A Mercenary's War

Chapter 112

Chapter 112: I’ll Kill For You

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang wished he could smash his head against the table. He would rather lose to Adele than face such a dilemma.

Looking at Gao Yang’s face writhing in pain, Kathleen chuckled, “Don’t worry, you are really charming, but not enough for me to make up my mind now. Although I am reluctant, you do not need to my boyfriend. In fact, I still haven’t decided on whether I should find a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“What I wanted to say was, I came here for nothing. I still don’t know what I should do. Maybe you could become my boyfriend. I still have confidence when it comes to competing with a little girl. Or maybe I could dive into Adele’s embrace.”

Gao Yang was absolutely dumbfounded. He went through three days of torture for nothing. However, Gao Yang planned to keep silent and leave Kathleen to her own devices. Whatever happened next would have nothing to do with him anymore.

Kathleen played with her fork and knife and Gao Yang stared intently at the wine glass he was holding, all in silence.

Kathleen broke the silence just a few moments later, “Elena and I, we met you under similar circumstances. We both met you during the most dangerous moments of our lives.”

“Yes, but that was just coincidence.”

“I still remember that moment you pulled the trigger. I thought that I was peace-loving, and I thought I hated violent people with their bloodstained hands. Yet I wonder why you are more like an angel even though you’ve shot and killed so many people before.”

“That’s because you fall under the category of people who were saved by violence.”

“Elena said you killed five people for her, point blank. She seemed to be proud of that while Adele said you were dangerous, and she wanted me to stay away from you. Except, I don’t think so. I saw you put yourself in danger for the safety of others. It was only because of your bravery that Professor Buck and I survived. That’s why I presume you can justify your kills.”

Gao Yang pondered for a bit before confessing, “That was way back when I was forced to kill, be it for myself or to protect others. However, I have become a mercenary now, and I kill for money.”

“I know you are a mercenary, but I still believe you represent justice. Can’t help it, first impressions really outweigh all the subsequent ones.”

Gao Yang sighed, “Now that I think about it, I was selfish. I shouldn’t have invited you over to South Africa. We should have parted ways even though I tried to seduce you. After all, mercenaries are banned from love, and this benefits the both of us.”

Kathleen did not give a direct response and merely smiled, “I am glad you invited me over. I am also sorry about getting you involved with the turmoil between Adele and me. Maybe I should have rejected Adele first before accepting your invitation, but now you have Elena by your side. I think I might be jealous. Oh gosh, I am so conflicted.”

Gao Yang forced a smile and said, “Are you trying to hint at something? Sorry, I can be very dense with this sort of stuff. It seems like you haven’t made a choice while I already did.”

Kathleen pouted, “You are the one who’s trying to hint at something. It seems like you have already chosen Elena, but I will not give you two my blessing. Maybe I’ll turn back and court you after rejecting Adele. Don’t reject me, and you don’t need to tell me things like Elena is your girlfriend. We are not related at the moment, and you have no obligation to reject me. On top of that, even if you fall in love with Elena, you can potentially break up in future. This sort of thing always happens, right? Even if you don’t break up, I can forcefully break up your relationship. It’s not weird for a woman to pull this type of stuff off when they get crazy.”

Gao Yang’s jaw dropped and words failed him. He had no idea if Kathleen was trying to express her love for him. She had only stated that there could be a possibility in the future. From another perspective, she had put it across too dubiously. Gao Yang could not even reject her; it would be nonsensical to ask Kathleen to not like him forever.

Watching Gao Yang with a deep frown on his face, Kathleen laughed, “Love is selfish. I would never concede my love to others. This is war, a war amongst women, and I believe that so long as I participate, I will emerge victorious.”

Gao Yang was astonished. Kathleen and Elena both declared war, and he would be the spoils of the war. Moreover, Elena thought that she was the aggressive one, but Kathleen in fact would fit that role better. To be exact, Kathleen was one of the sides he could expect an attack from.

Kathleen raised her glass and sipped some red wine. After setting down her glass, she smiled faintly, “Fine, I was just reserving my rights to start a war. Just like this country, declaring war is a right that is given to every normal country. I am a free woman, and I obviously have the rights to court you. The war I started may be a war of injustice, but who cares? Love is selfish. In the face of love, nobody gives a d*mn about justice. Of course, the day I invite you to my wedding with Adele would be the day I surrender my rights to declare war.”

Gao Yang smiled wryly, “A wedding with two brides?”

