A Mercenary's War

Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Chaos

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Fly was a good driver. Even though a 12-meter long would be tough to drive, Fly still safely made it to the airport. He had a slightly hard time parking the car though.

As Gao Yang entered the arrivals hall, he saw that Kathleen’s plane had just landed as well. It was not long before he spotted Kathleen with a huge backpack, chatting with a lady beside her, heading out from the passageway.

After spotting Kathleen, Gao Yang first turned his attention to the lady beside Kathleen. He had thought lesbians would mostly wear unisex attire like a suit or something, but little did he expect the lady beside Kathleen to sport such a feminine outfit. She had long, dark brown hair, a petite nose, and thick lips all on an exquisite face with a tinge of unruliness. She looked very sexy and even more feminine than Kathleen who was wearing outdoor clothing from top to bottom.

Kathleen gave Gao Yang a passionate hug after walking up to him and smiled, “Yang, let me introduce to you the friend I told you about. This is Adele Ellen. Adele, this is Gao Yang.”

Gao Yang thought Adele Ellen’s face rang a bell. He realized Adele looked quite similar to an actor in Breaking Bad, Krysten Alyce Ritter, who was also British. Not only did their hairstyle and color look similar, they looked just like each other, including their temperament.

Adele was a beauty without a doubt, and she was even more stunning than Kathleen whom Gao Yang was after initially. However, upon realizing Adele was a lesbian trying to snatch his lady, Gao Yang suddenly could no longer see the beauty in Adele.

Gao Yang and Adele were still sizing each other up. Sparks seemed to be flying from their eyes. Then, out of courtesy, Gao Yang stopped to greet Adele before he grabbed the large backpack that Kathleen had been wearing. He naturally ignored Adele’s luggage.

Just when Gao Yang and Adele were gazing at each other, Elena and Kathleen were also looking at one another. Then, when Gao Yang took Kathleen’s backpack, she smiled, “Gao, why not introduce your friend to us as well?”

Gao Yang appeared to be somewhat awkward as he pointed at Elena and stuttered, “Sorry, Kathleen. She’s my… my friend. Elena, Russian. He’s Fly, also my… my friend, a South African.”

Gao Yang’s heart was at his throat as he spoke, but Elena’s face showed no signs of temper. She still wore a smile as she shook hands with Kathleen and Adele and said, “Welcome to South Africa, hope you have a good time these few days.”

Fly straightened his face and took over the large backpack that Gao Yang had just taken ahold of before politely reaching out to lend a helping hand to Adele, “Miss, let me carry your luggage for you.”

Trying to keep up his outstanding roleplay of a bodyguard and an attendant, Fly immediately stood en garde a few steps to the side with their luggage in hand.

Kathleen appeared to taken aback by Fly’s exaggeration and whispered, “Where do we go next? I want to hear your plan.”

“I have booked a hotel for you. Let’s head over first, unload our belongings, and then we’ll have our meal. After that, you can do whatever you want.”

Kathleen and Adele were indeed surprised at Gao Yang’s limousine, but neither of them said anything else as they only displayed gratitude for Gao Yang.

During the period of time that followed, Gao Yang felt greatly uncomfortable as he felt like he could not fit in the group when the four were together.

Elena and Kathleen were rivals, as with Gao Yang and Adele. Gao Yang had to maintain enough passion and courtesy towards Kathleen without upsetting Elena, and at the same time he had to o remember to peer over at Elena without Kathleen spotting something amiss. Elena and Adele both did not want to see Gao Yang and Kathleen together, and they formed an alliance. Consciously or not, they were friendly towards each other and helped the other beat their rival down. All in all, only one word could describe the relationships between the four: chaos!

For the next three days, Elena expressed her love for Gao Yang ingeniously. It was not enough to upset Gao Yang, but it was a clear sign to Kathleen who was also a woman herself. Kathleen was not stupid either; she could naturally see what Elena was up to. Perhaps this awakened the desire to compete within Kathleen so she also began to show her affection for Gao Yang — sometimes subconscious, others not.

A war with no gunsmoke played out amongst the three women. Elena and Kathleen wanted the other to back off. Adele tried to pull Kathleen back together with her with all her might. Gao Yang could do nothing to intervene except spectate on as a bystander.

Since nobody wanted to give anyone else any openings, the best way to achieve this was to keep each other in their line of sight. This resulted in the group of four perpetually stuck together over the three days besides during bedtime where each of them retired to their own rooms. Even when Gao Yang could no longer bear with the weird atmosphere brewing among the ladies, Elena and Kathleen would do anything to pull him back into the fray.

Gao Yang could not comprehend how people could bring themselves to indulge in polygamy. Law-enforced monogamy must have been enforced to try to protect men.

It was basically impossible for Gao Yang and Kathleen to talk alone during those three days, even when Gao Yang had decided to confide in Kathleen. Gao Yang just wanted to send Kathleen and Adele off as soon as possible. As to whether Kathleen would become a lesbian would have nothing to do with him. So long as she was happy, Gao Yang could no longer take the time to trouble himself over her sexual orientation.

Finally, it was time for Kathleen and Adele to depart. After Gao Yang and the trio had their lunch, they would send Kathleen and Adele off. Gao Yang would finally be free.

Just as they were about to finish their lunch, Elena abruptly came up with a reason to excuse herself and Adele. Although Adele was somewhat reluctant, she still accompanied Elena out of the restaurant. It was the first time in the three days that Gao Yang could have some personal time with Kathleen.

After watching Elena and Adele leave, Kathleen heaved a huge sigh of relief and smiled, “Oh my, I almost lost my mind these few days. I never thought another girl would become my rival, this gave me a lot of pressure. Gao, you are really unexpectedly charming.”

Gao Yang stuttered, “I… I… I couldn’t help it either. Anyway, have you made a choice?”

Gao Yang decided to be frank, but Kathleen shrugged, “Nope, I became even more puzzled. I feel that Adele is great, not as a lover, but more as a friend. As for you, I can’t make up my mind.”

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