white, on every piece of equipment: “This was supplied by Ulyanko. Ulyanko, definitely trustworthy.”

Gao Yang promptly grabbed a vest, pointed at the wording behind and fumed, “Are you kidding me? These words stand out so much, do you want us to get killed?”

Ulyanko smiled, “Don’t get agitated, they were only stickered on with tape and come off easily. Tear the tape off only after you receive your mission though. I hope you can let your comrades see it. I supplied you equipment at cost price, it’s not too much to ask from you, right?”

Gao Yang smiled wryly. He scratched at the equipment a bit, and he found that the wordings were indeed plastered on with masking tape and could be torn off easily. It would not a big issue so long as they remember to tear it off later.

After distributing the equipment and packing up the rest of the things lying around, Gao Yang and company donned their bulletproof vests and camo vests in the truck.

After inspecting the goods, Gao Yang said, “I remember you have night vision goggles here. Give me five of your best night vision goggles that can be attached to the helmet together with their batteries. Besides that, another walkie-talkie, and as with last time, a machine gun, an MP5, and some American-made 9mm bullet for both the sub-machine gun and pistol. About five hundred will do. Since you know better, what else do you recommend?”

Ulyanko jotted down whatever Gao Yang said as he did, and after he finished, Ulyanko tore the page off his notepad and got someone to bring him the goods Gao Yang asked for.

Upon hearing Gao Yang’s problem, Ulyanko pointed at Tribo, “Get him to swap out his rifle, you don’t need two snipers this time. You will only be participating in short range combat or even super short range combat. You alone as the sniper would be sufficient. What you need is heavy firepower within short range. Big Dog wants to change his machine gun? Why?”

Grolev patted Fly who was standing beside him and smiled, “Let me introduce him to you, Littlefly, my assistant gunner.”

Ulyanko shrugged, “So you have an assistant gunner. He looks like a rookie though, hope he satisfies you. Alright, which gun do you want? I’m sure you know that I am never short of Russian-made machine guns of any caliber. I am well-stocked with NATO guns as well. M60, miniguns, take your pick.”

Grolev asked, “What’s the situation like on the battlefield now? Which type of ammunition is the easiest to find?”

“They are all easy to find. The Opposition wields a huge variety of weapons, but they have support from NATO, making 7.62mm NATO rounds easy to find. All of them are made in West Europe with good quality. As for the government side, they have an abundance of 7.62X54 rounds and it’s very easy to get resupplies. There’s a problem though, these bullets are usually crap. God knows where the bullets you got were made, and you can’t count on using just my bullets until the war ends.”

Grolev immediately replied, “Is the M60 a new gun? What are the bullet specifications?”

Ulyanko pouted, “You know I don’t usually have NATO weapons in stock, only Russian weapons. You’re in luck though, I have a very, very new M60E4. I bet that last owner didn’t even finish a belt before he died. I bought it from the person who seized the gun. In fact, I recycled many valuable weapons, and if you seize any good stuff in future, you can sell them to me.”

Grolev nodded, “Alright, let me have a look and try it out. If there is no problem, I will go with the M60.”

Just then, Gao Yang said, “Don’t forget about the TAC-50, you mentioned it before.”

Ulyanko smiled, “Of course, how can I forget that? Not many can afford these goodies, so you have them all to yourselves. Follow me, they are in another truck.”

Opening a cargo truck, Ulyanko said, “Everything in this truck is good stuff. Just a while back, a section of twelve NATO elite troops were decimated, but they didn’t have any identity tags. God knows who they were. I bought all the equipment from the commander in charge of the government forces who shot down those Brits. These can definitely satisfy your needs, come.”

Everything lying around in the truck was basically of NATO origin. Gao Yang grabbed an M4A1 and inspected it. Made by Colts from the US, the gun was very complete: it had red dot sight and a strong flashlight on the Picatinny rail.

Gao Yang tossed the M4 at Tribo and said, “See if it fits you. Ulyanko is right, you should change your gun this time.”

Tribo did some tactical drills with the gun and nodded, “This is the one’s pretty comfortable. Reminds me of the time we used to play Wargame when I use this.”

Lee Jin Fang grabbed an M4 as well, although his did not have the flashlight and instead came equipped with a grenade launcher. Upon spotting the grenade launcher, his eyes refused to go anywhere else. He quickly swapped magazines a few times and said, “Can I try taking a few shots?”

Ulyanko nodded, “Of course, go out there and shoot at wherever there’s nobody around. Bullets are free, but not grenades since I only have seven of them. There is no space for you to shoot them anyway. I didn’t have time to sort out the inventory here including those guns you guys are holding on to, so be careful when trying out your weapon.”

Tribo, Jin, and Gao Yang had experienced using the M4 in Misurata. Although they never used it as their main weapon, at least they were not unfamiliar with it. Tribo and Jin each grabbed a gun and went outside. After the both fired a magazine of bullets, they affirmed that their weapons had no problem.

Fly would definitely be using an MP5. After taking an MP5 equipped with a flashlight from Ulyanko, Fly also fired a whole clip outside the cargo hold.

After confirming that the guns they tried out had no problems, Ulyanko picked one M60 out the few resting on the rack, and carried it to Grolev. He smiled, “We’re old friends already, I won’t scam you. Just see for yourself, an M60E4 with a standard barrel together with a spare barrel, both spanking new.”

Gao Yang curiously asked Grolev, “You know how to use the M60, right?”

Grolev smiled without a word while Ulyanko exaggerated, “Are you mad? Are you asking if Big Dog knows how to use an M60? Gosh, he’s a veteran, a veteran mercenary. He stayed in the Trident for four years and their main weapon was the M60, get it? I can bet anyone that Big Dog’s body count with the M60 was no less than one thousand.”

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