“Of course, America has several states that have legalized same-sex marriage. So long as both of us are willing, we can marry.”

Gao Yang pondered for a moment, “Fine, I don’t know what to say now. Maybe we shouldn’t think too far ahead. Maybe I’ll perish on the battlefield tomorrow. Who knows what would happen?”

The smile on Kathleen’s face vanished, and after a long pause, she finally sighed, “I have no intention to change your thoughts on this matter, but I feel that being a mercenary is not a good occupation. I hope you can live a normal life soon, and I will pray for you until you reach that day. May God bless you, and I presume I share my sentiments with Elena.”

Gao Yang replied with a long face, “Now, I don’t know what I can be besides a mercenary. I am a murderer and I have no place in China. I cannot normally enter any country either.”

Kathleen said dejectedly, “I understand your predicament and hope that this will someday change. Maybe you can try applying for immigration to the United States. There are so many reasons that you could come up with, why don’t you give it a shot?”

Gao Yang shook his head, “That wouldn’t work. The United States has extradition treaties, I may be able to go covert in Africa, but if I head over to the US, I would be swiftly caught swiftly and deported back to China in no time. Forget it, let’s just go with the flow.”

Kathleen hesitated before abruptly saying, “Elena is a good girl, and she doesn’t have any problems. Maybe you and her father could try sending her to the US to study. In my opinion, South Africa is not the right place for her. There are no good local conservatories of music and public safety is a big issue here.”

Gao Yang was stunned for a moment before he said, “Is that feasible? She was a stowaway on her way here. Oh now I remember, Elena and her mother’s passports don’t have any problems. They have many ways of entering the US.”

Kathleen nodded, “I don’t intend to separate the both of you, but I really feel that Elena shouldn’t stay in South Africa. She should be accepting quality and professional education. The Juilliard School is going to open enrollment soon. Although it could be very tough to get admission into that school, and although it’s very expensive, you should let Elena have a try since it’s one of the best conservatories in the world.”

Gao Yang immediately nodded, “You’re right, but do you have any ideas? I mean, do you have any way to allow Elena to enter the US?”

Kathleen smiled, “You know, my father works at a university. That’s right, it’s Juilliard. He works in the senior management department. He had hoped that I would learn music, and he only let me off after he ascertained that I indeed lacked musical talent. Those were the most painful times of my life, but back to our main topic. Although I can’t promise that Elena will definitely be admitted, she will have to work for it on her own. I can promise that she will get a chance to sit for the entrance examination.”

“What about a visa? How about Elena’s visa?”

“Gosh, if I were you, I would go to Morgan. He’s your friend, right? As someone with roots in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, there shouldn’t be anything easier than helping an innocent little girl obtain her visa.”

Gao Yang silently berated himself for being so silly when Kathleen finished her sentence. It might be impossible for Grolev and him to enter the US through normal channels, but what could stop Elena and Natalia? Gao Yang was very willing to ask Morgan for a small favor just for the two of them.

Gao Yang immediately nodded, “Thanks for the reminder, I will get to it right now. If Elena arrives in the US, please take good care of her.”

Kathleen shrugged, “I hope Elena won’t hate me. After she arrives in the US, she will have fewer chances to see you. Okay, call me after you sort out her visa. I will pick her up, settle her down, and get my father to give her a chance to take the entrance examination. Of course, even if Elena doesn’t get admitted into Juilliard, she still has many other conservatories to choose from.”

Gao Yang thanked Kathleen sincerely, which she calmly accepted before taking out a box from her pocket. She placed it on the table and pushed it before Gao Yang. “This is for you, open it up and see for yourself,” she said.

Gao Yang opened the box. There was a Marathon military watch inside the box. Gao Yang brought the watch up to his eye level for a closer look and said, “Thanks, I really like this.”

Kathleen clapped and said, “I’m glad you like my gift. I noticed you don’t wear watches, so I picked one up for you. Now, every time you want to know the time you will think of me.”

Gao Yang wore the watch around his wrist under Kathleen’s gaze and slightly hesitated before finally saying, “Thank you, I will think of you.”

Kathleen did not utter a single word for a long time before calmly saying, “You know, Elena was very proud that you saved her in her most dangerous of times. She was proud that you would kill for her. Now I want to know, would you kill for me? You know what I mean.”

Gao Yang sank into deep thought before replying seriously, “If you were to get yourself in danger, or if someone were to hurt you, I will kill him or her, no matter the relationship between you and me. I think you know what I am trying to say."

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